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20 furniture ideas stylish purple lounge

purple upholstery seating furniture

With its luster, purple is the color of royalty. It is a shade between blue and red - a softer variance. It is also a very inspiring color forfurnishing and interior decoration and especially the show.

In this article we offer 20 ideas forfurnishing salon with shades and purple accents.

Furnishing elegant lounge in purple

furniture living room modern purple design

To create a harmonious atmosphere with purple in your living room, try to combine it with plum, burgundy, magenta or chocolate. But if you want a bit more contrast, the purple with royal blue or cyan is also an excellent choice. If you want to incorporate in your living room wallpaper rape, opt for floral or geometric patterns. The cushions, curtains or carpet in the same shades will come complement the decor. In all cases a purple decoration will transform your living room into a stylish, modern room. These are just some pictures.

purple and gray living room decor

furnishing gray purple living room idea

Deco interesting purple lounge

purple lounge furniture idea

living room decorated in purple shades

elegant purple deco lounge

Modern purple sofa

decoration modern lounge purple sofa

romantic room decoration

deco purple romantic lounge sofa

elegant and sophisticated lounge in purple

elegant purple deco lounge

living room decoration idea

deco modern lounge purple shades

Contemporary living room in white and purple

deco purple white modern living

deco modern lounge purple floral

deco living room design idea

deco modern lounge purple idea

deco lounge purple walls idea

cozy living room purple deco

deco purple leather sofa lounge

deco purple lounge orange

living room modern white purple design

Modern white purple lounge

Ultra modern living room white purple

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