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Deco lounge gray and taupe for a refined interior

deco gray and taupe living room interior design

The decor gray and taupe living is obtained through a mix of furniture and accessories in these colors by painting the walls of the living room.

The taupe color derives its name from the animal's coat with the same name and color. Originally, the taupe color was identified with that of the species of animal that meets in Europe called also, curiously, "French mole". Later, the designation has spread to gradually include other shades.

Deco lounge gray and taupe: idea color mixing

interior deco taupe

Today is meant by this name several intermediate shades between gray, brown and yellow very dark. The taupe available in many shades, from darkest to lightest. Because of its vague definition, these shades can also be regarded as from other colors, such as gray or brown, for example.

Deco lounge gray and taupe: idea of ​​combining with accessories

cushions decorative accessories gray and taupe living room

The taupe paint is a choice for wall decoration we meet more and more often. This is explained by the fact that this shade blends well with gray furniture, brown and yellow. It can also be complemented by a white living room decor, black and pale pink. It is because of his versatility as taupe paint could be a good choice for decoration exhibition. Also, very dark and very pale shades of taupe have the appearance of a neutral color. For this reason, the mole goes perfectly with the gray.

Deco taupe and gray living room: sofa with decor by Adcock Furniture

Deco colors gray taupe sofas and lounge design

What are the most common combinations of gray and taupe colors in the living room decor? In fact, there are all sorts of mixtures between gray and taupe, from the darkest to lightest. The two colors can be used in different combinations. For example, one can decide to paint the walls of the gray area and to reserve the taupe furniture. This composition gives good results, especially in soft shades and pale. The opposite is also possible: one could paint the living room in a taupe color shade and fill with gray sofa or armchairs.

Development of gray and taupe living room with corner sofa design

Moles living room furniture Deco gray and taupe

Another possibility to achieve the effect deco gray and taupe living is to play with the color of accessories, such as carpets, curtains and cushions. Again, two solutions are perfectly possible: the furniture can be gray and taupe accessories or the reverse. In this case, the color of the walls can be harmonized with the accessories, but you can also choose to paint in a lighter shade of gray or taupe or leave them blank.

Deco gray and taupe living room with contemporary corner sofa

Deco lounge gray paint taupe contemporary sofas

Gray and taupe are two neutral colors, the lounge which is decorated has usually a refined look, quiet and trendy at a time. For this reason, the decor gray and taupe living room is particularly suitable for contemporary interiors. These two colors are also suitable for modern style decoration, especially when married with other neutral shades, such as black and white. Nothing, of course, not prevent you from adding more colors, other colors. One can quote as examples the bright colors that you see in the picture shown below.

Room Makeover: color idea

modern deco idea gray taupe sofa lounges

Indeed, you notice red, blue, yellow. We can not focus on these growing giants in white (photo right above), which, as accessories and unmistakable objects of contemporary art, bring a lot of movement in the spacious living room. Without having to go as far in the original decor, you can just keep some moderation and do not move away from the original definition of the gray deco lounge and taupe.

Association of gray and taupe colors in living room

deco design stays gray and taupe living room

The decor gray and taupe living room is ultra modern decor. Who said ultra modern, even futuristic, said necessarily minimalist and somewhat shocking style. The general idea of ​​the modern style is to preserve the area from which it draws its pure touch of luxury, and stick to the Zen atmosphere with all the material, like furniture and accessories.

salon decorative accessories in gray and taupe

Stay paint taupe gray paint saloon

Comfort is another important element on which the decor gray and taupe living room wants to emphasize. These colors, combined with other colors that we talked about you, incite that we focus less on eccentricity, by their nature less blatant and more about their qualities! As such, watch the size of the sofa shown in the photo below and try to imagine it in red or green. In this case, the mix of gray, brown and beige soothes the look and size of the cabinet can achieve this proportion, as if the furniture was stained in a very bright colors in question, the couch of such size would certainly caused shock!

