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Embark on a deco kind show!

Nature deco lounge branches vases

To best define what a Nature deco lounge, we must think of raw materials, clean lines, rustic style, and therefore a contribution of daylight that will nourish abundant vegetation. Bring nature with open arms in your living room, it will reward you.

raw materials and rustic style

idea deco salon plasters lime beams sandblasted

What's better, in a saturated era technologies that seem made for us away from our sources that enjoy the harmonious and comforting beauty of nature. In any case which would appear when looking at trends in interior design. These trends are the showcase for natural materials and environmentally friendly, with soft tones and design as carved by the elements.

Nature deco lounge Green dominance

living green wall decoration idea

The design and green decorative ideas were riding high, and objects that were not manmade invest our interiors. One example is all that is done in driftwood, from furniture to lamps, through works of art in which human intervention is minimal.

let nature create

Deco idea living day-bat driftwood

If there is room in our homes that deserves to be illuminated by the beauty of nature, it is the living room. As central part of the home, this is where social ties are forged within the family, this is where we return, we play, or that bed A kind deco lounge lets them feel good, and connected.

the central room of the house

Nature deco fireplace lounge coated lime woodwork

For this, do get in all that natural forms, stones, wood, fabrics or textures authentic rustic furniture in solid wood and patinated by années.Choisissez materials that resonate with your own style, your beliefs, who are true: feathers, cotton, linen, glass and lots of greenery. See our photos.

furniture weathered by years

lampshade recovery furniture

natural materials

natural motifs table

rich fabrics

idea deco salon abundance textures

use the materials provided by nature

idea deco salon strains sculpture

let daylight

Deco idea living natural materials

idea deco chandelier branch

mineral elements ubiquitous

Deco luminous nature living green plants

Nature stone wall deco salon

Nature deco lounge driftwood

Deco wooden wall Nature lounge

Nature deco lounge forest berries

fireplace wood sculpture

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