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The decor stickers – for lovers deco Budget

Black Tree on white wall

You do not know how to decorate your office or studio, in front of white walls, and you will definitely want to do some work, painting or other? The decor sticker is for you!

For Deco lovers, but do not like to do heavy work, the stickers are an ideal solution that will change the mood of your interior for a small price. Give life to your walls with trendy stickers, and full of elegance.

Decorate without paint - decoration stickers is for you!

Decal Sticker with books

You want to refurbish a children's room in an original way to blow a new wind in the kitchen or bring a personal touch to your room? What could be more original and easy to attract the attention of wall stickers! The wall stickers are easily applied on all surfaces and are suitable for every room of the house. The decor stickers on the walls, is a nice way to decorate your home without, however, tire you out or spending too much money. Today is so widespread that there is something for everyone, all the spaces and budgets.

Choose your stickers according to the wall color

sweet sticker on a gray wall

Bring deco stickers in your home. Decorate and Relookez your walls, doors, your bedroom, your fridges. Want to create you - same? Some sheets of paper painted or taped, cutter, glue, a little imagination ... and here! Whatever the model and the image you choose, it will, no doubt, a touch of merriment to your home.

Tune in with existing furniture

green bamboo on black wall

Add the appropriate light

Mural with migratory birds

Sticker sham coat rack

Sticker door coat

ideal sticker for the kitchen

Decorative stickers with kitchen cutlery

For an English atmosphere in pink

Sticker English booth

Sticker design for the room boy

Design decoration stickers

For music artists

Deco sticker with guitar music

Nice sticker for dining

Stickers of'oiseaux comme décoration
romantic sticker with writing Deco clock stickers Stickers as original decoration beautiful green heart sticker Decorative stickers with animals on objects Decorative stickers for children Artistic sticker for the room to sleep Deco sticker black on white wall Decorative stickers with calligraphy

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