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Wedding Centerpiece – original decor ideas

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original decoration ideas for wedding centerpiece are essential for a day of unforgettable party! This is a unique moment in the life of every couple. Men and women have different desires regarding the wedding decoration.

Cool colors like green and red are preferred for wedding decoration centerpiece

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Here are some proposals that combine traditional and modern elements to decorate the festive table that appeal to most couples. Cool colors are preferred for festive occasions. Blue and yellow are a perfect combination for decoration wedding table centerpiece.

Beige, pink, white and light purple are rather neutral pastel colors that awaken the romantic feeling

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The contrast between light and dark shades attracts attention and creates a dynamic atmosphere. By cons, beige, pink, white and light purple are rather neutral pastel colors that awaken the romantic feeling.

An idea original deco wedding table centerpiece is to choose fruit!

wedding table centerpiece flowers deco pink candles resized

Decorative candles are often incorporated into the design of wedding decorations. This is the case because they symbolize the fire of love between people who marry. The friendly feeling that candles radiate also complement the lovely holiday.

Sometimes the candles are installed on conventional magnificent and imposing chandeliers

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They can be arranged on the wedding table centerpiece in various ways. Sometimes the candles are installed on the beautiful and imposing classical chandeliers.

The flowers are indispensable to the original decoration for your special day of celebration


Sometimes, candles were placed in a round vase filled with water and float on the surface. They can also be put directly on the smart cover. The effect is still marveling!

This beautiful pie is a center table decoration mérveiileuse

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The flowers are indispensable to the original decoration for your special holiday. They create an atmosphere of abundant joy. Their natural charm and brilliant shades celebrate love!

The rose symbolizes the intimate and sincere relationship between the newlyweds

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Roses are the predictable choice but both perfect for decoration of wedding table centerpiece. This flower symbolizes the intimate and sincere relationship between the newlyweds. The lily flower, the camellia, daisy are perfect options to decorate your wedding table.

round full crystal vase and some tender pink decor is unique wedding centerpiece

wedding centerpiece vase roses round resized

The branches and leaves flowers are original and modern accessories to complete the decoration table center. They are usually scattered among the vases and candles.

All types of flowers are suitable to realize this idea

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Small crystals, natural or artificial, are the hit of the wedding season 2017-2018. They are used to form specific figures on the table as the center of hearts, for example.

Small candies are also nice decorations for the table

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Nowadays, the crystals are increasingly scattered just gently on the table. The crystals are delicate accessories. They are mostly translucent or light pink color for festive occasions like marriage. Their romantic tenderness is always appreciated by visitors!

Deco retro style center table for a vintage wedding

deco original feast day pastel colors resized

An idea original deco wedding table centerpiece is to choose fruit! Yes, apples and pears are interesting and provocative decorations. They are arranged in Bouquettes or on the plate.

chic, minimalist decor that draws attention with its simplicity

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If your wedding is planned for the fall, leaves in brilliant shades are suitable for your party. Yellow, green, brown, red, orange are the gifts of nature for a leisurely and convivial atmosphere marriage. This is often accomplished by charming little acorns!

Leaves and charming little acorns are single decoration for a fall wedding

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Laces and ribbons are tied to vintage style and retro. If you opted for this type of marriage, obtain from them. They are chic and stylish accessories.

Stylized flower in the plates are a special attention to each visitor gesture

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The winter weddings are a challenge for designers. The flowers that are abundant in spring and summer are not readily available in the winter months. When the festivities are planed in the garden, the challenge is double!

Pictures of the couple decorate this rustic wedding centerpiece

deco original feast day wedding wooden table resized

The solution is pine cones and garlands. The combination is unique! It is an innovative decoration for wedding centerpiece

Small vases are a nice choice to decorate the table in a practical way

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White and red are the colors of Christmas always in fashion, so do not hesitate to use them. In sum, there are dozens of original decoration ideas for wedding table centerpiece.

The flowers can be hung and form unique and artistic center deco table

deco feast day original table deco flowers boteilles resized

Candles and leaves for a charming and festive atmosphere

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Candles, flowers, crystals and stylish covers are essential to achieve the wow effect! The friendly atmosphere, nonchalant and elegant at the same time is the main goal of every wedding decoration.

The sofa and cover are bohemian and retro chic

table decoration romantic vintage sofa table resized

Pine cones and garlands are deco winter wedding

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The decorations are made that highlights the beauty of the new brides. So, choose them in harmony with the costume of the man and the woman's dress. Consider also the season of your marriage to select own decorations.

Lace is a romantic accessory that gives special charm to every occasion

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Pears and coverage in harmony émerveillante

Wedding deco spring green white resized

Trends and your personal taste must be combined to meet your needs completely. The wedding day is a chance to demonstrate your talent designers and create your dream decor. Go ahead and good luck!

Deco wedding centerpiece spring

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