Making a wooden headboard, it’s simple and chic!

making a decoration diy-tutorial wooden headboard

Making a headboard wood, it's simple and chic! To decorate and heat your bedroom, the headboard is seen an ideal solution.

It can take many shapes and sizes and fits all types of space, large or small. Today, we present a case around this idea of ​​DIY original and natural decoration. To start, we will see a headboard manufacturing tutorial wooden chevron pattern. Then we will review more ideas from cheap materials or wood furniture recycling craft.

Making a wooden headboard, it's easy!


Making a wooden headboard is a simple and fun activity at a time. The proof: the number of special models of this type available on the web. We explored the original and have spotted a headboard manufacturing tutorial to make oneself with chevron pattern. Before proposing the tutorial step by step, say a few words on this ground and on the reasons why we have selected.

Decoration with headboard wood recycling craft


The chevron pattern is pretty well known and very popular in art and interior decoration. already known by the ancient peoples, it is experiencing a rebirth thanks to the decoration with geometric pattern of which it is part. This is an elegant design and easy to perform in new wood planks or materials Recycling ', such as pallets or pieces of old parquet.

Herringbone pattern and head to bed yourself


Moreover, the herringbone pattern or broken stick is suitable for a lot of customization methods. A headboard made of wood with this design will be even more interesting if one decides to emphasize the rafters with paint, lacquer. Or, if you play with natural wood tones in two species or more!

light wood headboard


Finally, the chevron pattern perfectly suits the decor of a room or adult child. Universal, it gives character to a headboard made of wood while remaining trend and discreet. These are all reasons to adopt it in its proposed manufacture wooden bed head!

How to make a wooden headboard with herringbone pattern - materials needed

how make-bed-head wood rafter-idee

Making a wooden headboard chevron pattern is a simple project that can be achieved with new boards, with pieces of parquet recycled or using wooden pallets. If you decide to opt for the latter option, it should start by undoing the pallets before moving to the realization of the head wooden bed.

For this project original headboard DIY, you will need the following materials:

  • wooden boards;
  • a wooden frame (or three boards used to produce the frame);
  • lacquer or paint;
  • glue ;
  • nails ;
  • a vertical support solid wood or substitute material.

The size of the materials depend on the criteria. On the one hand, it would take into account the size of the bed, on the other hand, you need to decide how your wooden headboard exceed in height and width of the bed itself. Battens are to be selected according to the desires of each. For their choice will take into account the fact that the bigger they are, the less of herringbone will be on the head wooden bed and vice versa. Finally, the solid wooden support or similar material used to secure the boards. No need therefore to invest in a high quality material since it will not be visible once the finished project.

Good to know: this technique wooden headboard DIY can also be used to dress the part of a plank bed full. In this case, a uniform decoration would be obtained as to the shades of wood.

Tutorial for manufacturing a wooden headboard - producing the support

manufacturing a headboard wood-tutorial easy-motif-chevron

For manufacturing a wooden headboard of this type, one begins with a first step related to the realization of the support. This may be used to hold the boards together chevron pattern. this part of the project is performed by creating a framework in three wooden boards around a massive wooden support, plywood or other similar material.

Make a holder for wooden bed head


Also note, this step can be modified to apply to a former head of wooden bed is desired refresh. In this case, it would be sufficient to recover the old headboard and cleaning. One can also use a padded furniture; in this case, it would remove the decorative fabric and padding to reach the support behind it.

Tuto DIY wooden bed head - make the herringbone


Once this part of the process is completed, it proceeds to the next step in achieving the chevron patterns. This step consists in measuring the planks to cut them, and then to coat the lacquer or paint. These steps are done before fixing the chevron pattern boards on the support.

Preparing wood boards

make a wooden headboard matif-chevron-diy-tutorial-easy

Paint or lacquer boards before fixing on the carrier is recommended because, this way, one does not have to worry that we will do tasks on the other elements of your DIY project. But beware, if we want to create an interesting effect with color or various colors, there should be the exact location of each board to decide on its color.

Fix the wooden boards


Finally, note that the wooden boards are cut into different sizes to form triangles on the support. Once the steps described above completed, proceed to the fixing boards on the support.


For this, we work in two stages. First, one adhesive every board on the support; Then, we use nails to secure it more firmly.

wooden headboard chevron pattern

idea-head-of-bed-timber-manufacturing-tutorial simple

How to dress a bed with wooden planks for a harmonious decoration

manufacturing a wood headboard idea-diy-deco-chamber-d'enfant

Blogger Jen at The House Of Wood who inspired us for this DIY project also offers a way to harmonize the head wooden bed made from the bed itself.

Deco idea wooden bed


The idea is to dress up all elements of the pieces of wood bed such as those used for decorating the headboard

Bed with wooden planks and chevron pattern

tutorial-head-of-bed-room-wood-a-bed decoration

This is a great way to revamp an old bed that has lost its luster with time. The procedure is very simple since it is repeating the steps of applying decorative rafters. It would be sufficient to cut boards, decorate according to taste and to fix them on the visible elements of the bed

Deco idea bed wood

make-a-head-of-bed-wooden-bed-child tutorial

As can be seen on our image, the result is truly remarkable. One idea to consider for those who love the natural decor and wooden furniture for the bedroom!

wooden headboard to manufacture

manufacturing a wood headboard chevron-chamber-deco

More ideas for making a natural and original wooden headboard

After this tutorial to make a wooden headboard chevron pattern, we continue with a collection of ideas devoted to headboards solutions chic and original wood. Check them out below!

