Garden Landscaping with pool: 75 ideas for inspiration

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make a garden planning with a pool is certainly a good investment. It is a luxurious experience that will allow you to swim and relax whenever you feel like it, without leaving home garden.

And when you add a nice modern decor with design furniture resistant to water, you'll have the perfect garden for the summer.

Garden Landscaping with modern pool

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But if you opt for a furnishings garden with pool, you will need to consider a lot of important factors. Among them are the installation and pool size. If you have a large garden, made a deep pool of more than 3m. The small pools and inflatable pools are not always suitable for small terraces because there is always a risk of flooding. These pools may be at a very reasonable price, but they do not have built-in filters and you will regularly change the water manually.

Garden Landscaping with contemporary design pool

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What are other factors to consider before you start planning your pool? First, you need to think carefully whether you will really use this pool. Or, at least, use it enough to justify such an investment. Do you live in an area where the weather is good enough to use the pool regularly? You must also be prepared to cover the pool in winter and autumn to prevent it from freezing.

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You must think carefully about where you will build and install the pool. This should be an open and sunny space, but at the same time sheltered from the wind. Avoid placing your pool to a place where there are lots of trees for failing to clean up fallen leaves every day. The pool should be located preferably near the changing rooms and close enough to your home for comfort.

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How will you use your pool? The answer to this question will depend on the shape and size pool. If you build your pool to refresh or rather it just for decorative purposes, then you can very well opt for a swimming pool with a rounded or irregular shape. But if you want to swim in your pool often enough, then the pool should be large enough, deep enough and with a rectangular shape. A pool that is less than 15m is not a good place to swim well.

Modern, nice garden with pool

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The cost of the pool is another key factor. It is not only the construction cost but also the cost of maintenance of the pool. And speaking of maintenance, in case you can not occupy yourself maintenance, you have to appeal to a specialized company. What impact will the pool of the garden? Will it visible from the house? Want it acts as a focal point in your garden or would you rather it be discreet?

Original design of garden with swimming pool

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The blue pool, one side seems strange enough during cold and gray days and does not seem out of place in a traditional or rustic decor garden. On the other hand, the blue pool is the perfect choice for Mediterranean gardens. But you do not have to have a pool with blue tiles in all cases. You can choose between natural stone, terracotta or clay that might be easier to incorporate into your garden decor. Will you do a traditional concrete construction, fiberglass or vinyl flooring? These are the most used in the construction of contemporary materials pools.

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The pool environment is key to enjoying your pool. We choose a non-slip pool deck, resistant and not too hot in the sun. The best materials that best fit its criteria are just a few. These are marble, wood, tile, concrete and natural stone. Many people choose wood for the entourage of their pool. Wood is not only appreciated for its natural look, but also because it comes in a wide variety of species, colors and prices. It blends easily with any style, heats and dries quickly. Finally, we must still note that it may lose its color over time.

Swimming pool with wooden surround

Contemporary art swimming pool gardenModern house with garden and pool

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What kind of pool do you want to have? A swimming pool with natural fresh water or a swimming pond? The ponds are gaining more and more popularity in recent years and they are perfect for landscaped gardens with more natural decor. These pools do not need chemicals because water filtration is made using aquatic plants making them much more enjoyable. Their only disadvantage: cold water.

Garden with pool and sun loungers design

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If you want an electronic pool cover, you need to build the rectangular shaped pool. The darker color rectangular pool is perfect if you want a quiet pool that is located near the house. And so well built, this dark pool may even appear as a decorative bridge when you are not using it.

Large garden with a rectangular pool

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Avoid making steps in the center of the pool because it will prevent you from swimming well. Put in place in one corner of the pool for easy access. If you hire professionals for the construction of the pool, ask to see the pools already built by them and you see with their owners to avoid potential problems.

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It is very important to note that to build a new swimming pool in your garden, you will need a permit for this. Normally, you get to the town hall. Thereafter, it is essential to use a professional team of masons. Building an inground pool is not child's play! The solution to develop a pool in the garden is the above ground pool. You will not need permission and help to install. It is also cheaper. Its disadvantage is that it will play a more decorative role. You will be unable to use for swimming. If you like swimming, then you should opt for an inground pool.

Original design of garden with swimming pool

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And finally, once built your pool, you have to think about decorating. Choose appropriate furniture to relax next to the pool without fear that water can damage furniture. Choose chairs with cushions, chairs and small coffee tables. Take them in bright colors to make it more modern and welcoming decor.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas garden with pool

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Consider decorating your garden. Surround your pool with beautiful plants, decorate with large stones and create your paradise corner.

Garden landscaping with modern pool

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Install beanbags around your pool to make your garden more cocoon. The deckchairs are a must for a relaxing and comfortable outdoor space.

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Many people choose outdoor furniture in wicker. This material is durable and is not afraid of water. Prices of outdoor furniture wicker vary depending on the design and quality of materials. The material that fits better to the natural environment of the garden is undoubtedly the wood. There are very stylish wooden garden furniture. If you choose wood furniture for your garden, remember to protect it by installing a pergola. If too sunny, it will change its color quickly.

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If the terrain allows, you can install a large swimming pool and a children's pool and jacuzzi. This requires of course a larger investment. Here's why before you jump in your pool construction project, think carefully about its use. It is a shame to invest in the construction of a swimming pool which will use it only occasionally. If your region and field allow you to enjoy all summer, go ahead and design your corner paradise!

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And now the rest of our 75 ideas for gardens with swimming pools that will surely inspire you:

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