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Terrace suspended wooden deckchair idea

The sunny terrace is an outdoor building that belongs to a house or an apartment. What is the difference between classical terrace and terrace suspended?

The difference is in the height! Conventional terraces are often an extension located on the ground floor. The suspended terrace is installed in height. It is often seen in the construction of modern houses at the seaside or in the woods. Sometimes it is a choice, sometimes for some it is the only solution to enjoy a terrace.

Today, we will focus on the wooden terrace suspended, aesthetics, its benefits and they give you some useful tips for installation and maintenance. We selected 40 ideas wooden terrace suspended, freestanding deck and rooftop terrace and modern design. What deck model to choose for your home depends on the terrain, your desires and budget available.

wooden suspended floor terrace coating design

To convert a traditional garden terrace, we need a flat space. If we do not, then we opt for a suspended deck!

Indeed, the terrace of development model has several advantages in itself. Usually this type of construction is supported by stilts or pillars. The suspended terrace also can enjoy a covered extra space, one located below the terrace suspended. There are also freestanding models. The big difference between the suspended deck and standing terrace is that one is attached to the front of the house, while the other is independent.

Terrace suspended wooden design idea

The suspended terrace is designed in height and always with a railing for safety reasons.

Whatever the terrace model you choose, the installation of a pergola is highly recommended to protect it from the weather. This type of terrace was invented to fit the unusual terrain and those in slope. This is also the case of free-standing terraces. The configuration of certain land, sloping or uneven, only allow the installation of a freestanding or suspended terrace. Both models terrace are also often called terrace on stilts or on poles.

wooden terrace suspended floor coating design chairs

The contemporary houses built in mountainous areas, almost always have a terrace suspended because the terrain does not allow the installation of a classical terrace. In addition, this model is excellent terrace to enjoy the extraordinary view that awaits us in height. One of the other great benefits of the suspended deck is that you can also enjoy the space below. In this way, there are three outdoor spaces: the terrace, the area below and the garden! Very often this space is used as parking.

exterior design wooden terrace suspended

The suspended terrace, often said elevated terrace, is a good alternative allowing decorate his living space.

Obtained a place of relaxation in height and saves space in the garden. If the surface of your deck exceeds twenty square meters and its height is more than two feet, you will have to obtain a building permit before starting work. For this, consultation with a professional is strongly advised. It will not only help you accurately plan the construction of your terrace suspended, but it will help you in the administrative details.

Terrace suspended wooden floor coating design idea

The terrace model is supported by a frame attached perpendicularly. The latter is connected to the front of the building and is based on at least two supporting pillars anchored to the ground. These beams must be securely fixed to ensure the safety of its users. We must not confuse the elevated deck and standing terrace. In the case of the suspended terrace has a construction which is secured to the facade. The freestanding patio is independent and is not attached to the facade. Professionals advise to design its terrace suspended or freestanding with a slight slope to drain the flow of rainwater.


The suspended terrace offers views of the top of the fabulous outdoors.

Have a suspended deck height is taking advantage of the horizon of the ocean, the beauty of the mountains or just green fields. And yes, it is a dream ...

Terrace suspended wooden suspended design house

The suspended terrace allows the construction of a dining area or an additional garden.

By installing an outdoor fireplaces, you can even enjoy winter in this beautiful outdoor construction. And if you have at your disposal a larger budget, why not even a swimming pool?

terrace hanging wooden hanging chair design

Another advantage is that you do not need to worry for the flooring and the influence of weather conditions. This is not the case of conventional terraces, the floor covering is influenced by soil moisture. The suspended terrace is better protected and can easily afford a wood coating without fear that spoil quickly by soil moisture.

suspended wooden terrace outside modern coffee table design

One of the only drawbacks of this type of terrace is its price. It remains a fairly expensive architectural solution. The budget depends of course on the size and materials you choose to build your suspended terrace.

contemporary design wooden terrace suspendedCortes House by WMR Arquitectos

Installing a suspended terrace request the intervention of a professional.

Contact a carpenter or an architect to a specific plan to build your future wooden terrace suspended. Since this is a building in height and positioned against the front of the house, its architectural plan must be fully realized. Even if you are experienced handyman and you want to build it by yourself, it is strongly advisable to seek the advice of a professional. For starters, you can start researching prices and the cost of its implementation.

terrace suspended wooden contemporary architecture house

This house, located in Costa Rica, not only enjoys a sunny terrace covered with wood, but also a bar and a dining modern dining. It is the perfect place for morning coffee or evening cocktails while enjoying the fresh air of the forest and its inhabitants - the trees.

suspended wooden deck design bardTerrace suspended wooden bar with Costa Rica

It is possible to build a hanging terrace railing almost invisible. This is the case of this large wooden terrace suspended part of a house located along the ocean and designed by WMR Arquitectos.Terrace suspended wooden exterior coating ideaLarge wooden terrace suspended, design and photo: WMR Arquitectos

The land where the house was built is unevenness. Choosing to install a large sunny terrace is so very logical.

till-house-wmr-arquitectos terrace-suspended-ideeLarge wooden deck suspended Till Arquitectos House by WMR

WMR Arquitectos is a design studio based and working in Latin America. In our selection of images, you can discover their designs of houses and terraces (suspended, freestanding and roof terrace) beautiful. All modern houses were built in unlikely places with unusual terrain. Sometimes not only the terrace is suspended, but the whole house!

till-house-wmr-arquitectos-terrace suspendedTill Arquitectos House by WMR

This wooden terrace suspended part of the house Swift. It has a transparent glass railing. This type of railing provides the necessary security while allowing enjoy the view without losing space visually.terrace-swift-house-wmr-arquitectosTerrace suspended with railing, Swift House by WMR Arquitectos

And here, the architects of studio WMR proved it: nothing is impossible in modern architecture!