Living room with sofa and contemporary decor in gray and taupe

taupe and gray sofas lounges decoration of'angle

If you still want to get away from a sterility that the decor gray and taupe living may impose, you can bet on the lighting and curtains that let reflect direct light penetrating from the outside and create a unique light atmosphere inside: a nice play of light for eyes and soul that will have a fruitful impact on poverty assembly neutral colors that are the subject of this article.

Salon Deco furniture in gray and taupe

gray design furniture fairs modern sofas mole

Modernity has some strengths that we have not mentioned so far: the new lines of products and the new meaning of fruit. Here is an interior that would have nothing original and interesting in itself if it were not wood lines emerging from upholstery leather furniture and significance of the paintings hanging on the wall.

modern design furniture in pale shades of gray and taupe

Deco living room mural gray living room furniture design

The art and especially the tables lining the gray walls have an undeniable power over the ambiance of a living room decor gray and taupe. Any piece of art brings new life to the monotony of the room.

Idea gray living room decor and taupe with modern sofa

Deco ideas for living taupe paint design

One could say the same of any object and eccentric color, any festive decoration which invites from time to time in the modern decor impassive and all dancing flames in the fireplace during the long cold evenings for all seasons of winter, fall or spring.

Ideas for decorations gray and taupe living room

phtot deco lounge gray and taupe

The piece of art when it is not only an array of artists, can be a sculpture or an installation. Contemporary art is the breeding ground for originality and human genius. Human perception plays on new perspectives and seeks new horizons allowing to deploy the free interpretation and free will of the lover of Art Nouveau. As such, what can you say about this piece of art presented on the picture below? You see the four elements: earth, water, earth and fire interact or you see anything else?

gray and taupe living room with wall paint in gray and taupe furniture

Painting living room decoration furniture gray taupe

If our image gallery or just inspires you please, you can find more ideas on decorating gray and taupe living on the images below.

Deco lounge gray and taupe releasing an artistic atmosphere

Deco lounge gray and taupe art atmosphere

Deco lounge gray and taupe embellished with tulips

Deco lounge gray and taupe embellished flowers

Deco lounge gray and taupe revived by glaring colors

Deco lounge gray and taupe colors glaring revived

elegant living room in gray and taupe

painting ideas gray taupe living rooms

Idea of ​​colors and deco salon gray and taupe

color wall decoration gray and taupe salons

Decoration contemporary living in taupe and gray

pictures deco salon taupe and gray interior

Deco lounge gray and taupe: idea of ​​shades and color combination

Deco lounge gray and taupe modern painting ideas

gray and taupe living room decor of contemporary design

Deco ideas gray and taupe living room interior modern design

Deco gray and taupe living room with designer furniture

deco design fairs gray and taupe modern furniture

Decoration for modern living in shades of gray and taupe

wall design modern rooms painted gray and taupe

Decoration modern living room gray and taupe

Deco design ideas living room mural gray taupe

gray and taupe Salon: modern decoration idea

idea development taupe living room wall covering

Deco idea gray and taupe living in contemporary style

idea gray furniture design living color taupe

interior decoration ideas taupe salons

development of color living room painted gray and taupe

decoration lounges taupe gray elegant sofas armchairs

ideas contemporary living colors gray and taupe wall

Layouts ideas lounge taupe gray paint furniture

furniture taupe gray wall painting living room

deco lounge modern design gray paint taupe carpet

Deco elegant lounges Wall taupe lounge

Deco gray taupe sofa lounge and contemporary design

Deco lounge and taupe gray taupe gray paint furniture design

decoration painting exhibitions gray taupe stay

deco lounge furniture taupe gray mural

decoration taupe walls salons

color design living room gray and taupe shades lighter

wall paint color gray taupe stay

Contemporary decoration gray paint taupe salons

idea gray paint color taupe salons

decoration design gray taupe salons

Neutral colors gray interior design showroom

deco interior gray and taupe contemporary exhibitions

Inside gray trend taupe sofas lounge

paint color ideas tend lounges mole

Photo modern lounges trend colors gray and taupe

idea deco wall living room modern furniture

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