Modern kitchen: d`aménagement cool ideas – 23 photos

model modern work-deco wood stone plan kitchen

Select cmodern uisine means opting for a nice family kitchen, functional and aesthetic. When the kitchen is the heart of the family and social life, the original choice will be a real asset in your home.

So spend a little more time to think about it and make the best decision. There you go! A modern style kitchen hosts an island very often - a convivial element par excellence! It just be used as a bar, corner meal or place to chat over coffee d`un. Just look at the photo above!

modern black, white and red kitchen

modern kitchen furniture design storage shelf inside

If you are looking d`idées d`aménagement d`une Modern kitchen design, this article is for you! Whether you need to choose the colors, or the materials of your furniture, you'll find plenty d`idées that you can incorporate into your space. Spend just a few minutes, and choose what suits you best!

Modern kitchen - style and luxury in your space

Modern wood paint color white kitchen

Look at the picture above! You have a combination of black and white super nice that brings style and luxury in the kitchen. Although l`espace is very small, you have storage cabinets that provide you the comfort to the maximum; in addition, the rectangular table and bar stools create a pleasant dining area. Please find below more d`idées of d`aménagement modern kitchen that will help inspire you. So enjoy!

Modern kitchen with center island

modern kitchen ameubleme, t ideei design house

super nice modern kitchen!

small modern kitchen decoration small design studio

nice combination in black and white


Why not a modern style kitchen in blue?

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-color-blue furniture

blue light to your modern kitchen design

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-lamp-blue-central island

More d`idées blue luminaire

Modern-kitchen-idea-original-beautiful-lamp-hood-extractorBar very nice semi circle

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-central island bar stools,

Enjoy d`un 3D software to choose your modern kitchen design!

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-central island bar-stool-hood-extractor

Modern style kitchen with wooden furniture

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-island-central-stool bar

The color white always enlarges l`espace - enjoy!

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-central island-hood-extractor

Modern kitchen very spacious in white


any modern white kitchen


More d`idées kitchen


Brown is also a very nice color!


Ceiling lamps rounded for comfort in your modern kitchen

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-color-white-black-bar stools



Modern-kitchen-idea-original 2014-stool bar


Modern-kitchen-original-idea-wood furniture


Modern-kitchen-original-idea-hood-exhaust-stool-wood walls bright



modern idea-original-island-central-color-red kitchen

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