The sweeping hair – everything about this technology trend

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If you are reading this article is that you're probably interested in this trendy staining technique. For those who want a change in the color level, scanning the hair is the right choice to adopt.

More and more women are opting out of this partial staining technique, to obtain a light and natural effect. If you want to know more, read these few lines to give you a better idea of ​​this method in which the stars love it.

So what is the hair scan?

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Basically, the hair is a partial sweep staining technique which aims to clarify the basic hair color one or two shades. This technique, otherwise known as the sun sweeping or scanning Sunlight is appreciated for its power to give effect "holiday return" to the hair. Indeed, with this coloration, hair becomes brighter and radiant with a natural effect.


The hair scanning has several advantages. For one, it's a color that more preserves your hair color or bits that whole coloring. Furthermore, this method is ideal for a first color or to cover your first gray naturally and unnoticed hair. Finally, Sunlight scanning brings a trompe volume of the eye to your hair.

brown mid-long-coloring

Whether brunette, blond or red - the scan is done for you. It is suitable for both straight hair as curly and wavy hair. The technique is simple. Just lighten or darken your hair colored or natural one or two tones.

blond-feature color-glare

There are several hair scan variants depending on your color

  • The California sweep is dedicated to blondes who want to bring freshness in their hair, brightening slowly.
  • A honey scan bring shine to brown hair and brown.
  • Caramel scanning warms the color brown hair.
  • A scan tie and dye, also called shaded hair is to lighten hair spikes to obtain a color gradient.

Anyway, the hair sweeping goal is the same: to illuminate the hair giving them a natural relief.


The sweep staining method is quite complex. That is why we advise you to trust your colorist, if this is a first for. Thereafter, you can color the hair alone, thanks to sweeping hair found in kit in department stores.


How to maintain his hair?

In fact, it's simple! Just visit your hairdresser every 3 to 4 months to revive your color. Scanning color your hair much less deep than if you choose another type of coloring. This is due to the fact that by choosing the scan, the roots are much less visible.

Short-sunlight reflections sun

The rest of the time, we must continue to maintain its hair using a moisturizing mask. Additionally, we recommend using special products for colored hair.


Here are our tips:

  • Ask your colorist what is the most suitable color for your type and facial structure.
  • Do not go into too light or dark tones. You may not have the desired effect.
  • If you have too short hair, opt for another type of coloring. The hair does not scan the same effect on short hair than long hair.
  • Use as little as possible the straightener and friezes, as well as your hair dries. Thus you will preserve your color as long as possible.

Sun glare-sunlight-lumiere

Whether a classic sweeping hair or tie and dye, it is important to mix colors in order to have the desired effect of sun. So, are you ready to try?

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