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With the arrival of the summer season you want to change your look? This is a good time to feel more comfortable on hot days. Many people tend to believe that short hair does not have style and femininity, but it's wrong.

We will prove it with our beautiful selection of photos of woman short cut. Fancy a square? A shingle or pixie? We will guide you in your choices, to find the cut that suits you best.

Wearing his short woman cut?

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Before you decide to go to the hairdresser, you are probably wondering if the woman cut short will go well with your face. We are there to guide you. Whether you have a round face, oval, square or elongated, it is quite possible to take a short cut in all its splendor. But for this, just choose the right one.

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They say the cup is chosen to be the opposite of the structure of his face.

If you follow that rule, you will probably not go wrong. After all we want our haircut put our best foot forward and hide our flaws. It is important to feel comfortable to wear our hair hairstyle with assurance and elegance.

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If you have the chance to have a face oval, is that you're very lucky. You can choose the short cut woman you want! Whether it's a pretty square, a pixie cut, boyish or plunging square short, go for it without hesitation.

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Your face is angular and the width is more than half of its length? So you definitely have a square face shape. For this facial structure, avoid the fringe. Make sure your face is cleared up, which means that the locks are not the most appropriate too. The main goal is to give height to the face, so clear out all strands of hair protruding along the front and back of your neck.

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You have beautiful cheekbones to highlight your round face? So follow our advice. To have the perfect woman cut short, think, again, to lengthen your face by adding volume above your head. But also we must think of leaving some length on the back of your neck for an even more elongated effect. Do not be overwhelmed wicks on both sides of the face. A pixie cut will look great on your face shape.

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However, if your face is lying, you can straightforwardly you grow bangs or leave hanging a few strands in front. A short woman cut gradient is also a good option. Ask your stylist to find short cuts to perfect bangs for your fringe. You can also play with colors wicks to light up your haircut.

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For women who have curly hair structure, wavy or curly, you can highlight them with a short woman cut.

But for this, one must choose the proper and regular maintenance. For this, we must try to preserve lengths at the top and on the sides of the face. Short, small degraded would be ideal for this type of hair.

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We must also take into account some other features, such as the thickness of hair. First, know that not to be confused with the density of these. This is not because-you have fine hair, they are stiff. So if your hair is fine structure, be careful. Avoid cuts in too short boyish, because the main objective is to give volume to your hair.

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You can quite think for cutting pixie trendy nowadays. It has a somewhat wild and effect is made in several lengths. The stars are crazy for tousled side! The hair cut short false are also an excellent choice. They give off the neck and bring the volume on top of the head. This hair cut is ideal for round and square faces.

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Our little trick!

The longer you leave the volume and wicks, your hair will have more movement. Moreover, it would be easier to achieve hairstyles using hair gel or styling mousse. By creating a small gradient, find your hair every single place? So you will not have time to waste each morning to comb.

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It's not because do we have short hair, you can not make hairstyles. First, go for hair accessories. Today we find a great variety, as a bandana, ribbons, headbands and pins flower we love for their feminine side. Take example of this hairstyle pin up in the Rockabilly style of this picture above.

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If you really do not get to decide what you hair cut short pass, then you can always bet on a classic square. It suits all face shapes and you can associate it with a fringe, if desired. It is only with cuts too short or too long to be careful.

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The secret of the perfect haircut is to reduce the volume, movement and light. For this criterion, you can always hire a colorist who will advise you.

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And finally, how to care for her short hair?

They say it is easy to have short hair. For some it is true, for others not. It all depends on the cut and texture of your hair. They also need attention. First, focus on the special care products volume. Do not forget to moisturize your hair. Although short, as they still need care. Side styling, go for styling products to give pep to your wife cut short. And finally, do not forget to regularly haircut.


More and more stars are replacing long hair with a short hair cut. And for that, there is a reason: it's practical, stylish and very fashionable. So have you made your choice?

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