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Deco corridor: development in 30 pictures

Deco hallway walls pink

The Deco hallway is one of the most difficult to achieve successfully, which is why we come to your assistance with this article which is full of tips and examples crispy!

The corridor is an area of ​​relatively transient house. It does not spend most of his time and it often leads to a neglected look that does not seek to develop a space that can nevertheless be very useful.

Deco narrow corridor with white walls and a long carpet

Deco corridor white walls

Today we will unveil some decorating ideas to decorate, equip and so much enjoy your hallway. Mirrors that give the illusion of a larger space, walls decorated with photo frames, a long hallway carpet or furniture specially designed for narrow spaces ... everything is in pictures. You will see in the pictures that follow good choice of corridor developments, some are in a vintage style, others are very modernist, there is something for everyone! Choose without forgetting to consider the style of the rest of your home.

white corridor adorned with mirrors of various shapes and sizes

Deco corridor design mirrors

It is not mandatory to have a deco hall depending on the style and overall design of your home but you will agree with us that it is much nicer to have a uniform style that mixed style. No sooner said controversial by many of you and even ourselves. Today, in many areas including in that of ready-to-wear where it is fashionable to combine styles in a single outfit, as is the case of the clothing style swag, fashion designers and clothing manufacturers were all immediately felt the change from the perspective of people, changes in vision regarding homogenization in general.

Modern corridor marked by black walls and retro furniture

deco vintage black corridor

It is no longer necessary today to make everything uniform and hystériser in case of an assembly of objects or ideas that until now were not going together or rather were considered not going together. Why to bother with such requirements regarding the standardization under the pretext that it is the latter that best meets the need to look for aesthetics?

Deco hallway with art paintings


The perception and the sensation of beauty apparently changes. One can say that to some extent and for some things, great! For what better than beautiful to find something that certain criteria did not meet the stringent requirements of beauty. What better way to show a little casualness regarding the combination of too many different elements in the spheres of fashion, decoration to name just two.

Corridor decorated artistic paintings and framed paintings

Deco decked wall artistic corridor tables

All this to say that if you planned anything too original for your deco corridor, especially compared to the original decor of the rest of your home, this may well be! The corridor has his own life at home and although it is a transitional space, it may well have a face of its own.

corridor decoration with carpet and mirror

small hallway with wooden desk and white carpet

If you put the paintings, this space can accommodate such a style that is not the same as that chosen for other parts of the house. If the objects or furniture placed in the hall belong to a style that has nothing to do with the style chosen for the other rooms in your home, this is not unexpected as well as the corridor links the rooms at home, it represents a very specific and well appropriate space.

Corridor decorated with modern fixtures

Deco landscaped corridor long carpet black and white patterns

There are often at least one mirror in the hallway in order to take a last look at himself before going out. The mirror is not only an aspect in itself but a psychology. When you buy a mirror, you do not buy it to go well with the house, you take it to you like it to you and reflects your personality. This is around the mirror that the decor, and in this case the decorative corridor assembles. So it is quite possible that your mirror that you loved requires a completely different style from the rest of the house.

Deco Vintage corridor with large mirror and glamorous chandelier

corridor fitted vintage style large mirror illusion space

entrance passage marked by a dresser with retro mirror

beautiful entrance hall with bouquet and retro mirror

Nevertheless, there is a deco mirrors, as you can see from the photo below. This example pictorially shows that the mirror is not its primary function, but it is another.

Deco interesting corridor

entry corridor, decorated mirrors sizes varied forms

It is often found in the hallway Deco dressers of any kind. It is extremely convenient to have one at the entrance, but also in the hallway. As the passage, the corridor is very often between two main rooms and be able to put something you need wherever you go, that's the least useful things.

Vintage Design Corridor

corridor trendy black walls lampshades gild

Most of the time, this piece is also very beautiful. Here is a picture that can prove it.

sumptuous hallway with white marble floors and gilded candlesticks

great retro decor grand white marble corridor

What is finally in the corridor, they are your photos. If you have a lot to hang on the wall, then it is actually put them in the hallway and in the living room. In this way, the corridor is no longer a single pass but an interesting passage.

Deco hallway with lots of framed photos

Deco corridor framed photos

narrow corridor lined with a multitude of photo frames

narrow corridor bordering multitude lighting tables

Ceramic tile and staghorn as a decorative element

hallway with tiled floor and deer central room

beautiful deco hallway table contemporary art

narrow corridor half table and paintings on the wall

Deco narrow corridor along white furniture carpet

corridor with Persian carpets and walls warm shades

corridor white carpet

Deco corridor table so shelf decorative plant pot

Deco vase artistic corridor branches hanging lamps

parquet white corridor

corridor red deco

deco white corridor managers

deco corridor supporting frames

deco corridor modern design deco corridor row spots

deco hallway carpet displays

vintage deco style corridor

art deco hallway

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