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2016 blond cut short trend

In this article, we will present 50 ideas for 2016 cut short trend. So what hairstyle to choose in 2016? As you probably know, all the short cuts are not necessarily very comfortable and should be selected according to the type of face.

And yet wear short hair in 2016 is very fashionable even in winter when it's cold. Therefore, we will share with you the latest trends in hairstyles that you can ask your stylist during your next visit in his living room.

short trend Cup 2016

short cut trend in 2016 curly hair

Start with 2016 cut short trend futuristic cyberpunk style. The futuristic cyberpunk style is a rebellion inspired by the sci-fi. But do not fear even if you have not necessarily like the alternative genre or sci-fi in literature and film. cyberpunk hair cuts are yet very beautiful and creative. You can see short cuts look "shag" but also short hairstyles smooth wet effect. These hairstyles can be worn by everyone - no matter your age. They are perfect especially for those seeking a more youthful look.

original short woman Cup

2016 original trend short cut idea

punk rock style hairstyles are also very modern for 2016 and they are mainly for fans of punk music. Do not hesitate to inspire you by the hairstyle of your favorite punk singer. It will be even better if he is not a singer that we see on the covers of magazines, but one that creates trends through their rebellion and their unconventional behavior. Yes, even this attitude can be translated as a beautiful and modern haircut. Remember to create contrasts in your hair.

Hair Ideas for Short Hair

cut short straight hair trend in 2016

Ah, the 80s fashion! We love or hate. And if you are one of those who love him, then you can pretty much inspired by the short hairstyles of the time to make your new modern haircut. The designer Paul Gahring, for example, was inspired both 80s and Sports to create a new line. The result - haircuts trend with accents in gray and pastel shades that are practical and very original.

Idea short haircut for 2016

cut short interesting trend in 2016

One of the more modern short hairstyles for the new season is called "wob" and it is simply the short wave cut. And even if this style is often chosen for medium length hair, short sections should not be neglected. Short hair can also be wavy. This type of hairstyle is perfect to emphasize your feminine side while offering the convenience of short hair.

Short cut funk style


very interesting short cut

2016 original trend short cut idea

Did you know that long short styles were only reserved for men? Woman with short hair at the time - this was a scandal! And yes, we all remember the historic character and iconic Joan of Arc and its revolution. This is by cutting her hair she would interrupt with her femininity and show his human strength. It is not surprising then that nowadays the short cut symbolizes rebellion. All women fans of punk rock and often adopt this style of cut!

short woman cutting idea

2016 trend short cut idea

Having a short cut and be feminine? Yes, it is possible by choosing the square cut:

Photo modern cut short

cut short red hair trend in 2016

What color to choose? It chooses its color depending on her face and her complexion. Woman with very fair skin, choose the chestnut or golden blond. Woman with rather dark complexion, opt for darker shades. Caution - platinum blonde does not go to you all!

interesting hairstyle for woman

short blond hair cut trend in 2016

modern bob haircut

short bob cut smooth trend in 2016

In winter do not forget to play with asymmetrical lengths in your hair - it's very fashionable, no matter if your hair is naturally smooth or wavy. The asymmetry is one of the main trends in the short haircuts in 2016 and is often combined with careful colorations. So do not leave anything to chance and take care of your short hair cut! Here are some ideas in pictures:

corrugated bob haircut idea

short waves tend Cup 2016

woman haircut and color trends

asyletrique hair short hair

unbalanced haircut idea

asymmetrical hairstyle idea short hair

The short woman cuts made their comeback to the 60 - the hippie era of the sexual revolution. The men wore their hair long, while women - short hair.

female short haircut Photo

short hair hairstyle idea

Why do we choose the short cut? The conclusion is - for several reasons! Cultural, aesthetic, practical ... Having long hair takes time to maintain them, washing them longer to dry, braiding ... With the short cut is not needed hairdryer. The latter is not very advisable to use it too often because it dehydrates and damages the hair.

What a great cut and which deck stain!

short hair punk hairstyle

Hairstyle elegant woman to woman: actress of Twilight, Kristen Stewart

hairstyle modern short hair

short woman shingle

short bob cut idea

Idea woman square cut for colored hair blond2016 cut short trend

The short cut highlights face. Adapt a feminine and elegant look with a beautiful makeup and stylish earrings:

cut short bob trend in 2016

Long hair or short hair, stylists advise to always use a nourishing hair mask. Having beautiful hair is take care of your health, eat healthy and treat them. Preference is given to organic products based on natural ingredients and everything is avoided that is too aggressive. Remember that when you wash your hair, the product you use also reaches your face. The facial skin is very sensitive!

cut short straight hair trend in 2016

Woman with blue eyes / green with cut and color trends

cut short in 2016 female trend

A platinum blonde, this tell you?

short cut idea modern trend in 2016

cut short in 2016 tend idea trend

The platinum blonde color was very fashionable, just a few years. Inspired by the icy northern women of the Scandinavian countries, it is true that it appears very feminine and original. However, discoloration is quite aggressive and not recommended. If your natural hair color is blond clear, why not try to lighten it. If your hair is rather chestnut, brown or black - better not try!

cut short interesting trend in 2016

short smooth trend Cup 2016

platinum blonde staining with rose wick

trend short cut roses wicks 2016

We love the look woman with short hair and sunglasses, it is very stylish.

modern trendy cut short in 2016

short cut idea modern trend in 2016

elegant woman with platinum blonde color

original modern trendy cut short in 2016

short trend original 2016 cut

Did you know that it's pretty rare to see a person with blond natural hair color and dark color eyes?

trend short cut 2016 pixiie

modern short cut line

2016 volume trend short cut

Cup Short 2016 red lipstick trend: a real French!

sexy short cut trend in 2016

Short hair allow to use any kind of interesting accessory.

cut short wicks tend idea

short cut 2016 trend neglected

Photo cut short trend 2016, degraded and partial coloring

bob haircut

Part Coloring interesting for women to rock cut

short haircut

short haircut asymmetrical

2016 trend short cut for wavy hair

short wavy haircut

Rock'n'roll and blond coloring with coppery reflection

short haircut punk

Must satisfy the natural color of his hair? It depends on the desires of each. In recent years, the more natural it is, the more stylish it is. Highlighting its unique natural beauty, here is the answer to always be beautiful!

modern haircut

short black hair trend 2016 for cutting woman

modern idea haircut

short hair cut spikes

idee hair short hair

idee woman haircut

It leaves a volume of hair above his head to play with and make original hairstyles. It is also cut short trend in 2016.

Original haircut idea

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