String Art for creative souls – your strings!

string art deco original ideas for wedding

Need gift ideas? In search of inspiration for a deco wedding this summer? Or just looking for a new hobby? You are in the right place !

Today, we talk about string art, easy DIY project, cheap and incredibly original that you can do from the comfort of your own home. All you'll need is a good hundred nails (or more), a string of pelotte color of your choice, a wooden plank and a hammer.

String art: a DIY project easy and super creative

diy project original and creative home decor

You can start with sketch your design on the wood with a pencil and then nail your nails on the contour. The rest is up to you. A pink heart, turquoise elephant, white sailboat ... we let you choose! We sailed the web to find the most impressive work of art but it is an inexhaustible source, there are many examples. Discover some images and ... your tricks!

Nails, string, a wooden plank and a hammer is all you need

strings wrapped around nails delicate effect

white shaft drawn string on a wooden board

superb string drawing art white tree

Summer decoration ideas with the white sailboat on the waves

Deco ideas were sailing in three colors strings waves

Cerf drawn the string with precision and incredible delicacy

beautiful deer string art precision unheard delicacy

This sailboat in the wind in string art shows an incredible talent

talent incredible work of'art voilier dans vent

Two tourteraux on a string: perfect for a wedding decor

two tourteraux on Deco wedding rustic effect string

idea elegant rustic decor with string art

home deco flowers strings on wood planks

This original art traces the outline of a tree in woods

interesting work strings trace outline tree wood

Animal lovers magnificent turquoise elephant

string art kite easy to procure materials

string-art-butterfly-tricolor-on-board-painted wood-white

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