wood and stone terrace outside a natural and fresh

wood and stone exterior terrace house floor covering idea

A wood and stone terrace : Here are the wedding ideal materials to make its natural and warm outside. Forget tile, steel and concrete and invite the natural combination of wood and stone to create a harmonious atmosphere outside.

wood and stone deck for a smooth outside atmosphere

terrace wood and stone exterior coating concrete idea terrace

Sunny days will soon come, soon it is spring and after the spring, it's summer! It is then time to think about its exterior and well prepared to enjoy it. In this publication, we present a selection of terraces house of contemporary architecture and roof terraces that celebrate the marriage of the two most natural materials in interior design and exterior design: wood and stone .

Terrace with wood covering and contemporary architecture stone house

wood stone terrace house idea take soil tends stone terrace

Why choose wood and stone for coating, the layout and decoration of its exterior? Both materials are natural and fit very well to the environment of any garden. They are also very durable and fit all design styles: modern, classic, minimalist, industrial, shabby chic.

Idea design house and natural wood deck

wood and stone terrace house modern idea wood exterior design trend

Put on its soil stone or wood depends on your tastes, preferences and resources you want to invest in your patio landscaping project. A wood covering is fairly expensive since it requires to be treated specifically to withstand the weather. If your patio is covered, then there is less risk and wood will always be protected from sun and rain. Stone, meanwhile, is a material that resists everything, does not ask for special treatment, it is easy to install. Its price also depends on the quality, but we find at prices quite affordable.

modern house exterior with swimming pool and concrete flooring

polished concrete deck coating idea pool house modern architecture design

The wood and stone can invite many ways on your terrace. Install wooden furniture and decorate with stones is a good cheap solution, for example. If you already have your deck coated with another material.

House of modern architecture with wood and stone terrace

contemporary architecture wood house exterior design idea stone

Which stone to choose its coating of wood and stone terrace? We choose between cast stone and natural stone. Both are very attractive and very resistant, is their price varies. A reconstituted stone cladding costs about 200 euros. Natural stone is a cheaper idea, it depends on its quality. Finally, do not hesitate to invest a larger budget for the coating of your patio.

Wooden house with pool and large stone covered terrace

Modern design house idea wood floor concrete siding pool coffee table

The natural charm of wood blends with the authentic look of stone to make any exterior more beautiful terrace. As you know, the wood is in many species and is always seen very warm. The choice as flooring has several advantages: easy to install and maintain, many varieties and colors, sold at affordable and reasonable prices. Prices vary of course depending on the species and thickness.

Contemporary architecture house exterior stone coated

contemporary architecture house concrete floor coating wood stone house idea

Fancy a dressed wood composite deck? Wood composite has less natural than the natural wood, but he also is very durable. Made of resin and wood fiber, it requires less maintenance and it rarely changes color. Its price is quite affordable, it takes between 40 and 80 euros per square meter, and is very durable.

Terrace wood and stone with modern pergola and outdoor kitchen

outdoor pergola idea terrace stone table modern chairs outdoor kitchen

The stone is often chosen for its authentic side. Robust and naturally slip through its many shades, stone makes any single deck. It takes from 30 to 150 euros per m² and for natural stones upscale - 200 euros. The price varies depending on the thickness, it usually sticks to a concrete slab.

Modern stone house and terrace and warm cocoon

idea wood and stone exterior terrace house garden bench cushions trend

The least expensive option of natural stone, it is the composite stone. This material, made at the base of stone and minerals, has the same advantages as the composite wood: its color does not change, it is very resistant, does not slip and does not require much maintenance. Moreover, one can directly place it on a sand base.

Terrace wood for home pierrre coated with ground wood composite and outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace idea wooden terrace and wood furniture design house stone

Ask a wooden deck or composite wood itself is not actually as complicated as the truly believes. Just follow a few simple rules for success and be careful to avoid making mistakes. Choose poor quality wood, to mention a slope or, put too close to the blades each other - here are three mistakes that must be avoided to not remain dissatisfied with the end result. First, we must be prepared to invest some time for installation and above all, be patient, a single oversight can be fatal to your deck!

Contemporary Architecture: Design house with wooden terrace and stone

wood stone house idea modern terrace outside stone wall

What quality to choose his deck coating wood? Experts advise to choose the wood of class four, this also applies to the choice of the class of battens and blades, we opt for the class four. By installing your wood deck, it is important not to forget the slope which will be responsible to prevent water from rain!

Moisture is indeed one of the climatic conditions that influence the more your wood coating. For this, we must be careful not to overtighten the blades when they arise. The regular spacing of about 5 mm, should be respected to allow free drainage of rainwater as the wood changes slightly depending on the moisture there is in the air. For all stages of laying a natural wood coating or composite, or in natural or composite stone, we recommend you read the article you will find at the end of our article *.

An outdoor deck wood coated that thrills

terrace pool idea stone coated ground wood pool outside modern house

Put on his floor wooden deck means inviting nature at home. Marry your wooden floor in the modern garden furniture, or, create an outdoor stone fireplace or a summer improvised kitchen and enjoy beautiful spring days with family or friends. If you are looking for decoration ideas for your cheap patio outside, we invite you to discover one of our recent articles on this subject.

