Credenza kitchen: more than 50 ideas for a contemporary or modern interior

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The kitchen splashback is a practical object that helps you keep your kitchen. In contemporary interiors, it also has an aesthetic value. Choosing a credenza is part of the design steps of the wall decoration in your meal preparation space.

The sideboard may well have a small but this is an important element that facilitates your household and that beautifies your kitchen.

Credenza modern kitchen with tile and mosaic effect

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In the past, the space reserved for the credenza behind the sink and the stove was usually occupied by a wall covering tiles. In the absence of modern materials and advanced manufacturing techniques which one enjoys at present, tile was considered the most suitable coating for the walls of the kitchen area. This is due facielment because the quality we are looking for most often in a credenza is that it is easy to clean. Among the natural materials used in the past, the tiles were best placed to deliver this quality.

Credenza modern kitchen with tiled effect and wood furniture

wallboard credence modern kitchen

Today, we have a greater choice of materials for the kitchen backsplash surface. However, some people still prefer the tiles for its classic appearance and sometimes even a little vintage for its traditional side and because it transforms the credenza area into a true work of art by interesting mosaics. These are benefits that only tiles could provide. However, compared to other modern materials, tiles are more difficult to clean and that is what constitutes their main drawback. In particular, these are the joints that pose maintenance problems, since the spaces between the tiles should be subjected to vigorous rubbing and a renovation process that allows you only to keep their appearance.

Credenza modern designer kitchen with marble effect

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For the development of a modern kitchen, you can also enjoy a credenza contemporary: glass, steel, concrete or artificial materials like Corian, for example ... These sideboards are characterized by their beauty does not leave behind the cladding tiles. Whether you wish to decorate your walls with a modern design splashback panel or a vintage air, you will get a contemporary credenza that meets your requirements. And, thanks to image printing capabilities, you could also make your backsplash a decorative accent of the piece: a picture of a Zen atmosphere, the expression of the greedy mind or decor that makes you do eat only healthy food options are just a few among many others!

Deco idea of ​​walls with wooden credenza modern kitchen

Wall wooden kitchen credenza

In addition to all the new possibilities for decorating your kitchen splashbacks made contemporary materials are also easier to install and clean. Consist of Pannels, they require less installation effort and can also be asked by everyone. In other words, you will not have to wait for the visit of a professional for this type of credence. So, the choice of such an accessory will quickly move your kitchen layout work! As for cleaning, it is easier to maintain because most contemporary credenzas have a surface with a protective dirt (sometimes with lacquered effect). There, no joints to rub: a simple sponge with cleaning product enough to give your kitchen walls a flawless look! Have you already chosen the materials and the colors of your kitchen backsplash? If you still hesitate between the various options, the images may inspire you!

credenza idea for white and wood kitchen modern style

modern kitchen splashbacks wood decoration

Regarding the tiled splashbacks, there are small tiles, or commonly called mosaic splashbacks, or large tiles, which everyone calls the kitchen tile.

Credenza kitchen with mosaic effect in white and beige

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Regarding contemporary credenzas, an example of Credenza with lacquered surface. This is perhaps the plastic of a new type or other contemporary material. Its appearance gives a futuristic look to the kitchen in question.

Credenza blue kitchen with lacquered surface

lacquered modern kitchen design model

The contemporary tiles can be made of large tiles that complement, with their colors, wood or plastic furniture built in the kitchen.

kitchen walls decoration with modern credenza

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From the stainless steel when the credenza occupies only a very small part of your wall, just above your stove plates or slate when it takes up the top of the sink. The rest of the kitchen that you see below is arranged as a living room or if not, as a beautiful dining room very stylish.

kitchen with black slate backsplash and stainless steel

kitchen paint color black credenza

Here's how your credenza can have a feature that until now we have not mentioned: the decorative element function. It's nice to combine the functions of the credenza in order to have something that protects the painted wall against stains left by messy substances reminiscent of contemporary posters that decorate after being created for spaces such as kitchens or stays , cafes or rooms in general.

Idea original wall decoration kitchen with hob with splashback

Deco wall modern kitchen splashback

We return to the most widespread credence model: the tiles. What is most special here is that the kitchen is clad in wallpaper that bring some contrast to the rather white and mostly clear kitchen.

Small white kitchen with tile backsplash effect

credenza work plan kitchen

And here again with new material that serves as a splashback in this perfectly modern kitchen.

Wall and credenza contemporary cuisine Panel

Wall decoration kitchen

This material is obviously in different colors, allowing you to make your choice in freedom and peace.

Credenza green kitchen for a Zen atmosphere

Wall coating kitchen sink credence

The small mosaic in the US that covers the floors in the bathrooms and kitchens is always very popular and highly appreciated by consumers. Its effect inside the metro is outstanding! This is most likely a little vintage appearance that makes it so successful among these very specific fans.

splashback tiling Scandinavian style kitchen

White credence Scandinavian cuisine

When your kitchen and living room are one, it is almost recommended to think of her kitchen splashback. Here, for example, how the mosaic effect subway does not go at all in an open kitchen to the living room. Why ? Just because the show has a cocoon-style that must go with the style of cooking. This is the style of the room should dictate the style of cooking. Not the opposite. This is why the credenza that takes yellow for it to be taken well with the accessories chosen for the show. In this case, the kitchen backsplash has a precise decorative.

Idea credenza for kitchen studio and yellow accent wall

Layouts studio kitchen splashback

If the accessories with which the sideboard must complete are red, you will find a kitchen splashback red, of course!

Modern Credenza red to white kitchen

credenza kitchen wall panel

On most pictures, you've probably noticed that the kitchen backsplash was in contrast to the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. This is also the case of the image shown below where you see that when the kitchen is black, the sideboard may well be white so that not everything is dark and monochromatic.

credenza modern cuisne Idea Black

black kitchen wall decoration Modern credenzas

Your sideboard may light or represent a window in direct sunlight to penetrate directly in your kitchen? You're in luck ! Often the work plan before the credenza is where you do most things prior to preparing food and cooking itself and for sure you need much light to do that!

Contemporary Credenza kitchen with center island

modern kitchen walls credence

Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional, as sideboard has an additional function and looking for a particular purpose, do not forget to properly enjoy the moment of planning and decorating work because the kitchen is a sacred place and it will respond more to your taste, the more you will spend pleasant moments! Enjoy all!

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