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Christmas decoration idea – how to decorate the candles for the holiday

idea Deco-Christmas-candles-red-flowers-red-star-Noel Christmas decoration idea

DIY Christmas decorations is often more interesting and original than that found in stores. Create your own original decoration and surprise your family and friends.

We will help you by sharing with you our Christmas decoration idea - Original candles to celebrate. Be inspired and make your own decorative projects for Christmas knocking at the door.

Idea Christmas decoration - candles as an accent on the table

idea Deco-Christmas candles candle-floating-flowers-red-basket-woven-wood decorative

Buy some red candles and decorate the beautiful red flowers, such as the Christmas star, for example. A golden ribbon will emphasize the red color perfectly. A braided decorative basket can be beautifully decorated with flowers and red candles. Floating candles are a great idea and original. Put some candles on both sides of the stairs and voila - an easy decoration to make and very original.

Deco idea of ​​original Christmas - candles decorated for the Christmas party

idea Deco-Christmas garlands Candle-original-candle-floating-white Christmas decoration idea

You can easily create a candle wreath. Attach together some candles at a distance from each other and hook the garland vertically. A compelling idea is to choose an interesting candlestick and decorate the table around him green apple or plants - an idea that will delight your friends table. You can make an elegant table wreath with silver accents and decorate small white candles which will give the table decoration a personal touch. You can also use some sugar sticks and glue them around a red candle. Your kids will be impressed with your creativity. The pinecone-shaped candles are very original and represent a unique focus on the table.

white candles in the shape of pine cones and red candles decorated with gold ribbon

idea Deco-Christmas-candles-candles-white-pine-white-cedar-branch Christmas decoration idea

Decorate ribbons candles, floral and Christmas balls

idea Deco-Christmas candles tape-red-fir-transparent Christmas decoration idea

Candles decorated to mimic birch bark and shaped candles with pine cones

idea Deco-Christmas candle-apple-pine-white-birch-bark-look Christmas decoration idea

Decorate sugar sticks with candles and red berries

idea Deco-Christmas-red candle-sticks, twigs sugar-cedar-small-crown decorative Christmas decoration idea

A decorated tray of candles and nuts and a crown adorned with starfish and white candles

idea Deco-Christmas candles-stars, sea-white-crown-walnut-apple-green Christmas decoration idea

A beautiful arrangement of golden candles and garlands for Christmas

idea Deco-Christmas candle-wreath-golden-green-star-golden Christmas decoration idea

Candlesticks original decorated in red and white candles

idea Deco-Christmas candle-sconces, crystal candle-white-red-kite statuette Christmas decoration idea

white candles and wooden original candlestick

idea Deco-Christmas candle-candle-wood-branch-green-white-candles Christmas decoration idea

festively decorated table with candles and white flowers

idea Deco-Christmas-candles-white-green-tree-branch-table decoration idea for Christmas

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