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Develop its utility based on its living space

develop his idea laundry room design

In a previous article, we talked about how to manage its utility based on its living space. The subject of this publication is still dedicated to this interesting theme.

It has already presented more than 40 practical ideas laundry, modern and elegant, but we find that this is not enough! That's why we bring you 25 new ideas inspiring furnishings laundry.

develop its storage bathroom laundry room idea

The laundry room, formerly fog and launderer, is the most often any space for washing activities. At the time, the laundry room represented the workplace washerwomen. These women were washing clothes by not serving as ash and hot water. The laundry products, known today were only discovered much later.

develop his design idea laundry bathroom

Have you ever heard of washerwomen of Paris? These women lived and worked in boats in the Seine and the Canal Saint-Martin. Being washerwoman was a widespread and physically hard work. The word utility is Franco-Provençal and Occitan origin.

Washers took care of coarse linen, while laundresses fine linen and beautiful costumes. In winter, the old laundry rooms were designed in closed during the cold seasons. In spring and summer, they settled outside. You can follow this ancient tradition is enjoy sunny days to create a laundry area outside.

develop his design idea laundry

Moreover, it is important to note that washer and washer is not the same. This meant that a person may be hired by the washerwoman, a kind of owner of the laundry. Some washerwomen had their own premises laundry, others worked and lived in middle-class homes. In the past, every house in Picardy had its own laundry room.

develop its laundry designer bathroom

What a clever idea: develop its laundry and there is a small library next. Why not read a good book while you wait for your washing machine or dryer to finish the job? Optimize space, maximize your play time.

develop his bathroom laundry

To choose the appropriate layout for your laundry, first we must consider the appliances you have. Is it a washing machine plus dryer or a single washing machine? Your household appliances, is it big, medium or small size? Depending on this, you can afford to various management configurations.

If you have a washer dryer machine, there should be more space for its installation. If you only have a washing machine, find a place will be easier.

What type of configuration choose also depends on your own desires and your daily habits. Some people do the laundry once a week, while others a few times a week. If you're one of the first, you will be no need to have your machine still wash hand. Then choose a more secluded corner and hid its location. If you live in family and domestic duties are daily, it is likely to opt for a mixed-kitchen laundry layout.

Important tip: when buying your appliances, plan where you will install and take exact measurements. objects is adapted to the space and not the reverse.

Develop its utility based on its living space

The laundry room is the room where we did the laundry, where the machine can dry sees handy for any dwelling. Some people prefer to have a separate laundry room, housed in a room of the house, the garage or cellar. Others are content with a small washing machine installed in the kitchen, the bathroom or dressing room. It depends on the types of households. If you live with your family, as you know - we do not come out with small washing machine! If you live alone or in pairs, this can quite do it.

Develop its utility based on its living spacemovable solutions for bathroom and laundry IKEA

The dryer is good, but a lot of energy. There are still models that spend less, but their price is higher. It is not therefore an economical and ecological solution appliances. en-suite bathroom-laundry machine

Organize and arrange a dressing her laundry in a corner of the house at once isolated and functional. On the landscape in the garage, in the basement or if there is not enough space in the bathroom. If the final permitting of course. amenager space-laundry

If lack of space at home, it is often necessary to combine the two parts of functions in one. Bathroom and toilet, bathroom and laundry room, toilet and laundry etc. You can do the same at home. One of our favorite ideas space optimization is one that combines laundry and dressing. These two pieces come together perfectly together. Both serve to maintain and keep our clothes.


You have a small bathroom, and you want to install it your washing machine? If your answer is positive, we advise you to opt for a washing machine white. In this way, it will take less space visually.Layouts-laundry-machine-design idea

Arrange his laundry in his garage is also possible. This reminds us of the old laundry when they were located in an isolated room in the house. The garage is in fact a separate room from any habitation. He used to park his car and his bike, but also to preserve objects. And why not for the development of a practical laundry corner.

Develop its utility based on its living space

All kinds of space optimization solutions are possible. We do not need a lot of space to live comfortably. The feature is not related to the size of the space, but the way it invests. Keep this rule in mind essential when installing one of your pieces. Develop its utility based on its living space

Some people set up their washing machine in the bathroom. The laundry room and the bathroom are two spaces, both dedicated to washing - personal hygiene and laundry!


What colors to arrange his laundry? We opt for very light shades or simply - white. White is a symbol of purity and innocence. To change, we can afford a shade as the pale, light pink, green, blue and many others. It is always possible to design a blank space and add them later color accents. To warm the atmosphere, (and feet!), Installing a floor mat. Below, we see a kitchen with utility room decorated with kilim.
Space Machine-a-washing-idee-storage basement carpet

White is associated with purity and the blue is associated with the water! A wonderful combination for rooms such as bathrooms, toilets and laundry ...! Bathroom interior The pictured below proves to 100%.

Arrange his laundry in the bathroom - this is the most common solution. Some find in this handy, others prefer to separate them. In the photograph below, we see how it was done. The dryer and the washing machine are installed one above the other. A large wooden cabinet with shelves has been integrated in order to fix them. Having a window in the bathroom, it is the dream of many people. If you have one in yours, do everything possible for the showcase. Place potted plants beside your window to a green button.

Watch this small bathroom with laundry. The designers of this space have applied the rule of development in height. The dryer is installed on the washing machine. Again, we see that the colors chosen are white and light blue. The yellow mat adds a warming accent color.


When you live a large space, rarely has that problem finding a place for the development of his laundry. We can also afford dark and dark shades. Still, we must be wary not to make mistakes optimizing its large space. All is a question of thinking and learning organization.

Often the suspended securities solutions truly allow up winning. This type of furniture is also very elegant appearance. We see more and more present in the inner room of contemporary design bath.
If you have a large bathroom, there is no need hesitation - install your laundry area there. The interior pictured below proves that this can be done functionally and aesthetically speaking. The colors - white and blue. The laundry was placed in a corner from the toilet and bathtub. Everything looks perfectly organized.

Develop its practical and functional laundry
en-suite bathroom-storage-ideas

With custom furniture, small space can become a functional place. When Arrange a thought piece to its vertical and horizontal layout. We often forget to invest the space height. The contemporary interiors and all small studios to opt more often for vertical storage solutions.

storage-optimal-design-interior-space-a-washing machine

You already dream to develop your practice and modern laundry? US too !


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