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Christmas Tree white and silver: always a good choice

noel blanc tree and silver decor Christmas idea

White and silver are colors that are reminiscent of the icy winter days. That's why they are the perfect colors for Christmas decoration - white snow vials, silver garlands and of course the Christmas tree white and silver!

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In this article we have prepared more than 33 ideas how to decorate your Christmas tree in white and silver.

Christmas tree decoration white and silver

White Christmas tree and silver decor idea

If you choose white and silver garlands, branches of your tree will look like covered with snow. The White Christmas tree and money is always very elegant and interesting. If you want a tree that shines, choose the white or silver and decorate it with ornaments of the same, such as blue or red. A black decoration on a white tree is very dramatic. This type of decor create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere at once. It is also possible to combine your Christmas tree in white and silver with purple elements. This is a very original Christmas decoration choices.

Christmas Tree in white with blue and purple balls Christmas white and blue silver fir

Change the classic green tree with red decor is always a good idea that will make your party a unique party. And if you choose an alternative Christmas tree? This year, make your Christmas tree made of cardboard, paper or even books! The possibilities are numerous, ecological and economic!

Christmas Tree in white made of cardboardChristmas white and blue silver fir

If you live in a small space and you want to have a beautiful Christmas tree without cluttering your living space, opt for a small Christmas tree. Turn on the Christmas table, above the fireplace or elsewhere. Sometimes small things are the most beautiful! Finally, who says you need large Christmas tree to feel the magic of this holiday.

Small Christmas tree in white and silverChristmas tree white silver and-

For a magical Christmas tree, decorate it with ribbons and snowflakes. The Christmas lights are a must element in the warm atmosphere of this festival.

Original Deco Idea Christmas treeChristmas tree silver and white elegant

For a Christmas tree minimalist choose only one or two shades for its decor. If you want it to be truly personalized and original, build your home yourself. You will see that this is very simple and requires very little equipment. Introduce your children as his creative activities and then decorate the tree together. They will be happy when they see their own creations decorating the tree!

Christmas tree richly decorated

idee white Christmas tree and money

Christmas Tree with interesting decor

deco Christmas tree white silver

For a Christmas tree eclectic style, do not hesitate to venture any kind of mixtures of colors: red, red, yellow, green and blue.

cheerful interiors of white Christmas tree

deco coloree Christmas tree

What a great idea: a tree and a snowman at a time! To achieve this interesting composition, you must have a white Christmas tree and a large white cue ball to the head. And of course, the inevitable: scarf and hat! Look it's cute:

creative Decorative Christmas tree in white

deco creative Noel blanc fir

We also chose the Christmas tree according to its interior. It is true that Christmas is only once a year, but it is important to match its Christmas decoration with that already present. If your interior is minimalist, dare a colorful Christmas tree, for example, to make it contrast. For interior consists of a few different shades, it is advisable to opt for a Christmas tree minimalist style.

Christmas tree decoration in white and silverdeco elegant Christmas tree

We all love the spirit of Christmas, family reunions and hearty and delicious meal. The Christmas tree is one of the greatest symbols of this celebration. Here's why it takes a lot of space in the Christmas decoration.

Light Christmas Tree

Christmas tree light deco

And if you're really a fan of minimalist decor, it is also possible to opt for a Christmas tree all white! Add still some warm colors or wood elements to warm the atmosphere.

minimalist design

deco minimalist noel blanc tree

The Christmas tree is also the place where we receive these gifts. All children love this tradition because they love the gift! Here's another reason that explains the important place of the Christmas tree. See you around the table and then - around the Christmas tree to receive these gifts.

living room decorated for Christmas with white garlandsChristmas tree deco lounge

It is true that the natural tree exudes a magical fragrance. Unfortunately, he does not live very long placed inside. The tree needs the cold. If you have a balcony or garden, go for a natural, living Christmas tree. This way, you can keep it for several years and even contemplate the fall, spring and summer. Inquire well before choosing yours. This tree is very resistant, but it has its requirements in terms of location and service.

Original decoration Christmas tree

deco original Christmas tree

Deco interesting Christmas tree in white and silver

deco small Christmas tree

Centerpiece Christmas tree silver

Christmas tree decoration interesting

Idea of ​​Christmas tree decoration in white

Christmas tree deco white

Yet elegant table centerpiece

idee center table Christmas tree

Small Christmas treeChristmas tree decoration idea

Bright beautiful decorationChristmas tree decoration idea

An interior in whiteromantic Christmas deco idea

Christmas tree minimalistAlternative Christmas tree idea

Christmas tree decorated in white with red ballsChristmas tree interesting idea

Chandelier composed of small silver fir ChristmasChristmas tree deco chandelier money

Alternative Christmas tree ideaChristmas tree silver and white interesting

Noel blanc silver fir

Christmas blue fir

Noel blanc spruce

Christmas tree light deco

Original Christmas tree deco

christmas elegant white fir

tree ornaments colored

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