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house bohemian chic boho deco furniture

Many of us love the bohemian chic style outfit and hippie fashion and interior design inspired by that style. But even if we love the boho houses that we saw several examples on the pages of magazines, you always need a little help when it comes to creating a decoration of this style in his own house.

The house of bohemian chic style decor tips

bohemian chic idea deco interior lounge

Some hesitate facing the rich color palette associated with bohemian décor; others question the best wall decorations or the most appropriate accessories for a design deco boho really successful ... Here are some questions we often ask about the bohemian chic and answers !

How to create a little more balance in a bohemian chic style interior?

Ethnic chic bohemian deco lounge lounge

Try combining patterns and accessories really impressive with furniture and organic surfaces. The boho decor leaves a lot of freedom, so let yourself be guided by your personal taste. You can accumulate objects typical of many styles as long as the room has a balanced air and cozy as a whole.

Are wallpapers allowed in a bohemian chic space?

idea bohemian chic dressing hippie design

Yes, wallpapers and tapestries have their place in an interior of this style! If you are wondering about the wallpaper of model to choose, think of natural motifs: green plants and slightly vintage flowers are very appropriate for a bohemian chic atmosphere. The proof is in the image above: we see a nice dressing room whose walls are adorned with natural printed in green.

What accessories to priviliégier in a bohemian chic style interior?

decoration style bohemian chic color harmony

The cushions play an important role in the hippie and bohemian decor. In this context, they fulfill several functions: it is used to decorate a bed or sofa but also to sit down in a relaxed atmosphere.

Idea boho style accessories and deco colors

accessory deco colors boho chic fabrics

The ethnic rugs are another typical style boho chic accessory: choose a large or small size and add more color to your home!

photo dining room decoration boho style

Select other fabrics and textiles (tablecloths, rugs, curtains) with attention their colors contribute to the ambience of your living space!

What materials priviliégier for furniture in a boho style home?

bohemian chic interior fabric cushions

It is often said that the boho decoration does not require large expenditures since it admits the different styles of furniture association. In fact, the furniture Recycling 'are typical for many bohemian interior.

interior house photo style boho chic and pretty wooden coffee table *

Interior decoration idea bohemian chic style

But this does not preclude that there are some tricks to associate these furniture more easily. For example, ideally, the bohemian chic home would give priority to wooden furniture.

Suggested bohemian chic furniture design

bohemian chic deco house idea

The light wood shades are easier to agree with the bright colors and that's why we advise you to bet on furniture that color. In addition, it easily combines with rattan objects that are present a little partour in homes boho chic.

Which art to choose his home in bohemian chic design?

colors bohemian chic table deco wall art

The hippie movement and bohèmme lifestyle attach great importance to art in all its aspects. For this reason, the inner boho style never fail to artistic creations, be it paintings by artists or works that we have done ourselves.

Wall suspension knitted and decoration idea of ​​bohemian chic

bohemian chic style suspension idea original wall decoration

Examples of boho chic interior decorations

design bohemian chic living room fireplace candles

To better select the artwork for your home, trust your imgaination! Think about what you seem suited to your living space and dare to experiment with decorative paintings, murals suspensions, original creations made with natural objects such as feathers and dry plants.

ethnic style objects for successful hippie and bohemian decor

boho chic style dresser mirror decoration

If you like traveling and you collect interesting ornaments of the countries you have visited, display them in your home!

living room painted white and Accessories Design boho chic

deco lounge chic bohemian style inspiring idea

The bohemian deco design is largely inspired by various artistic traditions that manages to combine in an original way.

Ideas to create a home bohemian design

bohemian chic bedroom design idea

Which plants to choose to introduce more fresh in a bohemian chic style interior?

boho hippie bohemian style home decoration

Green plants are best suited to interior decor. Those who love gardening can arrange everything a little green spot in a corner of one room of their home.

Green plants and indoor garden bohemian chic home

boho chic deco style hippie accessories

Also try the depolluting plants that improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Natural Decoration and Design boho chic idea

bohemian chic home decoration fashion accessories

Know also that there are many indoor plants that do not require special care and are a good choice for lovers of nature with little experience in the field of gardening.

indoor green plants and bohemian chic atmosphere

boho chic deco green plants pots inside

Play with the presentation of your plants: bet on terracotta flower pots and woven flower pot ... And why not make an original and homemade terrarium!

How to create a bohemian chic interior in neutral colors?

idee decoration boho-chic room modern design accessories

Everybody does not like the mix of bright colors and thankfully the modern bohemian chic style could fit the preferences of those who sonts seduced mainly by neutral colors.

white living room with natural and ethnic decoration keys

Interior decoration hippie modern green house plants

And what better opportunity to reconcile, in his house, the style you like with the color palette and range of accessories that you like?

Bedroom Arty inspired by vintage designs

Photos room boho chic vintage design

bedroom design image Bedrooms boho with touches of color and atmosphere boho chic

decorations bohemian chic style adult room

Interior design and photos by Whitney Port

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