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You have naturally red hair, or you want to offer a red hair color? In this case, you may be wondering what hairstyle adopt with this hair color.

Red hair color is available in several interesting nuances that seduce us and inspired artists for centuries. Rare, this color has a mysterious charm and is associated with women who do not lack character. This beauty folder is dedicated to those who dared one of these shades. It offers

hairstyles and care ideas for hair red.

From the earliest period, the red hair color has never ceased to intrigue us. Over the centuries, the girls even found various techniques for red hair colors for their hair. Some of these techniques, such as those used in Venice for the production of the famous Venetian blond to reddish shades, we now seem rather curious. Anyway, the red hair continues to attract attention even today. That's one more reason to take care of!

Idea of ​​red hair color for long hairstyles and haircuts

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Wearing red hair, is to dare show his personality and to show character. Currently, this hair color is worn by many movie stars and music. Besides making the hair color even more popular, they also give him a glamor.

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And since the shades of red (Auburn, cherry, Venetian, carrot ...) are so rich and impressive, many girls prefer to wear their red hair long cut. For nothing is so intriguing that mane shades to all fire and flame! Therefore, we start with a few styling tips for red hair color for those with a long mane.

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Of course, the red hair, natural or not, can be worn smooth. It's an idea that will appeal to girls who have a long straight bob or degraded. This red hair hairstyle is ideal for light colors and shades of strawberry blond.

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You have chosen a dark red hair color? In this case, think of hairstyles that will soften the effect of this bold coloring. Try a hairstyle with slight undulations over the entire length of the hair or on the tips only. An idea hairstyle to consider in particular those with very fair skin!

color-of-red-hair-cut long-degraded-idee-hair-ripples

chignon hairstyle models for red hair color

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On the occasion of an official event or just to change the head, the bun is always a beautiful hairstyle option for hair red. The complexity and type of hair style that depend on the time you want to invest. A simple bun wearing disheveled style is an excellent solution for everyday.

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Fancy a sophisticated and elegant hairstyle? No need to go too far. Try a low bun with a side parting. This is a look always in fashion that is perfect with red hair. It will give you a chic and romantic air at once.

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The girls who like to experiment and who love vintage hairstyles can also try a bun miles variants with braid. Rolled around the skull, carried sideways or two either side of the face ... You decide!

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The long braid hairstyle is a beautiful solution to hair red, to wear every day. Be a self mat may seem a little difficult at first. But with a little exercise, you'll get there. The good news is that once acquired the method, we succeeded this hairstyle every time!

Ideas hair short woman and semi-long hair with red


Although long manes dyed red hair are very impressive, the fact remains that short styles are also gaining popularity. And this is a global trend that is inspired by two short haircuts in fashion: the pixie cut and square.

Hair coloring red-breaker long-disheveled-cap-style-grunge

Declinable miles in different variants, the pixie cut and square cut also seduce Stars with red hair. Some variants of these hairstyles are ideal for those seeking a relaxed and easy maintenance look. This is the case of the short square law or semi-long crack which even fans of grunge style.

hair color bright red-auburn-cut-square-plunging-degraded

As for the gradient square plunging, it is now worn smooth hair release or slightly curled. Again, it is a perfect hairstyle hair red for women with busy days; but it fits very successfully also in official events!

color-red-hair-cut short-care-color

Our tips red hair care manes natural redheads

Hair-cut red color-half-long undulations

You have succumbed to the charm of one of those hair hair red? Before adopting it, read our care tips for radiant red hair!

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Let's talk first of all girls who have natural red hair mane. The product must recommended by professional hair stylists for this type of hair, the clarifying shampoo. It is a type of product that will clean the scalp thoroughly and is in use at least once a month. So a clever way to restore the natural color of red hair and make them shine!

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Also note that the red hair tend to lose their luster over the years. To enhance your natural red hair, use a toner or a gloss hair. Ideally, these products will be adapted to the red hair color that is yours.

Our red hair care tips after staining

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red hair care side after coloring, we try to select a clarifying shampoo that does not damage the pigment applied in the coloring. Choosing a quality product is essential to make his hair its natural shine without losing the nuances of red color.

color-red hair dark-breaker degrade long-wife

Regarding shampoo and conditioner, it's mission of finding products for colored hair. The better still would be to opt for a range specifically designed for red-tinted hair. Note also the PH: As per the pros, acid PH shampoo would be more suitable for red hair than alkaline PH.

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Finally, we note also that the application of heat and chemicals on red hair tend to have negative effects on their structure. In the long term, this may result in the loss of their beautiful shades. To avoid these adverse effects, we opt for a shampoo with natural substances and avoids washing her hair too frequently!

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