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Deco romantic wedding – our ideas for an unforgettable wedding pastel

Deco wedding romantic dress, bridal accessories-table-inspired ideaYou are looking for a theme wedding spring or summer? We propose to adopt a romantic wedding decor in pastel colors. It is a festive decoration that fits perfectly with the season of spring and summer and that will allow you to organize a truly memorable day, indoors or outdoors.

Deco romantic wedding pastel tones: where to start to organize an unforgettable party?

Deco marriage model romantic dress-lady-honor-pink-green-mint

The decor romantic wedding in pastel colors put on soft, feminine colors. It is characterized by the use of flowers and accessories in pink, mint green, yellow, blue or purple. All this to create a light and poetic atmosphere, perfect for a wedding day celebrated in the period between April and July-August.

The decor combines romantic wedding in shades of pink, blue, green and purple

Deco romantic wedding model dress bride-pink-lace-blade

For a successful romantic wedding deco pastel colors, you have two options. The first is to focus on a single pastel shade such as, for example, on a soft pink deco. The second would be to serve you a palette of two or more colors, such as pink and mint green or pink and purple.

Choosing your wedding dress pastel wedding

Deco marriage model romantic dress-bride-green-mint-idee

Your first task is to decide what colors you want to emphasize your romantic wedding decor. The choice you make will depend on your personal preferences but also the time of year, ideas for your darling, flowers of the season ...

wedding dress models are inspired by the beauty of the season

Deco wedding romantic dress-bride-motif-floral-print-pastel

Once you have selected the colors for your romantic wedding theme, you can go to the choice of wedding dress. To meet the pastel decor for marriage, the model of the dress should be associated with the colors you preferred. You can opt for a pale pink dress in mint green or other similar shades. You also have the option to choose a floral print dress, inspired by the bohemian chic wedding theme.

What wedding hairstyle for a romantic theme wedding?

deco-marriage-romantic-hair-bun-bridal-jewelry-hair pink

The bridal hairstyle would be, too, with matching decor romantic wedding theme. The easiest way to align your hairstyle bride with pastel decor wedding would incorporate a floral accessory.

The low bun with a floral crown for an ultra feminine look and soft

deco-wedding-hairstyle-romantic bridal accessory-flowers

The decor romantic wedding pastel colors is the perfect opportunity to test a feminine hairstyle with a classic chignon and a floral wreath. If you go for this option, consider harmonizing the flowers with your outfit and your bridal bouquet.

The free hair with slight undulations and a floral accessory for a bohemian chic look of inspiration
deco-wedding-hairstyle-romantic bridal accessory-crown-flower

The romantic theme rhymes with a hairstyle that leaves the mane of free wedding. For a more poetic look, try a few slight undulations and decorate your head a crown of fresh roses.

Fill her wedding outfit with shoes in delicate colors

deco-wedding-dress-romantic bridal shoes-pink-pastel

The shoes that compliment your outfit will be preferably in the same colors as your wedding dress. For more comfort, especially on hot days, go for stylish yet comfortable shoes.

Building on comfortable shoes that compliment the wedding dress

deco-wedding-dress-romantic bridal shoe-colored pastel

Ballerinas in pastel shades are a great option. They will bring you a lot of comfort throughout the ceremony and will allow you to dance at will during your holiday. If you prefer heels, consider the possibility of wearing two shoes peers: one for the ceremony and one for the fun part of your celebration.

The wedding bouquet, a key focus in pastel shades

deco-wedding-bouquet romantic idea-bride-romantic roses

Your wedding decor pink (or other pastel shade) would not be complete without a well-chosen bridal bouquet! Before you order it from your florist, think about the nuances that will blend with your dress and your floral crown.

Choosing flowers of the season, is enjoying a natural and lasting bouquet

deco-wedding-bouquet-romantic bride-pink-colored pastel-idee

If necessary, ask his advice on the best floral arrangement in these shades. He will advise you on the seasonal flowers and their color range so that your bouquet is lovely, harmonious and sustainable.

Think harmonize holding gentleman with that of Madame

deco-marriage-romantic-holding-man-accessory-marie-colored pastel

Holding your future spouse should consider pastel wedding theme and color of your dress and your accessories.

Visit her friends to choose a comfortable bridesmaid dress and tailored to their wishes


After selecting accessories from the bride and husband, go to them for your bridesmaids. Again, think about the general color palette for your home romantic wedding. Seek advice to your closest friends to choose models of dresses and shoes. It is a way to ensure that your bridesmaids will be comfortable during your special day.

Building on identical bouquets for bridesmaids

deco-wedding-bouquet romantic idea-lady-honor-roses

Even if you have several models of dresses for your bridesmaids, order identical bouquets. Flowers, pastel tones again, and become a unifying element in your wedding photos!

For an outdoor wedding, provide a arch adorned with flowers

deco-marriage-romantic-ark-wedding-outside-pastel tones

If you are planning a wedding in the spring or summer, you probably contemplate the possibility of organizing an outdoor party. In this case, you might expect a wedding arch romantic theme.

Create a floral garland for a poetic spirit


In this case, planning a wedding with decorative pastel flowers in soft tones for this element of the outdoor space.

Trim the chairs of the guests of the ceremony pastel bouquets

deco-marriage-romantic-flower-ceremony-outside-idee-colored pastel

Accompany this deco romantic wedding with touches of color on the chairs of your wedding guests. Hang small baskets of flowers in pastel notes on the backs of the chairs for a fresh and fragrant atmosphere.

Make her own wedding decorations multicolored ribbons

deco-marriage-romantic-garland-cloth chair ceremony-deco

And if it's too hot outside or you do not want a floral decoration for chairs, perform simple and chic ornaments with fabric garlands.

