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Christmas Ornament make yourself: 9 DIY suggestions

Christmas ball to yourself manually idea house activity

Christmas balls are among the most popular ornaments for festive decoration. Historically, they reflect the shape of apples that once employed to counter the first Christmas trees during the period of December.

The first balls were invented in the late 16th century in Germany and when a certain Hans Greiner began to manufacture glass. Nowadays, these ornaments are so prevalent they are produced massively and are usually made of plastic. Durable, they can be kept for several years but at the same time, they often lack the natural appearance and personality. Fortunately, there are also plenty of ways to create their own ornaments of this type to beautify his house. If you like modern and custom decorations, you can try one of our 9 Christmas Ball projects to do yourself.

Christmas Ball project to do yourself 1: Styrofoam ball with pompoms and personalized decoration

Christmas ball to make yourself a polystyrene ornaments decorate

The polystyrene balls are now available in almost all businesses specializing in the sale of DIY products and creative activities as well as many sites on the web. A white ornament of this type is very easy to decorate with a little paint. But such a Christmas ball to oneself will be even more interesting if we add a pompom connected to son for attachment to hang the ball on the tree!

Christmas ball idea to make oneself 2: transparent ornament filled with shiny sequins

Christmas ball to make yourself realize transparent ornament

Another popular product is widely available in stores or online: transparent plastic balls. Working, they can beings filled with multicolored sequins (purchased or cut yourself) that match the dominant color in your home for Christmas this year. So a fairly simple idea that will not take you more than a vintgaine minutes!

Proposal manual activity and Christmas decoration making 3: adorned ball son or fabric

Christmas ball to oneself DIY fabric craft activity

Our third Christmas Ball project to do yourself can be achieved using a polystyrene or ornament from an old plastic decoration has lost its luster. Use this object as a starting point for your custom creation with a little glue and a son of your choice (burlap, old shirt, worn cloth, etc.).

Project of creative activity # 4: Make a Christmas ball fabric

make a Christmas ball fabric decoration fir DIY idea

Christmas Ball DIY tutorial to make your own: decorative pattern fabric balls and materials needed

Christmas ball with easy manual activities Photo

Our next idea will appeal to those who love vintage ornaments and decorations of organic materials: a Christmas ball to himself fabric!

Round cutting in original Christmas ball for tissue

a ball christmas manual diy fabric activities

To realize this beautiful project, you would need a tissue, some paint and brushes (or paint pads), scissors, a product of your choice to fill your balls, and son a needle (or machie sewing).

Example cloth ball to Deco and modern natural Christmas

Christmas fabric ball to tutorial DIY home decoration

Make your original balls (that of the example above is a diameter of about 12 cm) using two round fabrics identical cut fabric and stitched together, as pictured above.

Christmas Ball Model making 5: design inspired by the natural pine apples *

Christmas ornament balls DIY house idea make yourself

This Christmas ball to himself inspired by the natural pine apples. It is made using an ancient ornament on which stuck round cardboard to mimic the appearance of a natural decorative object.

Idea manual activity for parties 6: how to make a Christmas decoration cheap paper

photo paper Christmas tree decoration ball idea

If for one reason or another, you prefer to wager on draft Christmas decoration budget this year, consider trying this suggestion of paper into a ball.

ornaments Manufacturing Steps Christmas paper

Christmas decoration tutorial make yourself a ball of paper idea

She will ask you a little more effort at first, but once you have understood the basic principle, you could do a whole series of ornaments for your tree, for a wreath or simply to offer with gifts !

DIY easy for Christmas 7: decorate a ball beads or noodles

Christmas tree decoration to manufacture self same ball

To customize a plastic ball, you can also count on small mutlicolores DIY beaded or even sprinkles for cake decoration!

Christmas Ball picture to oneself personalized

Christmas ball to himself deco ornament pearls

Nice way of using gourmet products with date exceeded usage limit, is not it?

Project Christmas ornaments DIY 8 with Japanese art Kintsugi

Christmas ball to oneself idea tutorial decoration party

Do you know the Japanese art Kintsugi ? This is a technique invented in the country of the rising sun for repairing broken items using a lacquer which contains gold powder.

How to make a Christmas ball or fix a broken ornament

Christmas ball Craft deco fir tutorial

This technique can be applied to almost any broken object, intentionally or not. We propose to use it to create an original Christmas ball and very elegant.

Break a small Christmas ball with precision

ball christmas christmas decoration idea model DIY tree

Apply this technique to a glass or porcelain ornament broken or a ball that you have made (for example, paper chews or clay).

Christmas Ball Photo damaged repair using the method Kintsugi

DIY christmas deco idea fir ball

To break the ball in a precise way, help you a little paint protection tape and a jeweler's hammer.

Christmas ornament personalized with glue and gold paint

Christmas tree ornament idea tutorial ball to make yourself

Once broken ball, paste with special glue Kintsugi.

How to make a Christmas decoration and customized replace glue Kintsugi

ball Christmas tree ornaments DIY tutorial

If you do not have access to this type of adhesive, here is a very accessible substitution technique: Apply a small amount of gold paint on the broken edges and let dry; Then, glue the broken ends with glue adapted to the surface.

golden glue to repair a broken Christmas ball

Christmas ball to oneself modern ornament painting

So still a nice way to manufacture its own Christmas balls or bring back to life a beautiful ornament broken.

Christmas Ball Example made with the technical Kintsugi

Christmas balls picture making itself same pattern

Example of manual work Christmas 9: decorate a transparent ball with paint

Christmas ball to oneself picture tutorial example

Finally, we offer two easy decorating ideas balls with a technique that involves soaking them in a paint of your choice.

Christmas ornament easy to do with painting

christmas ball to make yourself tutorial idea blue paint

You choose whether to apply this technique to the whole of the ball or if you prefer adorn just part!

Christmas Ball picture painted pink

tutorial decoration Noel make yourself plastic ball

Christmas ball transparent paint idea

Christmas ball to oneself decoration glitter party house

* Photo and Design by Lia Griffith

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