evergreen tree: which to choose for the garden?

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What tree choose to garden? Planting a tree in his garden requires a long term commitment. Choosing a tree for your garden should not be random. This tree will live and grow for many years.

All trees are not the same conditions of planting and cultivation. The climate of your garden soil are of major importance in choosing a tree. Discover our selection of pictures ofpersistent trees.

evergreen tree, tree of sorrow: cypress

evergreen tree garden idea to plant a cypress tree

The majestic oak is a good shade tree, wearing tapered perfectly acts as a windbreak curtain. After the heyday arrived, you have the opportunity to relax in the shade of the wide branches of your tree.

Tree in non-evergreen: birch

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The trees represent the vertical lines in a garden. In addition, they structure it. Obviously there are shapes, colors and varieties of various trees. Cedar, very present in parks, is a very large tree. Its branches upright is wide, it can reach 45 m in height and live 1,000 years!

Birch is an undemanding tree

birch tree garden plant a tree in his garden

The cypress is a very vertical form. It is smaller than cedar and lives as long. Holm oak, symbol of power, deciduous is very persistent. Its port is rounded and its usual green foliage. Birch is a very demanding tree. Its foliage is light. It can sometimes be weeping. If you want a tree that grows quickly, Ginkgo biloba is a good choice. Its green leaves are fan-shaped. In autumn, it is a golden yellow. Other possibilities include walnut, fir, poplar, chestnut. The latter is very aesthetic; it has large palmate leaves and it is a nice bright green.

A birch forest

plant a birch tree garden big tree height size

The Cedar is a native of Lebanon: it is found on the national flag

Cedar essential oil tree persistent idea to plant a tree

One of the first cedars planted in France is the Jardin des Plantes in Paris

Persistent trees garden plant a cedar tree

Cedar is considered a sacred shaft

garden planning to plant a cedar tree in Lebanon

Cedar in a public park

cedar park garden outside tree plant a tree

White Oak: evergreen foliage and green treeWhite oak tree evergreen evergreen tree

Oak round and green foliage

evergreen oak tree foliage round Persistent

Oak in summerplant a garden oak tree round green foliage

Closing of birch

idea tree garden fence birch trees garden persistent

Cypress: evergreen tree

persitants trees garden plant a cypress tree

Grand Cypress Provence

Persistent tree garden tree green evergreen cypress
chestnut plant a garden evergreen tree

plant a chestnut tree forest landscape garden shade

plant a garden olive tree persistent long shaft

evergreen tree plant a garden tree cypress tree grief

Persistent birch trees evergreen

chestnut tree flowered garden foliage

plant a garden tree shading evergreen

foliage sacred tree resistant persistent cypress

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