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The steampunk- marriage immerse yourself in the Victorian era

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Have a concrete theme wedding is becoming more widespread. From country wedding, shabby chic wedding - exist in all genres. The Steampunk wedding Victorian style is very original and is gaining popularity today, with unique decorations and narcotics details.

Steampunk style is linked to the Victorian era and is known for its vintage design mixed with science fiction. This unusual theme squarely apart from other types of marriage and it is a pleasure to dive into the world of Jules Verne.


Steampunk wedding is associated with mechanical components, glasses, retro hats and all that is related to the Industrial Revolution. Usually we focus on a retro feel chic and romantic in the spirit of Jules Verne. If you like his work, then you will not regret choosing this wedding theme.


So where to start? Obviously, we must choose the location. In keeping with the Victorian spirit it would be ideal if you have your reception at a plant to remain in the industrial style or in a castle romanticism. To be simpler but still in the Steampunk theme and vintage, you can also book a barn.


The invitations are an indispensable part of every wedding. This is the first look of the guests about your wedding and it is also your personal reflection. The invitation can be made simply in a vintage style or course can tell you how romantic story of the past.

What deco Steampunk choose for her wedding?

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First, put the honor of the retro objects that you can easily find in antique shops or you can poke around the basement of your grandparents. For your tableware, choose dishes crystal chandeliers and large copper lights. Know that the copper is present in the deco Steampunk. You can customize the antiques your taste and add a gothic notes to bring color to your reception.


Another frequently occurring element in the Steampunk wedding ceremonies is the balloon which is one of the most famous novels of the time of Jules Verne: Five Weeks in a Balloon.


This literary style leaves you a wide selection of decorating the place and have fun, because it's really nice to pick each object and find the right place to position it. For the decoration of your ceremony looking small glass vials, watches, old appliances, key, candles and all that is related to the theme. Know that copper and crystal are preferred and do not forget to add a little sweetness with flowers.


What about the cake? If you want to stay in theme, trust a professional because every detail is important and believe us, there are many. Prefer always the vintage and Victorian features or simply choose a cake to Jules Verne.


What held to choose the happy couple for a wedding Steampunk?

Here comes the fun part, not only for married future but also for the guests. We advise you to focus on the outfits of the Victorian era. For the bride - a pretty corset lace dress, fitted with a jolie violette retro. And for the gentleman, a three-piece suit, with a pretty bow. All complemented by a top hat.


Regarding the Steampunk hairstyle of the bride, a pretty chignon or loose and wavy hair will go very well with the outfit. In each case, do not neglect the flowers and hair accessories.

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