Sol wooden covered terrace with kitchen and outdoor dining

outdoor kitchen idea wood floor coating glass low wooden table

A terrace in town of medium size, coated around the wood composite swimming pool, equipped with furniture, table and chair, rustic wood and decorated with candles ... What is romantic! Look :

Idea deck coating composite wood and decor

terrace idea coating wood floor furniture garden chair cushions plants

Large terrace with garden or a balcony, all exterior space deserves décor and impeccable decor. In spring or summer, enjoy the terrace, balcony or garden is a real pleasure. To furnish your outdoor space in style and harmonize with the rest of the scenery surrounding it, go for the wood and stone!

Terrace wood and stone modern house covered with natural stone and decorated with wooden furniture

outside terrace idea develop coating stone furniture trend

What furniture for my deck? If we dressed her outside in wood and stone, there is nothing better than to arrange a terrace with self-made furniture. Wooden pallets, plywood, old furniture - all can serve you for a table, a sofa or a chair outside personalized. As you probably already know, on top of all DIY tutorials, are the wooden pallets. Easy to handle, an interesting rustic look and at bargain prices, the pallets not only invade our external, but also our home interiors.

Contemporary house with wooden terrace and stone and warm cocoon

Deco idea Deco chandelier terrace outside patio plants

wood and stone house with large terrace and outdoor pool

wood flooring idea idea terrace stone house contemporary architecture

A fabulous contemporary architecture house made of wood, Jay Nelson

contemporary architecture wooden house idea modern exterior design

wooden terrace and exterior natural stoneterrace outside cocoon idea couch garden furniture cushions

The large wood and stone terrace, shown on the picture below, was all covered with wood. The pergola, also in wood, plays an important protective role. It integrates well with all of this modern exterior. The white corner sofa is a nice accent associated with the hammock hanging behind.

Large deck with ground dressed in natural wood and modern pergola

design outdoor wood floor coating idea garden furniture wood pergola

Dress her small balcony or a small wooden terrace in town is quite possible and even better, because this is usually protected by a roof, as is the case of the city of balcony photographed on the image below:

Put on wooden terrace is a good idea to make it more warm

floor wooden deck coating idea deco exterior design pot plants

What pool entourage choose? The wood and stone, is a good choice? The answer is absolutely! Usually, a pool enclosure shall correspond to two criteria: water resistant and anti-skid: two qualities that wood and stone have. Other criteria that takes into account during the development of the beach with a swimming pool is, without doubt, the aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Wood and stone are highly appreciated for their naturalness and their ability to adapt to many styles. In addition, the wood does not get too hot in the sun and provides a very pleasant barefoot feeling. Finally, you guessed it: it is both natural materials are the top ranks when it comes to take her swimming friends.

A house designed in stone with large terrace covered with wood and soft lighting

idea around pool coating wood floor terrace furniture idea

Terrace wood and stone in Mediterranean style

modern wooden house idea outside terrace accommodate modern terrace

Have a house in the woods, this dream. In the image below, a house is seen with terrace covered with wood and outdoor pool. The layout is very simple: a long-chair and a table with four chairs. Everything is here to spend pleasant and relaxing moments.

A house in the contemporary design of wood with wooden deck coating

siding wood furniture idea trend coat ground wood stone house

House contemporary and elegant design with exterior coated concrete

concrete terrace outside clothe idea contemporary home design trend

Stone or concrete to dress her floor terrace? The stone will make your authentic exterior, with its many nuances and its tendency to change color throughout the years under the influence of the sun and the weather. The concrete will make your uncluttered deck and accentuate the exterior architecture of your home

Contemporary house in Beverly Hills with outdoor flooring polished concrete

polished concrete siding idea home design trend

Outside area of ​​wooden zen inspiration

modern house exterior design idea MobileIR zen garden trend

House of contemporary architecture in stone and natural wood

contemporary design home design idea wood stone terrace

The roof terrace is the dream of many urban gardener. The great city proposes parks, go small, gardens or green spaces. Having its own balcony or own terrace is already something else. If you are of those lucky that provide benefit from such an outdoor space, then Arrange it carefully. Look she is beautiful this large roof terrace with outdoor fireplace:

A beautiful roof terrace overlooking the beautiful city

terrace garden bench design city idea sofa chair trend

Large terrace with pergola, flooring and wooden furniture

exterior design idea terrace furniture develop modern space basin'eau original plafond bois

Decorate the outside garden with pebbles is a common practice. The rollers are often associated with Zen or Japanese exterior design. A deco cheap, you can decorate the space around your garden path with gravel, as was done below:

terrace idea coating wood composite, pergola and modern decoration with rollers

Deco pebble garden idea modern space design garden sofa cushions

House in stone wood and wood with large garden and terrace

wooden terrace idea driveway trend wood garden trend

Idea outdoor area with semi-open swimming poolterrace wood and stone pool design stools

beautiful outdoor spacedeck wood outdoor pool design stone

The house below is located in Romania. With a large pool and all coated in stone, its layout is minimalist and is seen very comfortable.

Design house with pool in Romaniamodern exterior design house pool ideas

A roof terrace overlooking the breathtaking city

roof terrace idea city develop outside area garden furniture

How to choose a floor terrace?

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