Summer kitchen to make yourself a few tips not to miss

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If you want to enhance the potential of your outdoor space today we'll offer you a wide range of ideas summer kitchen design yourself.

Specifically, we will give you some tips and directions on how to do them and redevelop.

Summer kitchen - a place to spend a good time with family

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Usually outdoor summer kitchens are an option that improves the aesthetics of any home garden. For your evening events or meetings between family and friends, outdoor kitchens are the best way to share these moments with them friendly. To have a good time while enjoying the beautiful weather all must be at hand. According to our needs, outdoor kitchens can vary following types of materials and styles.

Summer kitchen: choose the one that fits your idea of ​​comfort

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You choose which idea to explore summer kitchen. Want a large well equipped kitchen and a small but very functional? It all depends on what you have in mind. Think about the concept and what you want to do. After all it is a long term project that will allow you to feel comfortable during the summer days.

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Feel free to browse our selection of photos that our editorial 'specially prepared for you. He may find a lot of inspiration and ideas that you realize your outdoor summer kitchen dream.

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Before you get started, choose where you want to build a summer kitchen and secure a budget. Once you have determined the amount of money you want to invest you might think the concept and materials for your project. Some materials are more expensive than others. However, if you choose to make your summer kitchen alone or at least a part of it, it will cost you much less. So you can save money and invest in a good functional equipment to pamper your loved ones.


As part of a construction or upgrading kitchen, there are some basic rules to follow. Make good your concept in mind, because it depends on your settings. The design of a small summer kitchen, for example, is different from that of a large.

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Are you a large family? Will you be using your outdoor kitchen often? Do you entertain guests often enough? Do you enjoy cooking quite simple or elaborate? These are question to ask before you get started.


When you establish your budget consider the furniture you want to have, appliances and forget without work to do, if you expect to have a hand.

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Whether external or internal, functionality and comfort are the two crucial elements when designing a kitchen. This is the time to define the measurements of your kitchen and your work plan. We all need space to get organized. Then choose what material to work your plan? And your furniture? How far will fit between your baking sheet and sink? A summer triangular or rectangular kitchen? All these issues require some important moments of reflection.

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Bringing in kitchen work areas, you can save time by facilitating the circulation you to complete your tasks well. And what about storage space? Over there, the better. Prefer cupboards in height, and you win the place for you. A plan of work at height also allow you to provide more storage space underneath.

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After establishing your outdoor kitchen idea in place, take the dimensions of your space: width; length, height and consider the degree of the angles of your walls, if any. Be sure to think about where lay the electrical sockets, electricity, water and gas because without them, your project will not succeed.


After that, make a plan. Need a summer kitchen in L, U or small and simple online. It all depends on the space you have. Make a graphic plan to guide you, note the above steps and everything that is important to consider all around to not forget anything.

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It is clear that the kitchens were located outside of the houses will have greater exposure to the weather. We must evaluate how our kitchen will be exposed according to the place we have chosen for her. Thus, we will have a better idea of ​​the materials needed to make it durable and sturdy.

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What materials choose? If for facades solid wood is the most sought after, you can also opt for PVC or laminate material that will cost you less. There are also other enough materials used for outdoor kitchens, such as bamboo or Paperstone, but ask for a bigger budget.


Regarding your work surface, you have a wide choice of wood, quartz, glass, stainless steel, stone and many others. Prices vary depending on the material which itself varies according to its durability, scratch resistance and heat.

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The appliance also has a very important place in your kitchen. Most of the time we opt for the appliances built with functionality and aesthetic look. Aside from the classic colors black and white, today manufacturers offer in more vibrant colors, such as green, red, pink ... Know that the embedded appliances cost a bit more expensive than freestanding . If you have an idea in mind small outdoor kitchen, you can look for appliances packs offering a hob, hood and oven for a more reasonable price.

