Trend hair color 2016 season Brondes and Broux

bronds red hair color trend

The coloring is a good way to sublimate his haircut without radical transformation. What colorings 2016 trends? These are the subtle colorations, light, bright and natural.

The blond coloration is still current available with a platinum or gold. Recently, the absolute trend are mixtures! Do you know what it is "bronde" and "broux"? We invite you to discover our selection of 50 examples hair color trend 2016 set the tone for the fall-winter 2015-2016 season. Warm your color!

Trend hair color 2016: BROND, broux, strawberry blonde ...

brown hair color trend

Bronde is a word derived from "fair" and "brown". It is a color that mixes shades of blond and brown for a subtle contrast and result. This color is often a transition, before opting for a "real blond" or "true brown". It's also a good trick to give brightness to dull hair and highlight the face. This trend coloring is ideal for hot and dark skin. For blondes, the bronde is also a good solution because it gives them a nice depth.

Trend hair color 2016: the bronde

Hair color hair trend

The Broux is a term derived from "brown" and "red". It is a color halfway between the "brown" and "red". The roots are brown, while the lengths are adorned with copper highlights. The result: bright and natural hair. This is a good way to wake up a dull hair color and dull. This is also the alternative sought for those who do not dare to flaming red.

Trend hair color and cut

hair color trend bronds short

Recently, another color has become very modern: the blond-cutter. The principle of this very fruity color is: a blond or red base, some light pink hues are added to the lengths (scan). This coloring is ideal for fair skin, it helps to warm the complexion and bring a light dose to dull hair.

Splashlight and strawberry-blond: a real trend

color trend blond hair Splashlight

Have you ever heard of Splashlight? It is a color that is to add a brightly colored flash on long hair. This is a wide band of color scattered in the middle of the length. Rose - fresh and fun - this effect is ideal for blond hair. It is soft, sweet and at the same time original. Such coloring does not remain unnoticed!

original blue coloring

color trend woman fall-winter 2016 modern woman cut idea

The bleached blonde is probably one of the major trends of the coming season. This shade, closer to white than blond, but not suitable for everyone. Its glossy reflection can quickly devalue the face. Before opting for such a color, it is advisable to think through your style and tastes. If you have already colored hair, frizzy or curly, it is not possible to adapt this look. In general, the fading is too aggressive for fragile hair. Discoloration may be gradual, but be aware however that the risk of damaging your hair is very high.

The blond discolored: elegant and particular hair color trend woman autumn 2016 winter season tednace

Do you know the tie coloring & Dye? It is the color block of color. This is a reversal of colors: the lightest color is from the roots, while the tips are of a darker color. A look that is suitable for all hair types and each woman can adopt. For a successful and subtle result, it is sufficient that the nuances mix gently ...

Color inverted block: dark color and spikes lighter color

woman coloring hair trend

As with all stains, we must think protect your hair and your hair to preserve the natural beauty of your hair. The colors are often quite aggressive, but always are natural alternatives tailored to different types of hair. If you want to change cut and color, go for it! Remember to take care of your hair.

Idea hair color trend for 2016

hair color trend 2016 female red hair idea

Taking care of these hair is important. Beauty comes from within. To have beautiful hair and skin soft, eat balanced. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin E: avocado, asparagus, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc. Healthy eating can not be replaced by any beauty product. The latter is indeed more a balanced diet supplement.

Color trend for woman with dark hair

hair color trend 2016 women long hair cut idea

We often hear about "sweeping". This partial shading technique is fashionable for some years. Many women prefer the full color because it is easy to maintain. Just color his hair every three months. It also seems more natural and less imposing.

The bronde, color trend for light hair

2016 color trend woman blond hair

Short hair is of course easier to color and maintain.

modern haircut and color

hair color trend woman cutting hair trend autumn winter 2016

To give a little pep to your hair with ease, color just a bit. This technique is called "Splashight" and is inspired by modern Japanese culture.

color idea Splashlight hair bronds

modern woman cutting hair color trend trend flashlight 2016

The fringe of Brigitte Bardot is still trend. Remember that it does not go at all! Long face ? Yes ! round or square face? Rather not. Ask your stylist for advice.

Blonde discolored and cut trend

bleached blond woman cut idea idea trend color trend 2016 season

Hair color woman cutting trend autumn winter 2016

Woman with natural blonde hair and blue eyes

golden blond hair woman trendy color idea

Scanning: the technical trend of partial coloring

woman coloring hair trend in 2016 BROND

Ombre hair, sunk hair, tie-dye and dip dye hair?

You've probably heard of the shaded hair coloring technique. She is to play with close shades of its natural color to create a natural gradient. The shaded hair wants discreet. It brings brightness and rejuvenates the face. Recently, we even witnessed the emergence of a similar technique sank hair. This term refers to a color transition even more subtle.

Do not confuse these two techniques with that of tie and dye. This technique involves the application of two shades. It puts a dark tone for the base and a clear tone for the tips. Dip dye hair is another technique widely used coloring. It is a mixture of two colors where the break between the two is clearly demarcated.

Woman coloring trend 2016 season short hair idea

short blond hair woman idea fall season trend winter 2016-Modern woman cut short red hair tend idea trend Cup season color

Dip dye hair: a sharp color contrast and unmarked

coloring woman tend idea original coloring autumn winter season 2016

Partial hair coloring rejuvenates the face. Many women prefer the lighter shades. Did you know why? For the same reason! often said that the lighter shades give us a more youthful look. Below, we see a woman in the partial coloring and hair retro chic:

blond hair coloring idea modern autumn winter 2016 season cut

This season, we remain natural. In 2016 and in 2017, the hair coloring trend means natural. It sublimates his base color. We add sweet and bright reflections.

hair coloring woman original idea in 2016woman cutting trend in 2016 modern black curly hairhair color trend 2016 modern woman hair shoulder-length cut idea

woman cutting hair shoulder-length red coloring idea

The rarest hair color is red. If you are part of this sexy minority, then go ahead and sublimate your natural color! Did you know how many women you are beautiful? Being red is good luck.

woman color hair trend 2016 red hair idea

The blond did not go at all. If you have pale skin, the stylists do not recommend it. Finally, the best hair color that goes with your skin tone and your eyes is definitely your natural color.

blond woman discolored idea trend color 2016

We love the curly hair and bulky Beyoncé! All its color changes and will cut him beautifully. What style of woman ...

Cutting hair color trend 2016 idea short haircolor trend woman BROND long hair modern hair cut idea

Women with blond hair? You find below some ideas how to enhance your natural hair color.

woman blond hair idea long natural color 2016 season

Idea long hair coloring for women with brown or dark blond hair

bron hair trend woman long curly hair idea woman hair coloring trend idea long blond hair woman cutting hair blond long trend trend ideablond hair woman long hair trend trend autumn winter season ideahair color trend woman autumn winter 2016 idea Woman coloring trend autumn winter 2016 hair trend long curly tend idea woman cutting trend color color block trend cuts idea

Sarah Jessica Parker is a person who has inspired many women. Smart, modern and still elegant: a woman who assumes her strength and beauty. Her hair is always well coiffed and sweeping effect.

Trend hair color by Sarah Jessica Parker

color trend 2016 women hair idea long blonde woman

Woman with blue or green eyes? The red will fit you perfectly! Look what a fabulous contrast:

2016 color trend woman cutting hair coloring idea brouxhair color trend 2016 autumn winter season idea trendy cut hair blond woman modern coloring

Trend hair color for women with red haircolor trend woman broux 2016 autumn winterwoman autumn color cut idea trend winter 2016

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