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Christmas crafts and adult coffee table decoration for party

DIY Christmas party for adults deco coffee table

With the approach of December, we think more often of ways to decorate her dining table for year-end holidays. And while the original solutions to counter this piece with premium products are quite abundant, decorating ideas for the coffee table are much less.

It is a fact that we regret even more that this type of table is present in nearly all French households and is able to enrich the party atmosphere in our homes. So we decided to bring together a collection of DIY suggestions of Christmas perfectly appropriate adult for decorating a coffee table.

Christmas crafts adult easy 1: make a party table ornament natural materials

Christmas DIY adult pinecone modern decoration New Year's table

Decorating with candles is a classic idea for the period from the end of the year. The soft and delicate flame candles reminds us of the warm interior of mountain chalets and their wood burning fireplaces. To invite the atmosphere in your home, just a coffee table ornament with a natural wooden board, a few pine cones of different size and mini candle to make from a small bowl that you can paint in color silver, gold or copper.

Idea adult Christmas crafts with materials recycling craft 2: make a candlestick and a natural candle

make a table decoration idea candle Christmas candles party

passionate adult Christmas DIY also have the opportunity to make their own decoration with homemade candle and a natural candle, scented with essential oil to scent ambience of their choice. The tutorial below shows how to recycle an old glass bottle to turn candleholder.

coffee table decor for parties and original gift idea for Christmas: how to make a candle holder from an old glass bottle

deco noel glass candle holder is make yourself original Christmas gift idea

How to make a natural candle with essential oils

object deco idea of ​​Christmas craft activity table christmas adult

To fill this creation of a natural homemade candle, please have the following materials: soy wax chips, an essential oil of your choice (lemon grass, pine, cinnamon, vanilla ...), a wick candle, a wooden stick, glue, a container release surface to melt the wax and a spoon.

Photo candle and home fragrance Christmas

DIY Christmas gift idea christmas adult woman man mood natural fragrance candle

Create a candle preparing your candle and wick. For this, thoroughly clean the container to serve as a candle and place the wick in the center of it. Using glue to attach the end of the wick in candle bottom. Attach the other end of the stick landed on the candlestick and tie a knot. Then, melt the wax at low heat and add the amount of drops of essential oil desired (for information, ten drops are enough for a cup of wax). Finally, pour the still liquid mixture into the candle and let cool.

Christmas table decorations to make your own 3: natural wooden candlestick for the living room

DIY adult Christmas party table decoration modern idea to manufacture candlestick

If you do not want to experiment with the preparation of a candle, you can always use that you purchased to complete a wooden candlestick homemade, like the one on the picture above.

Deco idea of ​​making Christmas table 4: recycled vase

Christmas DIY vase adult golden sequin low center table decoration

Looking for a Christmas craft idea quickly and easily adult? So take a glass vase that you have at home and decorate it a little paint and glitter!

Christmas decoration Model recycling craft for coffee table 5: jars, snow globes

DIY Christmas jar deco glass table make yourself

In this image a Christmas DIY adult suggestion to make at the last minute: adorn his coffee table a wooden board and snow globes made in glass jars and mini decorative figurines.

manual adult activity for parties 6: Natural Christmas balls

DIY Christmas decoration adult diy table realize idee

If not, try this Christmas DIY project adult natural materials that is covering a ball (new or old) with hazelnuts.

How to make Christmas ornaments with Recycling objects' and natural

DIY christmas adult deco noel natural Christmas balls make yourself a

For this project, you will need a bowl of nuts, a ball and some glue.

Christmas crafts adult 7: personalized coaster for the Holidays

DIY deco noel self same table coasters

Why not create your own themed coasters for Christmas? Here are the materials to be purchased for this project: decorations for your coasters to print (you will find a link to the decorations used in this tutorial, free printable) photo paper (to print decorations in itself), a few tiles of conventional size, a Mod Sponge, scissors, a brush, glue.

How to make a Christmas decoration yourself to coffee table

DIY Christmas adult how to make a coffee table glass holder

Personalized Coasters to do alone: ​​Christmas gift idea

deco modern Christmas table Christmas gift idea modern design

With these tools, follow the steps shown in the above tutorial to make your custom drink coasters!

Creative Activity for Christmas 8: ecological fir paper

Christmas DIY adult Scandinavian manufacture paper pine table

Mini paper and wood trees are another great decorative coffee table or dining for the year-end holidays.

Mini Christmas tree to make oneself for Christmas table decoration

DIY idea christmas adult tutorial deco low black spruce and white paper

Above, a paper tree model of Scandinavian style is really easy to do with just two copies of the tree to print models (see links below), scissors and glue.

natural decoration idea for Christmas 9: small paper tree

christmas decoration idea coffee table seating idea DIY adult

The tree on the picture above is another Christmas table decoration pattern to paper.

Materials to make its Christmas decoration custom shaped tree

diy table deco noel nouvel year christmas tree make paper

This project requires the following materials: 2 sheets of cardboard paper, a ruler, a pencil, tape, glue, three types of crepe paper of similar shades.

How to crop support for its fir

tutorial deco DIY DIY Christmas tree adult paper shade

Prepare the cut support for the next step

deco idea of ​​Christmas DIY tutorial paper making itself even

After cutting the carton as shown in the tutorial above, it'll just stick pieces of crepe paper on the cardboard backing, like the images below.

The crepe paper paste on the support

Christmas decoration idea to do fir ecological DIY adult

Cut the ends of the crepe paper beyond the flanges of the carton and, lastly, fold and cut by following the steps illsutrées below.

Final stages of the Christmas deco DIY project

Christmas tree decoration party manufacturing paper coffee table

Last Christmas table decoration project for the living room: a pine wooden sticks stuck that adorn suspensions in form of bowls, as well as offered these images:

deco object natural Christmas to yourself 10: ecological fir wood

Christmas deco idea Scandinavian style atmosphere Christmas wood make yourself

Table decoration for Christmas homemade and éclogique

DIY Christmas table idea adult fir wood make yourself deco Persialou (fir models: peas, diagonal lines and white tip), Freutcake (under glass ornaments print download here), A Sweet Afternoon, Farm Fresh Therapy, Ella Bella World Home Oh My

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