Up Your party room garlands and suspended harmonious colors

deco-marriage-romantic idea-room-of-marriage-deco-garlands

Who said romantic wedding decor in pastel shades, also called romantic pink (or another shade) for the party room accessories. Whether you plan to an interior space or outdoors, be sure to provide decorative pastel wedding items.

Paper party decorations are buying or manufacturing


Depending on your budget and your handyman skills, you can buy or make your own decorative objects romantic wedding theme. The paper accessories are easy to find in stores or make yourself beforehand.

paper garlands home made for a festive atmosphere and chic without breaking the bank

deco-marriage-romantic wreath decoration-colored pastel-shades-gild

Garlands, suspensions, paper lanterns ... these are just classy wedding decorating ideas and romantic which perfectly accord with the romantic theme.

Provide light strings, is to offer a magical atmosphere at night


Not to mention the Christmas lights that evoke the image of fireflies that will contribute greatly to your decor romantic wedding!

What flowers for her romantic wedding table?

deco-marriage-romantic-center idea-the-table-flowers-decoration

Now to the decor romantic table in pastel colors. Like the rest of the decor pastel wedding, that of table often dominated by a floral arrangement.

Choosing containers of flowers depending on the shape of the table

deco-wedding-flowers romantic-center-of-table-decoration-natural

The colors of the flowers therein depend on the theme and dominant shades of your party. The shape of the container, meanwhile, will be selected according to the type of table.

Choosing flowers in delicate shades

deco-marriage-romantic-decoration-of-table-flowers-pastel-colored bouquet

rounded shape of the vessels will be more suited to a round table; flowers in rectangular containers better suit a long table.

Making his own vessel for the holiday meal

deco-marriage-romantic idea-deco-table-has-to-oneself-vase-diy

You can also create your own containers or vases for your floral arrangements and romantic table. If this idea tempts you, collect glass jars and use a paint pastel colors to decorate, following the model of the image up. Fill the improvised water vases and place your bunches of flowers in delicate shades!

Transforming containers stylish vases

deco-marriage-romantic-cenre-the-table-flowers-vases-colored pastel

Of course, the glass jars are not the only option for DIY containers for your bouquets for the party room. Above, an image that gives us another interesting idea: Dress improvised vases cloth shades of pink, blue and purple. That's a good way to turn an ordinary object into an ornament in the dreamy and magical!

Provide boxes with the names of guests


In addition to flowers, any romantic table for a wedding party needs guidance on the seats of the guests. To make your own cartons bearing the number of the table or the names of the guests, use cardboard paper in shades that match your theme. Or simplify your task by taking the model of your wedding invitations and adapting to another function!

Enter the table numbers with homemade decorations

deco-marriage-romantic tree-wedding-table-cards-colored pastel-idee

Cartons of this type are so easy to realize that everyone can make them yourself. It would suffice to provide yourself with a book of cardboard in a color of your choice and a little paint. Then it will be for you to imagine interesting designs for your project!

Imagine original accessories for the romantic table center


The flower arrangements on a wedding table are complete with various ornaments, such as beads. Why gems of this kind? Because they are chic and romantic at once!

Enhance its luminous decoration with lanterns

deco-marriage-romantic-lantern candle-table-marriage-idee

The lanterns are an almost mandatory accessory for romantic wedding decoration. Get large format lanterns if you want to create a magical atmosphere around your dining space. As for those of small size, they are ideal for making a magical centerpiece!

Decorate your personalized candles party room

deco-marriage-romantic candle-table-deco-idea-pastel-pink-white

Lamps and candlesticks can not do without candles! Simple white candles are widely available in shops. But if you want a romantic wedding decor carefully to the last detail, you need candles that match your color scheme. These are purchased in advance or make your own with wax, string and some dye.

Invent gifts for guests like no other

deco-marriage-romantic gift-box prompts-chocolates-ide

To respect the tradition and complement your decor at the same time planning for original gifts for your guests! Here's an idea of ​​such gifts with little boxes for each of your friends and loved ones. These boxes should be harmonized with the colors dominant in the party area. They are to adorn a small ribbon or some beads. Inside, each guest will find chocolates on flavor: mint (for the mint green), pink (pink for decoration), purple etc.

Think textiles for the festive table

deco-marriage-romantic decoration table-pink-colored candles, flowers

For the festive meal, you need also a runner or a sheet of a suitable shade. But it is also possible to combine two or three pastel shades to vary the look of your party area.

Experiment with shades of textiles


Feel free to try combinations of various colors to the tablecloth, table runner and napkins! Above, a marriage successful example of sweet notes signed Avila Dawn Events.

Create a poetic atmosphere with floral prints

deco-marriage-romantic-deco-table-colored pastel-pink tablecloth towel yellow

The poetic atmosphere synonymous with the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature. Therefore, floral prints are a natural complement to spring wedding table. You only have to locate tablecloths and plates with patterns and colors to match your wedding decor idea!

Add tend keys in metallic tones


Good to know: the soft shades of pink, green and blue go very well with the metallic tones, very fashionable at the moment. For this reason, you have the option to adorn your table a few touches of gold or copper. Consider then you bring in champagne glasses decorated or covered in these tones.

Making his dishes a decorative accent

deco-wedding-ring-romantic-towel-table-deco gold

Another solution would be to focus on the plates. They will then have golden or copper edges. Even the towel rings have the ability to play the role of a decorative accent chic and trendy!

Imagine a pastel tones menu

deco-marriage-romantic-candy-bar-wedding-color-pastel macaroons,

Last tip for an unforgettable special day: imagine your party menu according to the chic wedding decoration of your dreams. You will see: the result is really beautiful!

Playing with notes romantic tones

deco-marriage-romantic buffet-wedding-decoration-of-table-idee

Order a cake worthy of the occasion


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