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As part of our series of publications on landscaping for the spring and summer we reveal 24 ideas stair outdoor garden. You will find examples of gardens and small and large area terraces and intriguing solutions to take your home.

Here are our suggestions for a well-organized space:

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stairs outdoor garden terrace modern design

The staircase outdoor garden is a convenient accessory for the development of landscaped gardens, for connecting various spaces outside the house (a pool terrace and a dining corner, for example). It is also an essential piece for homeowners wishing to connect their external to another part of their home. This type of staircase is also useful for small gardens and for their organization.

stairs outside garden Landscaping: some essential info

Layouts staircase outside garden stone garden

The garden terrace and staircase can vary in shape and size but there are some characteristics that must have necessarily: it must be tough and strong to serve you faithfully. If possible, please choose a model with a non-slip layer that guarantees the safety of your family members even when the stairs are wet.

Make an outside staircase terraced garden

stairs outside garden landscaped outdoor terrace Layouts

side aspect of the stairs, a good idea for outdoor garden design is the use of steps to connect two or more terraces. This type of staircase is fluid and beautiful; where it is used to connect two distant points of each other, it can be accompanied by a bench where children and the elderly to rest before continuing their journey.

Outside stairs to Home entrance garden

staircase design house entrance garden

The exterior stairs with balconies is similar to that which we have spoken up since it has small spaces that break the monotony of the steps. It will appeal to those with an elevated terrace and want to connect it to a landscaped garden on a lower level of the green.

Outside stairs to garden small courtyard development

Contemporary staircase outside garden cottage design

It is also a handy accessory for small gardens that are close to home. There he will serve as a decorative element (consider placing some beautiful vases or pots of flowers on the balcony) and simultaneously facilitate the transition from inside to outside.

staircase image outside garden spiral for small spaces

outside staircase colimacon Layouts small garden

Stairs to garden and outdoor terrace: how to make more space

terrace garden stairs outside deco

Speaking of small spaces, do not forget the favorite accessory for any person looking to maximize space and organize several levels: spiral staircases, of course! They serve to connect two floors of your home outside small while saving you a few square meters.

garden outside staircase idea for outdoor modern design

concrete staircase modern garden design

Idea of ​​modern style staircase to terrace

idee staircase modern design terrace garden

Sometimes a few steps are enough to delineate areas and to make all of a more interesting and dynamic garden. This is particularly true of modern houses whose decor lacks abundant ornaments. They are replaced by a set of shapes, colors and volumes.

Outside stairs contemporary style garden

deco staircase garden terrace outside Layouts

Depending on the size and design of the rest of the space, one can imagine decorations for the stairs or ramp: the pots of plants and hanging flower baskets arranged symmetrically, for example, give a look more organized and harmonious in your garden.

Outside stairs stone garden: a nice solution for Zen gardens

stone staircase outside Zen garden

Choosing a garden staircase is also knowing Register decor in natural envrionment and enjoy all its benefits.

Outside stairs to garden terrace with modern pool

stairs outside garden terrace swimming pool design

The floating or suspended staircases are modern and practical to the landscaped gardens and for minimalist exterior. Despite their look these stairs are solid and resistant because they meet the latest safety requirements. The steps of this kind can be made slabs of stone and concrete, but also wood.

Outdoor lighting and garden staircase with discreet lighting

Contemporary staircase outside garden lighting design

Idea of ​​luminaires for garden stairs exérieur

idee staircase outside garden lighting esapce

As in, the lighting is an essential element in the development of a staircase that wants nice and that can bring you more security. Modern stairs offer both aesthetic lighting solutions: LED strips, small built-in lighting, solar lights or massive luminaires for exterior ... Whichever option you choose, make sure there is enough light to illuminate all the steps.

Wooden stairs outside garden furnishings

Layouts home garden outside staircase

Exterior staircases are often made of stone or covered similar material that is resistant to moisture and is sustainable. If you have a wooden deck or if you just like the look of that natural material, you can also bet on the wooden steps.

Outside stairs wooden garden for a natural atmosphere with decor

exterior wooden staircase Garden Terrace

Mini external stone staircase and wooden garden

outside stairs outside wooden garden design wrecks

If this idea appeals to you, weigh out the pros and cons of the different wood options before making your choice. The exotic wood can be a good solution because it supports moisture better and lasts longer. Also know that your outdoor wooden stairs require some maintenance efforts to keep their appearance for many years.

Exterior with garden stairs feng shui

Japanese garden design staircase

contemporary staircase and patio decor with light colored coating

stone staircase garden terrace floor coating

Stairs can affect the look of your garden and your patio in many ways. Choose them carefully and consider the other colors and surfaces in space to decorate!

Outside stairs in contemporary stone

stairs outside landscaped garden terracing

Contemporary staircase for small outdoor garden house entry

garden outside staircase modern design

Also consider how you will decorate and any additional features that you think are important, such as painting your garden fence or even the colors of the facade of your house. All of these will guide you in choosing the best stair model.

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small garden outside staircase entrance house

modern idea of ​​stairs outside garden

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