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The cardboard furniture in the service of ecological design

It is luxury and ecology merging in an intriguing exhibition promoted by the shop MIMI jewelry and origami brand specializing in the manufacture of environmentally friendly furniture, located in the heart of Milan.

Even to expose the jewelry box can be a good servant to create cardboard furniture

jewelry display cabinet cardboard

Even to expose jewelry cardboard is a good servant

In addition to the environmental side of the first material, the carton is a fully reusable material. Its characteristic is to function in closed circuit and reused once recycled. The creator insists that his furniture is eco-designed. This fascinating temporary exhibition gallery hosts the latest creations from recycled cardboard designed by architect Giancarlo Zema. Exposed between the Jewelry MIMI Canyon Collection, inspired by the carved and infinite stratifications of the Grand Canyon in America, including tables, chairs, library and lamppost.

cardboard furniture - a library with wide enough stories to show off your memories and books

cardboard furniture library with wide floors

A library with wide enough stories to show off your memories

Cardboard is a single material that can be the support of many finishes. The library is modeled among others reflecting it. This is a useful cardboard furniture for storage and beautify that expresses the genius of the creator. Its light weight is an advantage in comparison with a similar timber. The cardboard piece is generally a light unit. The innovations for the furniture of the room is an advantage in the world of innovative and original creation in favor of ecology.

The decorated object in different forms

decor object in different forms

The decorated object in different forms interesantes

A cardboard furniture for living not underestimate

cardboard furniture living room

A cardboard furniture in living room

A totem luminaire control engineering creator

totem luminaire witness creative genius

The totem luminaire control engineering creator

Giancarlo Zema jewelry showcase MIMI

The MIMI jewelery showcase exhibitor Giancarlo Zema jewelry

The MIMI jewelery showcase exhibiting jewelery creations on Giancarlo Zema

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