Knot Macrame: Art nodes for your flowers

Macrame vase idea suspension technology easy cheap DIY rope knots

Do you know the technique macrame knot? It is an ancient form of creation, dating from the thirteenth century, is based on a specific node technique that can be flat or volume.

The word macrame is derived from the Arabic word "migramah" (fringe) and / or from the Turkish word "makrama" which means "handkerchief". In Europe, this art of macrame knot was first developed in Spain, then in Italy (especially in the region of Liguria), and finally in Europe. Discover our fifteen pot suspensions ideas flowers and vase style node macramé.

Macrame knot: an old technique knots, flat or volumes

macramé flower pot hanging rope DIY idea

This ancient technique of macrame knot is a form of creation at the base of textiles. It is used for making bracelets, necklaces, clothes, bags, curtains and others. Typically, designers use the rope or twine of cotton, wool, leather etc. This technology has evolved. Today, some artists, such as Marcel Wanders, have developed by using different materials: pipes, cables, straws, lanyards and other. In the royal court in England, Queen Marry learned to her ladies the art of macramé during the seventeenth century. Today, this technique is widespread. It developed in different countries and in different ways.

Knot Macrame: very original suspension idea for your flower pots

DIY idea suspension original flower pot

You can do wonders with the ancient technique of macrame knot!

DIY black rope hanging vase flower pot

A very original idea

flower pot original suspension rope diy easy DIY idea

An ancient art in your home

macramé flower pot plants DIY home brainchild

A very good idea for small flowerpots

Macrame Mini ancient technique idea vase pot and vase flowers

Hanging pots mini flower

jar of original ideas suspension mini flowers

Idea DIY eco friendly!

flowerpot vase suspended idea macrame

DIY hanging flower pot idea rope nice easy

flowerpot original DIY house suspension

modern flower pot pink rope suspension very original idea

DIY idea plant technical modern storage nodes

Suspension idea deco beautiful and original macrame

DIY style technical design green rope flowerpot knots

DIY plant and flower idea suspension rope node

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