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Victorian style: a symbol of luxury and grandeur

Victorian luxury impressive lounge

The Victorian is often defined as opulent and luxurious minimalism and it is not clean. The Victorian style is characterized by rich décor and the use of many ornate accessories.

In short, the more you have to show, the better. There are some details that make it so special and unique style. It is distinguished by a variety in terms of colors: dark shades, pastels, neutrals ... The rich textures are also very present in the Victorian interior.

The rich decor is clean Victorian style

Victorian floral patterns stay

The furniture plays a central role in the Victorian decor. It is luxurious and ornate. You can find decorative items and accessories at antique stores or flea markets. The ancient collections are also quite recurrent in Victorian decor. Exotic materials and wood works are typical of the Victorian era. Today it is possible to find objects of this style to not very high prices. Velvet and leather and fabrics are often found in Victorian decor.

The Victorian furnishings are sumptuous

bedroom furniture Victorian ornaments

The wooden furniture is typical of the Victorian era

wood bedroom furniture Victorian

Bedroom in warm colors

Victorian room bed wooden frame

Victorian decorating firm

Victorian house classic deco ornaments

Victorian Dressing in white wood

Victorian white wood dressing mirror

richly ornamented Salon

Victorian house rich ornaments furniture

Victorian decorating furniture

Victorian furniture room fireplace

Room bathroom with Victorian wallpapers

Victorian style bathroom wallpaper

Victorian wood piece leather fabric style

Victorian living room

Victorian living room wooden beams

Victorian living room furniture floral

Victorian living room furniture upholstery

Victorian green wood kitchen

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