fast-growing trees for impatient gardeners

fast-growing trees garden idea

Want to enjoy your beautiful garden right now? The garden decor, it is the trees. There is nothing better than sitting or lying comfortably under the shade of a large tree in summer.

The problem is that trees require time and patience. But there are species that grow fast enough. Which ones? To find the answer to this question, we invite you to discover our selection offast growing trees.

fast-growing trees for the impatientfast-growing trees garden idea

The speed of growth is, of course, relative. To succeed, the plants should be adapted to the garden of the soil (soil type, region, exposure, altitude). For they grow in a harmonious way, a systematic watering is essential during the first two years after planting. Examples of trees that grow quickly.

Fast-growing trees: Catalpa

fast-growing trees planted garden idea develop

The Catalpa can reach 15 meters in height. It is hardy and appreciates soils that are well drained and in partial shade or sun exposure. It has clusters of white flowers that unfold in the summer.

Small eucalyptus in a gardenfast growing trees develop garden idea

Cypress is ideal for hedges. He loves the sun, that's why he needs a sunny location. It is a very hardy tree, it can be planted in most areas.

cypressfast-growing trees garden idea

The weeping willowfast-growing trees weeping willow garden


Tree rapid growth eucalyptus garden idea

flowered catalpa

fast growing trees garden design idea catalpa

Small trees

eucalyptus tree garden idea rapid growth planning


cypress tree growing rapidly garden idea

Weeping willow next to a lake

tree idea rapidly growing wetland garden shadow

The weeping willow can be installed next to a pool of water. This tree likes moist soil and sun. It can reach 25 meters in height.

An oak in the garden

fast growing trees garden design idea pin oak

The oak (also known as oak pins) is a tree native to the eastern United States and Canada. It can reach up to 30 meters in height.

Oak Leaf

fast growing tree garden idea oak swamp

The crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica or the summer lilac) is an ornamental tree. It is a fast growing tree with pretty pink flowers, red or white. Those with white flowers, grow faster than the other two species. They embelissent your garden for 120 days in the summer. They love the sun ...

white flowers with crepe myrtlerapid growth tree crape myrtle white flowers idea red flowers crape myrtle Trees rapid growth myrtle red crepe flowers

The Chinese tulip tree can be up to 60 meters. Its shape resembles a tulip, hence the name of the species. The tulip tree is a tree with lovely foliage. In summer it blooms tulip-shaped, fall foliage becomes yellow gold.

Tulip tree

rapid growth tree garden plant tulip idea virginia

Pin oakrapid growth tree garden decor idea

Weeping willow rapid growth tree weeping willow garden terrace idea

white crape myrtle

fast growing tree shade garden idea crape myrtle

Tulip tree in a garden

Virginia tulip tree idea rapidly growing modern original idea

Tulip treefast growing shrub plant tulip tree idea tropical trees Palm trees fast growing eucalyptus

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