Any land can accommodate a modern home, even the most unusual terrain. This wooden house was designed in a rocky field. It is supported by solid metal bars. Extraordinary!

Contemporary-house-terrace-suspended-mackay-lyons-Sweetapple-architectssuspended House designed by Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

The terrace of this contemporary house has something very original. The railing / red pergola draws the eye immediately with its red color. The house is designed on two levels and terrace suspended too.


The whole construction of this building is made of wood - the facade, the coating of the terrace and the pergola / red railings. The view is of course breathtaking views of the immense blue ocean mass ...hermanos-cabin-wmr-arquitectos-chiliHermanos Cabin, design and source: WMR Arquitectos

Sometimes hanging terraces are designed to share the house and part of the garden.

This wooden suspended terrace is ideal to enjoy in spring and summer. It suspended construction model will fit very well in a field gradient. In autumn and winter, it must be covered or protected by a pergola to avoid damaging the wood. terrace-suspended-wood-casa-diaz-Panora-wmr-arquitectosCasa Diaz Arquitectos Panora by WMR

suspended wooden modern exterior design terrace

This wooden hanging terrace was designed on several levels. At the first level, we see a pool and the second, an area protected by a guardrail. Wood is the dominant material in the design of this contemporary home.

terrace suspended wood-design-house-contemporary

We do not see many terraces suspended city. In most cases, it is self-supporting models. This is the case of this large terrace covered with wood:

terrace wood-design-idea

This relaxation area and meditation enjoys a wooden terrace suspended without beautiful railings. It is indeed an extension of the living room that is closed through sliding glass doors.

terrace-wooden-suspended-wmr-matayoga-design-spaceHouse Matayoga by WMR Arquitectos

This large house has two hanging terraces designed on two different levels. terrace-design-space-swift-arquitectosContemporary house with wooden terrace suspended, design and source: Swift Arquitectos

If you have a larger budget for the suspended construction of your terrace, it is possible to install a pool.

terrace wood-pile-design suspedueDecking suspended with pool that thrills SAOTA design

This sunny terrace is standing. Usually this terrace model is small. The large terrace suspended models still require the installation of piles or pillars.

terrace wood-house-contemporary

Why choose wood to coat its terrace suspended? Wood is the most natural material and the most appreciated by all contemporary designers. As we have already mentioned, the houses that benefit from this terrace model are usually built in natural sites. For your exterior construction is in harmony with the surrounding environment, there is nothing better than to choose the wood for the take.terrace wood-design-wood-coating

It is obvious: the land where Till's House was built on a slope. For this reason, the architects of Studio WMR decided to design it on a concrete base that has made possible the construction of this elegant living space. She is dressed entirely in wood.

house modern terrace-suspendedsergio-tillcortes feljormac-terrace-hanging-woodTill Arquitectos House by WMR

The terrace of this contemporary living space is House in Chile designed by WMR Arquitectos house-design-terrace suspended-coating basement

The rooftop terrace is also a common choice for homes that can not afford the installation of a conventional deck. It invests the headroom to optimize it and make it suspended

The terrace stud is another model of suspended terrace that was invented to fit the unusual terrain. It is only rarely with a guardrail and done more often part of the living room. We love how this tree has been integrated into the construction of this modern wooden terrace plot:


As we have mentioned sometimes we see the terraces suspended even in town. The model of the terrace pictured below is self-supporting. There's even a pool of water!

What furniture for the patio? Lately, many people prefer to install the wicker furniture for its strength and durability. Everything depends on the weather in your area and if you also want to enjoy your outdoor space in the fall and winter. Our advice is to opt for functional outdoor furniture and minimalist style to easily integrate the style of your deck.idea terrace-hanging-wood-design

We love how wood coating the deck was combined with the polished concrete flooring of the bedroom. This marriage of materials is one of the trend nowadays.idea terrace-hung wood-design-bedroom

This space is designed in wood, open and very bright. The terrace is an extension of the interior. design-space-terrace-hung wood-halfpipe-chile-casa-Merello-wmr

The dominant material in the interior design of this contemporary house is concrete. Wood has been booked to line the sunny terrace. space-design-concrete-wax-terrace suspended wood

wooden suspended terrace with beautiful viewsspace-contemporary-house-terrace wood

Terrace suspended wooden extraordinary design wmr-matayoga space-house-design-wood terrace

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