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To apply in the kitchen we must think of lighting it. If you prepare a meal for dinner you would need a good light for you there. Generally recessed ceiling lights are among the most requested - small and functional. Choose a bright light that will brighten your work surface and your seats light everywhere. Know that LEDs save energy and it is a good option to reduce your electricity bills.

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If you have lots of space, opt for an island. It has the ability to be convenient, but more user friendly. You can cook while enjoying a glass with friends. If you do not have too much space, avoid it, even if it is in your plans because it takes too much space and this requires to circulate around.

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Opting for a summer kitchen Natural stone is a very good idea if you want to keep a natural style. But choose well! It would be smarter to build a stone house in the same style as your house or in your garden. If you want a traditional, rustic look is the perfect choice for you. Other horizontal models are recommended for modern kitchens. The key to a well-made outdoor kitchen is to carefully place the stones in an aesthetic way paying attention to the colors and shapes of each stone. Let your imagination to create interesting patterns.


Kitchens are the heart of a home, where everyone gathers to prepare a good meal friendly.


An outdoor kitchen, you can prepare meals and be around your guests with a minimum of time spent running inside for plates, drinks and dishes. Although you can spend tens of thousands of euros for an outdoor summer kitchen with basic cooking simple but effective design avoids the complication around the curves and angles. In addition, guests can relax on one side while you cook the other without the feeling of abandoning them.


Since sustainability is an important issue for an outdoor kitchen, stone is a low maintenance option that requires no painting or sealing. The real stone is heavy, expensive and requires the experience of a bricklayer. The stone grown cement is easier to use because it is lighter, cuts faster and lasts as long as the real, yet as natural as the other.

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The construction layout of your outdoor kitchen idea takes time, but with proper planning, you can do it in two to three weeks. It also depends on the type of construction. A summer kitchen open takes less time than a building covered winter kitchen that requires shelter and three reinforced walls to enjoy it during the coldest season of the year.

Some tips to keep in mind to complete your outdoor kitchen idea

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  1. First, when you embark on your project summer kitchen, keep in mind that the ground below is very important. It is to be stable and flat to not have irregularities in your kitchen plan.
  2. Provide a pergola that will protect you from bad weather in case it surprises you when you are about to welcome your guests.
  3. Preferably use electrical appliances and mobile and removable accessories that you could easily put away the winter. Keep them outside while you are not using them will only shorten their lifespan.
  4. Choose strong and durable materials that will face the bad weather and humidity. Wood and stone are the best choice.
  5. Determine your daily well and culinary needs when you go to purchase your appliances. Buy only what you need.

Idea kitchen was outside - a quick and practical solution that will not take you long

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If masonry is really not your thing, consider a mobile kitchen made all that requires no effort. The mobile kitchen is needed sue a stable and regular ground poses to your cooking appliances and your cabinets above.

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A simple barbecue as well will do. Just you bring a few stones, bricks or concrete. Massive stones give a rather coarse appearance to your project, while small ones will give a finer and more elegant. In all cases, the time it will take you almost the same.

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To start building your grill, prepare the base by digging well in only ten centimeters. Then, make a wooden form? Spread a good layer of cement. Then mount the building. To do this, paste the bricks to each other using cement. Stack them to the desired height while paying attention to the overall look. Build a good foundation for the home and after everything has dried well so turn up the brick fireplace. Finally, complete your project by completing barbecue trowel to seal the gaps between the bricks.

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If you are fans of Italian cuisine you can invest in a pizza oven. It's convenient and it will save you from spending hours in front of the stove. If you opt for mobile devices, then orient yourself a plancha, a pancake plate or smokehouse.

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For your convivial evenings also think about your comfort and that of your guests. To not waste time to make big return, consider built a bar in your kitchen to be able to enjoy meals and drinks. In the other case, seating dining table and some chairs nearby. Bet on the decor. It is equally important. This will define the style of your space and will make the most harmonious and pleasant.


And do not forget to make more space for possible storage. Your kitchen should be a reflection of what you stand in the kitchen. The comfort is in first place.


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