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In this article we will see how to combine two current trends on the one hand the wave of rustic furniture, which are sold at exorbitant prices, and also the green wave offering to reuse wood from old furniture or pallets, to get cheap furniture that meets rustic style while maintaining a small footprint.

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In nature, nothing is lost and nothing is created, apply this wise saying and let us remember that we are also part of this nature. The major advantage of using reclaimed wood to build furniture with a pretty rustic style and cheap furniture that is more is that the final output will retain all the authenticity of a material whose patina natural is that time has printed it.

the natural patina of time

Recycling bed of wood

Most rustic furniture trade, unless these are authentic antiques, acquired an aged look artificially, using paints and varnishes which are a well known source of VOCs, volatile organic compounds . Why do so complicated that there are simple solutions, and more involved in reducing the amount of waste, with all the pollution inherent in their transport?

a simple solution furniture

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In the pictures that follow, we will not detail case by case how to assemble each of these objects, the general idea is to disassemble a pallet for example, to make a headboard, or the Wine shelf. If you come across an old piece of furniture, do not burn, see what a beautiful table you can build with just a few doors of an old cabinet! Unleash your imagination, depending on the hardware you have the opportunity to recover or let the material dictate how he wants to be transformed, as in this painting Cubist reclaimed wood. Wishing you fun creative moments!

a genuine effect

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combine ecology and design

Cheap furniture bed wood pallets

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advanced green in your table

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outstanding results

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Recycling table furniture metal support

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Cheap furniture wardrobe old boards

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