Landscaping backyard and patio

Designers idea court

A court or a terrace are good places to relax and have a good time with family. A Designers courtyard or terrace will bring a piece of functionality that is not required as part of a development front, since you want to create a place to meet several functions.

Outside court functional furnishingsDesigners sofa home

What are your priorities, building a swimming pool, have a patio, construct a dining area outside, or a space for children? A very interesting idea for the mid season is to develop a home, you can either opt for a model commercially available, or you make a place around which you can warm up when the sun is gone to bed.

providing a home

Designers garden bench seating

Another option is the installation of a water infrastructure. Whether it's a pool or hot tub, you can be sure that you give a unique character to your Designers backyard or terrace. You can combine the water element with the creation of an adjoining relaxation area, lounge-type, in which it is also possible to take a family meal.

a swimming pool, sauna or a lake

Designers courtyard pool transparent side

If you do not want to get involved in the maintenance of your yard or patio, limit vegetation by building a patio, with a zen or industrial style, which allows you to enjoy your outdoor space without having to spend too much time. This area may become your main area, this is where you go out to eat and entertain your guests.

reduced vegetation with Zen style

Zen amenagée home court

Choosing a garden will finalize the look of the exterior, it remains to choose a protection against the elements, sun, rain, and choice of views breezes you to create a privacy zone relative to your screws -a-vis. Here is our selection of rear courtyard and terraces, get inspired and create your own lounge area in the center of the city.

Designers courtyard and fountain

Designers fountain courtyard

Designers terraced courtyard with fireplace

Designers terrace home court

outside wooden deck with water compositions

outdoor flooring aquatic compositions terrace

development with fountain

Designers courtyard fountain

alley stone gardenDesigners courtyard garden stone driveway

aesthetic choice breeze view to close

amenagée yard fence cannisse

the comfort of an open fire during the mid season

amenagée yard circle around home

create an intimate place

outdoor patio amenagé gravel soil

minimalist style for less maintenance

Designers minimalist style courtyard

a place to relax

Designers terrace garden deckchair

Designers court wooden pergola

amenagée paving slates court

amenagée courtyard garden several levels

arranged outside garden square central water

outdoor landscaped terrace levels

court amenagée basin hanging bed

Designers pool parquet court

outside ground wood pool patio

Outside zménagé in Terracewith slabs on gravel

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