blond Scan: What highlights for a natural effect and glamor

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The hair is a partial scanning staining technique which celebrities crave. More and more women are choosing this method of staining for its natural effect. This allows to set our finest assets value.

The blond scanning is among the most requested this summer. It can be done as well on lighter hair than dark hair. There are some differences in shades. In this article we'll show you how to choose on scanning and on what blond hue stop depending on your hair. Good reading !

The blond scan -in what he is exactly?


The blond scan is a partial coloring technique to revive her hair by providing a light effect in the most natural way possible. This allows to darken or lighten the hair by unifying the various shades of hair. If your hair look tired and lose their shape, the blond sweep is the right resolution to your problem.

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The blond scanning, or otherwise scanning Sunlight and Sun bears his name for his return from holiday effect. Remember your color after a few days at the seaside. Well you through this coloring you can get the same results but without the worn side. Colorful strands are melted smoothly and the result is smooth and natural.

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What blond sweep adopt?

Before you start, take into account the complexion of your face and the color of your basic hair. If you have fair skin, choose a color in lighter and cool tones. However, if you have skin matte, it would be better to go in warm, darker tones, like a honey or caramel scan. Know that for having a perfect sweep must choose up to two shades lighter than your base color. Otherwise, you may not have the desired effect and in this case it is better to opt for a shadow.


blond Scan - caramel, honey, Californian or babylight?

There are several types of scans in blonde tones. The babylight one of them. This staining technique focuses on the clarification of thin strands in front of your face for a radiant and luminous effect. As for the blonde scan, it just melt your hair in a natural way as after a sunburn. The honey and caramel scans also refresh your hair color, but the big difference comes in the shades.

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Who can benefit from a blond scan? The simple answer is everyone. The blond scanning is not only for women with light hair. It is quite possible to perform on dark hair. However, the difference is in the result. If you are blonde, you can brighten and color your hair very clearly. So if you are brown, the end result will turn around reflections and light hair. Feel free to visit our special section of blond sweep of brown hair.


The blond scanning is ideal for women with long and medium length hair. The more you have long hair and your colorist can play with the shades. However if you have hair too short you may not have the desired effect because of the lack of length.


If you have curly or wavy hair, Sunlight scanning will enhance your curls thanks to its light effect.


And to maintain it, simply go to her hairdresser 2 to 3 times per year and use colored hair care products regularly.

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