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Each space represents a decorative chalenge in itself, but as the living room is a room where you really spend a lot of time having to decorate a small living room can be a difficult task.

Need a Deco idea parlor? In this article you will learn what kind of furniture to choose the parlor and how have. There are also full of ideas about colors, accessories and the most appropriate decorative details that will help you make this space more elegant and practical.

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An excellent Deco idea parlor is to use wallpaper and mirrors. The lounge, especially if lack of natural light, can cause the feeling of being locked in a small box. To avoid this, try to create a focal point to make the space brighter and give depth using a mirror and wallpaper on the walls. If you can, put the mirror in front of the window to create an optical illusion of a larger space. Place the sofa or settee against the wall wallpaper, surrounded by a pair of side tables on both sides. A large woven ottoman can serve you both as table and stool. And if you still have room, have one or two small chairs opposite the sofa to complete the arrangement.

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Deco idea small contemporary design lounge

Go to store hidden in your parlor. Choose furniture with integrated storage for limiting disorder. A decorative box or an ottoman with storage can also use coffee table. Along the perimeter of the room, you place a dresser or credenza instead of a console table to increase storage space capacity.

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Choose small furniture. There are also other furniture for the living room that large sofas and large armchairs. The antique shops are a great place to find smaller furniture, since in the past the rooms inside were generally less spacious. Look for small sofas, small loveseats and chairs that follow with the room design.

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There are rooms where large sofas are simply appropriate spot. In this case try a lighter loveseat or small sofa instead of a large. Choose a model with clean lines and feet exposed to a more airy look. Place the small couch in the center of the space in front of the TV on the wall. A chair or stool upholstered help you complete the decoration.

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Like the wallpaper and mirrors, plants are a great way to give depth to your parlor. The rich greenery soften the corners and create the illusion of a larger space. The plants are very effective placed in corners, behind or beside chairs and sofas.

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But who says you must have a sofa in your living room? If it is a really small space, opt for two, three or four chairs instead of a sofa. To give flexibility, use an ottoman as a coffee table or ottoman as chair. here are some ideas in pictures how to decorate and arrange your small living room:

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Deco idea small contemporary design lounge

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