Treehouses 45 construction and decoration ideas

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Houses or tree houses are structures located in height which generally consist of a platform placed around the stem or branches of a tree serving as a support.

The constructions of this kind are used not only as places of leisure but also as dwellings (eg for part of the year) for shelter and holiday cabins, work areas, etc.

Treehouses: build and decorate a natural home

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In this publication, we will look at a series of models of houses in trees of different sizes. We'll talk about means and reasons to build such a house; materials required for this purpose; security-related aspects of its wasch and decoration. The goal is to give you the opportunity to weigh for yourself all these points to decide if you want to make one of those nice cabins!

Treehouses: what is it?

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We start immediately with some practical information about the tree houses. From the point of view of history, this kind of structure was first a home for part of the population of our planet. The idea to build such a house located far from the surface of the earth, for example, was linked to the dangers that accompanied life in nature.

Tree houses, original structures with an intriguing past

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The tree houses offered a way to protect men against wild animals. These residences were also storage spaces for safer food.

Homes and treehouses: natural dwellings to modern buildings

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Anthropologists cite other interesting explanations, like the case of the Korowai tribe, originally from Papouaise, New Guinea. The Korowai people are known to live in houses on high trees and made of wood, bamboo and leaves.

Photo cabin in the trees with natural decoration

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This tribe used to completely shave the trunk of the tree where its found these dwellings. This allows household members to easily spot the enemy, preventing at the same time, access of animals and reptiles (such as snakes) who might use branches to reach the house.

How to explain the popularity of treehouses in modern societies?

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In Western societies, in Europe and the US in particular, tree houses are especially popular because they offer unique alternatives to the dynamic lifestyle in urban centers.

Tree houses on two separate platforms

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The constructions are thus generally considered green houses, that is to say structures made of natural materials and stimulate a closer relationship between man and nature.

Why are manufactured in modern huts trees?

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The cabins in modern trees are multifunctional structures

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A modern tree house would be a nice addition to the exterior decoration of a family with children. At a time when parents are constantly looking for ideas to push their children to spend more time outdoors, wood cabins are a valuable tool to attract young people out of the house.

Small tree houses as supplements playgrounds for our children

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A cabin in the woods is an ideal complement to a playground in the garden. Kids love these buildings because they are original and away from the adult world.

Small tree house and idea of ​​outdoor recreation

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Modern tree houses sometimes have an impressive size

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Having a protected space, yet sheltered parents looks today is unattainable for many children sharing a room with their brother or sister. A tree house where one has the right to have fun as desired is a space that will certainly appeal to small scrunchies in this situation!

Idea for the cabin built in the trees: mini wooden tree house

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Girls and boys who love the adventures will be impressed by even a cute little shelter.

The cabins in modern trees are also popular with adults

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Houses and tree houses as spaces dedicated to our hobbies and creative projects

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The owners of a house with garden also have the possibility of making such a house into a workspace.

Small den with mini garden shed in trees

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Even if one does not necessarily need an office at home (after all, we work to live and not vice versa), we can make this type of home DIY corner, reading or writing ... in short, a small shelter that can be used for the construction of a space you've always wanted!

The tree houses as modern zen spaces

Cabins in the garland light trees

Nice idea of ​​tree house and majestic landscape

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Such a structure in the trees become a room of very impressive friends. Not to mention the fact that all these uses are simple to align and that the house has the capacity to serve as a functional space and convenient for many members of your household!

How do we build the cabins in modern trees?

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Treehouses: DIY idea to share with his family *!

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Homes built in trees are usually made of wood. Other popular materials include leaves and branches. Construction techniques are many. They seek to meet two objectives: first, to make it strong and resistant structure and then to protect the most nature and wood selected to support the house.

Huts in the modern abres: several construction methods are to consider

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The manufacture of a cabin of this kind usually begins with the construction of a base, that is to say a stable platform. The latter must welcome home and all the objects it will contain. The platform is often placed on one or more branches of a size large enough to support the weight of the structure.

Making a tree house on a solid platform

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If the selected tree has not enough suitable branches or if it is desired to further strengthen the structure, it is possible to use several different methods.

Constuction of tree houses: options for strengthening the basic structure?