Making a headboard in wood pallet is chic!make a wooden headboard DIY Pallet Recycling idea modern bedroom

If you want to showcase your bed and bedroom, the headboard is ideal for this. Designed in its origin, to isolate the cold today headboard is often rather an aesthetic function. How to make an original wooden headboard?

make a wooden headboard diy bedroom decorating

It's simple, just to have the necessary material and enough imagination and patience to get there. As we have said, to create your unique headboard, it is possible to use the panels, wood pallets, old doors, shutters and many other objects.

simple design wooden bed head in a feminine style interior

make a wooden head designer bed diy idea develop space cushions

The wooden headboard is an ideal solution if you want to increase the temperature in the room at the lowest price. Made of wood, it will isolate the wall very cold and therefore we sleep better and warm.

headboard made of a painted door Persian

make a wooden headboard decorate diy room flower bouquet

Usually, new living areas, houses or apartments, have a very good external insulation and is no longer required to install headboards to heat the room. Today, the headboard kept its practical utility of the time. But it has also reinvented as decoration and additional storage space.

Marsala color wooden headboard

wooden headboard diy idea Deco room decorate DIY space rangment

How to make the best choice headboard for your bedroom? The answer is simple: we must first answer the question of how will be used this furniture. Do you need a headboard to warm your room? To create additional storage space or simply to decorate?

An authentic wooden door was installed as headboard

make design headboard idea carries Recycling idea bedroom decorate flower bouquet

Making a wooden headboard that meets their personal needs!

bed-head wood-not-dear-manufacturing-motif-chevron

As a decorative element, the headboard is in very varied forms. It may well create a decorative headboard with wallpaper, frames and paintings, posters, books and anything else that seems appropriate and fits well with the decor of the room. In terms of saving space, the headboard can be a piece of furniture very convenient. In lack of space at home? Then create additional storage space - after optimizing the space under the stairs - the installation of a storage box or a shelf in the headboard of space is at the top of the best ways to succeed.

wooden headboard with additional storage space

headboard idea wooden wall shelves diy room bed pillows

Buy a wooden headboard made any practical and simple to make yourself is not complicated, but requires time and patience. Finally, just take the exact measurements and to choose materials that best match the interior style of your room.

Some headboard models to make yourself are easier to achieve than others. For novice DIYers, our advice is to opt for a less complicated model to achieve. Wooden pallets are a great way to start, for example. Handling and processing are quite easy if you have the necessary tools for this.

simple wooden headboard in an interior of bedroom minimalist

interior bedroom chair wooden headboard diy idea

To achieve a head pallet wood bed, sometimes you do not even need tools! Just put it behind the bed, to color and decorate. Watch these three heads of wooden bed, easy to implement:

Three ideas headboards made from reclaimed wood

Wooden planks interior design idea diy decorate bed room fixtures

wooden headboard with a convenient storage space

manufacture wood headboard diy idea room decorate bed luminaire suspension

Want a headboard to showcase your inner chamber? Or you want to decorate the room and add a bit of color and originality? You can decorate the wall above your bed with materials recovery you no longer use. Anything and any object can be turned into personalized, modern decor: old frames, posters, photographs, drawings, books and others. Finally, it is for you to develop your unique headboard!

Three beautiful headboards made of natural materials to heat the room

Deco idea bedroom headboard decorate plants

If you find that despite the heat, your room is cold, then the headboard will help you isolate your bed cold and sleep better at night! Reference material that insulates the best is of course wood.

A wooden headboard and a light string which decorates the wall

wooden headboard idea diy garland decorate wall

In this case, consider making a headboard with wooden pallets, old Persian doors and old wooden shutters. This way, you spend nothing and you will be warm! In addition, your decor is nicely refreshed by this vintage touch. Thanks to its qualities and appearance, the wood was always the material chosen for the interior furnishings. And it will remain so for many years to come.

Making a new wooden headboard or Recycling - images inspirations

make a wooden headboard diy room decor nightstand

A headboard made of wooden pallet and a mural with framesdecorate room idea wooden pallet frames decorate wall idea

Two headboards with wooden panels: one vertical, the other horizontal make a wooden headboard idea DIY wooden pallet manufacturing space

classic wooden headboard for the installation of two practices fixtures

diy headboard wood idea bed suspension luminaire bed room lamp foot

wooden headboard idea decorated with colorful cups blue

Deco wooden headboard idea diy room bed room

original headboards model colorful and rustic wood space idea headboard diy décor pillows bedroom bed

painted wooden headboard green matching the cushions memorandumhead wooden bed diy idea cushions decorate rooms

Fireplace into modern headboard

interior design headboard original wood panel idea bedroom walls round mirror frames

More creative ideas:

How to make a headboard: Watch this video tutorial!

Making a headboard yourself: manual.

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