Hairstyle short hair woman – our tips care for optimal effect

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The short hair hairstyle woman tempting? Try a right or plunging square, pixie cut or variations of such short hair cuts was never more likely.

After our record of 20 ideas of such cuts, we focus today on how to wear these cuts and to have healthy hair. We know that among the benefits of these cuts, there is the fact that

the short hair woman hairstyle is very easy to maintain.

But how to take care of his mane every day? What are good reflexes to adopt to enjoy a woman cuts smooth short hair or curly? The answers to these questions, it's here!

For a hair short hair silky woman, one fails to brush her hair too often

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When we say that short hair hairstyles for women are easier to tame, first we think of ways to put them in order every day. Girls with short haircuts trend as the square and the pixie need to brush their hair less regularly. So we forget the regular use of the comb and brush. Instead, using his fingers.

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Eh yes ! Short hair tends to get tangled unless manes long and half long. To give them the desired shape, typically, just spend his fingers. A simple way to structure and give more volume to its roots in minutes!

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Another good idea in terms of styling his hair short hairstyle woman invest in a small comb. This is a must accessory for those who dream of a woman hair short hair smooth and silky. Use the time to do your blow dry with a hair dryer.

How to enjoy a hair short hair woman while reducing the application of heat on her hair

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We know: the heat can seriously damage our hair and damage them permanently. Flat irons and waving are even more dangerous for those who love short woman haircuts. therefore refrains from these tools as much as possible.

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But how to do when you wake up in the morning with short hair everywhere and we do not want to use a flat iron? Here's a little tip for styling a short hair woman hair in this case: the cotton swab.

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It is used to moisten the hair when you have no time to wash and do a full blow dry. Moisture applied will help organize flyaways.

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One of the most common problems that may require the application of heat to hair short touch to their volume. In general, the short hair cut woman tends to emphasize the natural hair volume. To avoid this, the best is to use good quality stylizing products.

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Good to know: the use of many products on short hair also requires regular care for the scalp. Regular treatment with stylized products can lead to the accumulation of residues at the base of hair. For this reason, the use of an exfoliating scalp is recommended. In short, it takes care of his scalp as his face!

his hair is hair short woman refreshes every 3 to 6 weeks

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The short hair woman hairstyle is certainly easier to shape everyday. But it also requires regular maintenance side cut points. For this purpose, includes a visit to the hairdresser every 3 to 6 weeks.

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All this, taking into account the rapid regrowth of spikes that is strictly personal. For information, generally peaks repel an average of 0, 8 and 2 cm per month.

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Having a woman cuts hair short on top depends primarily on efforts that wants to do regular maintenance. The structure, volume and speed of regrowth are essential in this regard. For this reason, the best way to proceed is to seek the advice of a professional hairdresser. He will inform you about the best hairstyle woman short hair to be adopted and the frequency of visits to the hairdresser to predict.

For a woman hair hairstyle sexy and radiant short, washed her hair every day ... almost

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The short hair maintenance also requires the bathroom! Yes, short hair require more frequent crossing the shower. For as we know, short styles are more vulnerable to the accumulation of fat.

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Generally, hairdressers recommend washing short hair every day. However, this principle is to accommodate each type of hair and all. In any case, short hair that are washed daily also require the use of a moisturizing product.

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Among these products, there are the masks but also natural essential oils, such as coconut, shea butter, jojoba ... The best way to select such a natural product, is to try its effect on his hair. Indeed, the different types of short hair woman respond differently to treatment with essential oils.

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No time to wash your hair? Always allow to have a small amount of dry shampoo hand. Of course, its effects are not as durable as a traditional shampoo. But they can do miracles when you have not enough time to go through the bathroom!

Enjoy a hairstyle woman short hair full of shine with cold water

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To give effect to its glossy hair hairstyle short woman, we try the benefits of a cold shower. In addition to stimulating blood circulation in the body, cold water has the advantage of relaxing the hair after treatment with hot shower and chemicals.

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But rest assured, you do not need to spend much time under the cold shower. Even ten seconds will be more than enough to observe the effects on your hair short hair woman!


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