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The construction may rest on stilts that support the platform and all that is on it. It is a construction method that brings added strength to the cabin manufactured in a modern garden where one does not fear the intrusion of wild animals.

The cabins on stilts in abres are a popular solution

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These stilts are usually fixed to the ground with concrete or other modern techniques (some further protect the roots of the tree). The stilts are now considered the easiest way to bring added strength to a structure in the trees, even if it is large.

Treehouses: advantages and disadvantages of other modern reinforcement solutions

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The use of modern reinforcement tools is another technique used to make the platform more solid house. Most often it is to install rods that distribute evenly the weight of structures located in high-rise. This construction technique is popular in case of construction of houses in great height as the connecting rods are known to reduce the destabilizing effects caused by the wind and the natural development of the tree.

construction method of treehouses

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Moreover, each handyman who plans to build a tree house should decide whether to use natural or invasive techniques. The first category embraces all methods of manufacturing a structure that contains no nails, screws or bolts.

Manufacturing huts in modern trees: think safety and environmental protection

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In other words, this is to use natural materials known for centuries: wooden beams, bars or fastening means rope. These methods are recommended for DIYers who want maximum protection to the environment and the natural look of the tree.

The tree houses and tree houses should fit naturally into the surrounding landscape

Children playground design hut

The natural advantages of the terrain and the construction site must also be considered in the design of the cabin plan.

House Photo in abres on a large platform

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The category of invasive methods of construction includes, in turn, use the tools it was mentioned above: nails, screws, bolts, pins, etc. If you plan to use this construction method, be aware that different types of trees do not respond equally to treatment with these instruments of labor.

platform for idea huts in contemporary trees

garden playground shelter

We advise you to inquire about the strength of the tree wood on the possible effects that would produce this working method on its surface and its resistance.

Pretty wooden platform with floral decor

deco garden hut DIY wooden house

If you do not want to build a contemporary building, bet everything simpelment on a beautiful wooden platform.

Building tree houses and administrative procedures

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The size of your building in the trees and the site can also determine the requirement for prior authorization from the administration of your region. We therefore recommend to take a little time to learn about these potential administrative details before you embark on large-scale projects.

Development of tree houses and User Security

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Making a natural and environmentally friendly house in a tree also requires reflection on the means of protection for its users. If the cabin will be used by children, it is essential to build on the solid and resistant materials, even if your cabin is not located at a great height.

Idea secure access bridge to wooden house

DIY idea home garden wooden huts

The same rule also applies to access at home means in the trees (wooden ladder or rope, etc.) as well as the landscaping of its platform (including the presence of a ramp).

House tree and secure access platforms

Wooden garden hut deco playground

The passionate nature and DIY could also consider making a leisure area installed on several platforms connected (placed in a single tree or several structures nearby). Here, the presence of means of protection is also very important to ensure the safety of users.

Huts in the modern trees: what deco interior and exterior?

decoration shelter in trees

What decorations to choose a wooden house? You are virtually free to focus on any object of decoration that you like and you want to install in your cabin.

terrace house in the trees Photo

decoration modern terrace garden shelter hut

If you are short of ideas, know that the most widely used decorating styles are chic country design and the rustic that naturally complement the look of a wood interior. Scandinavian design is also a great solution for the interior of such a house.

Idea outdoor patio furnishings

Photo terrace house trees

Most homes in the trees also contain at least a small terrace that is part of their basic platform. It is usually used as an input area for people who come to climb the tree and preparing to open the door of the house.

Exterior decorative tree house

child activities outside cabin

The exterior decoration of a tree house is to imagine according to the desires of its future users. A slide should be a playground for children and a garden to shelter intended primarily for adults.

tree hut terrace Photo

wood shelter house hut garden idea

Given all the advantages of an open space like this, the owners of such a house might decide to develop it as a small outdoor terrace.

Nice idea of ​​light wooden house

child home platform area cabin trees

This ideally contain a small table and a few chairs and one or two lights, sources of soft natural lighting.

Tree house with small terrace

Layouts idea to build a garden shed

Treehouses and idea of ​​natural decor

garden shack trees wooden exterior

large cabin picture in wooden trees

plane cabins in the office automation trees

cabin construction idea in modern trees Logan Ward, photos by Lajos Geenen

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