Kitchen brick and stone in 63 inspiring photos to see

brick kitchen wall idea luminaire suspension

If you are a fan of the New York loft-style or industrial, it is time to have a brick kitchen. red brick, white brick, brick gray or even black brick.

It is easy to choose the right shade to stylize your brick kitchen. Brick makes the chic industrial space, it's almost a great decoration for the kitchen and dining room.

Kitchen with a wall in red brick

brick kitchen wall deco kitchen lighting idea

You can do all brick walls, one wall, ceiling or just a part of the kitchen. To alleviate all visually, we can only keep a brick wall and paint the other a light color. If, in addition, it maximizes the light in the room, this will strengthen the industrial spirit of the brick kitchen. But sometimes it's hard to have this style of decoration, then the only solution left is dressing reproducing the appearance of the brick.

Modern decoration for the kitchen red brick

kitchen in modern red brick

It can be applied on most surfaces (except on wallpaper), like the tiles. Brick offers a range of shades, which depends on the clay used in the manufacturing process, and also the firing of bricks. These shades that vary from gray to deep red brick, are anyway very harmonious combination with the use of stone, whether genuine or merely decorative panels. Check out the rest of our internal selection brick kitchen and our helpful tips. Hope you will find your favorite model for a brick kitchen that you like!

A corner of the kitchen with red bricksbrick kitchen corner idee

Brick is increasingly a place in our modern interiors. It fits neatly into almost every room of the house: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom. Whether the style of your interior is modern or classic, brick easily integrates with all design styles.

Brick easily integrates with all design styles. kitchen interior brick wall decoration idea dining

minimalist brick kitchen

kitchen minimalist deco brick

Brick dresses the this great kitchen wall.stone brick kitchen

The brick wall as qu'accentkitchen red brick deco

The gray brick is ideal for kitchens in dark tones. Gray is neutral and soothing. To warm all, add the wood.

Kitchen decoration with gray brick

kitchen furniture decorated brick industrial style

There is nothing more welcome than the marriage of red brick and light wood. The kitchen pictured below proves without hesitation:

Deco idea of ​​rustic kitchen

kitchen wall red brick

What are the options imitation brick?

A real brick wall is difficult to fit inside a standard apartment. Here's why the creators have invented perfect imitation brick, specially designed for this kind of case. Enjoy the warm look of brick without real bricks is quite possible. Among the best imitation brick options include the facing plates and wallpaper.

white kitchen with decorative red brick

modern kitchen decoration red brick

The interior was following with a wall imitation brick wallpaper. As you see, it's hard to believe that this is not true brick wall.

Decoration of modern kitchen design

kitchen red brick

The brick wall is a beautiful kitchen backsplash. In the interior of kitchen below, brick dresses whole wall and brought out the kitchen cabinets in black and white.

Kitchen decorated with brick and wood

minimalist brick kitchen

Brick and industrial design: an artistic history

You know very well, the brick was introduced in our contemporary interiors thanks to industrial design! This is indeed the result of chance rather than meaning research. Industrial design appears to be a need to adapt to the industrial landscape. Artists looking for housing with workshop immediately seized the opportunity to live in abandoned industrial sites. So they are settled there and were able to turn the loft into living area. The brick wall was already present ...

Nowadays, lofts are open and spectacular living spaces. Derivatives of a necessity, lofts have now become synonymous with luxury. And of course, we no longer need to live in a loft in order to enjoy the warmth of the brick!

The brick wall is carrying the start of the recovery history dating back more than a century.

very nice decorative storage

friendly decorative storage

perfect lighting for a brick kitchen

perfect lighting brick kitchen

white brick or brick red?

If you like the minimalist design, the white brick is for you! It is elegant, unimposing and trendy. We see well integrated in an interior Scandinavian and sleek style.

If you prefer the rustic style, so do not hesitate and go for the red brick. Classic and warm, is often seen in interior Italian style kitchen.

There are a variety of colors and black brick finishes, gray, with faded effect. If you wish, you can even paint your brick wall with paint color of your choice.

Kitchen painted white brickpainted white brick kitchen

A brick wall to separate rooms? Why not ! Look how elegantly the brick wall below separates without closing the kitchen of the show:

Column brick in a bright kitchen

Colum brick bright kitchen

Italian style cuisine or style campaign, brick has become almost a must for the two interior styles!

Kitchen decorated in country style

decorated country style kitchen

Enjoy the warmth and vintage brick while keeping the modernist side of its interior, it is possible. The evidence on the photo below:

Focus on the wooden table in this convenient kitchen red brick

Zoom wooden dresser kitchen table red brick

Spacious room with marble kitchen island

spacious island kitchen marble room

Zoom a dark red brick kitchen

zoom dark red brick kitchen

View of the ground wood painted white brick in the kitchen

view ground white brick kitchen painted wood

Zoom modern kitchen with a brick wall and wooden furniture

Zoom modern kitchen wall brick wood furniture

View of the wooden floor in this bright and spacious kitchen

view wooden floor spacious bright kitchen

Zoom a cozy kitchen painted white

zoom white painted comfortable kitchen

View of the three windows of the white and modern kitchen

view three windows white kitchen

Zoom a cozy kitchen with a brick wall

Zoom comfortable kitchen brick wall

View of a white kitchen island and wooden floors with original carpet

island view white wood kitchen floor mats original

imitation brick wallview kitchen island single brick wall wood work

Top view of the kitchen with dark wooden table and black floor

view high floor kitchen dark black wood table

Interior of modern kitchenview Spacious bright kitchen

white brick kitchen table eating

table white chairs different colors cuisine

Wooden floor ceiling brick walls simple kitchenground white brick wall long wooden kitchen table
ceiling brick wood floor spacious kitchen

wood ceiling brick walls spacious kitchen
small kitchen single brick white wall

small kitchen wood floor brick wall

original brick wall shelves convenient kitchen

black brick wall shelves white kitchen dresser

brick wall storage shelves convenient kitchen

wood furniture brick wall long kitchen

stylish pendant luminaire original brick kitchen

pendant light candles kitchen brick fireplace view

Long kitchen island wood work

large kitchen painted white brick

Original decoration stylel industrial kitchen
White painted brick kitchen corner

modern dark brick kitchen

clear elegant kitchen brick accents

Modern brick kitchen island for work

convenient comfortable brick kitchen
corner brick painted white kitchen

kitchen rustic brick-walls-traditional-table-chairs-wood-ceiling wood-glass suspensions rustic kitchen

kitchen rustic brick-walls-island-stylish-gloss glass-steel-plant-chairs rustic kitchen

clear and sunny country kitchen

Country kitchen with its midst cuisinère

brick island country kitchen

Country kitchen with exposed wooden beams

stylish kitchen brick campaign

apparent stone elegant rustic kitchen

Exposed brick rustic kitchen

rustic kitchen woodwork campaign

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