Room decor ideas romantique- 55 Shabby Chic

decoration ideas romantic room lightingYou want to redecorate your room by giving it a romantic look? Imagine a mix of the elegance of the French Riviera and the charm of the Victorian era in England. If you want this type of decoration in your room, there are some things you need to integrate succeed.

Check out the following ideas on romantic room decoration Shabby Chic style and get inspired to design your space!

Decoration of the romantic room - Shabby Chic accents

romantic room decoration deco motif accessory

In general, soft pink tones predominate in the bedroom Shabby Chic, but the pastel lilac, gold, beige and pale turquoise are also well suited. White is the predominant color of the furniture. Flower pots, vases and tea plants put some nice accents. A set of soft colors pale and is always present in the decoration. Floral patterns, arabesques and Toile de Jouy on the wallpaper, as accessories, would be a good choice. They are also present and seem particularly beautiful on the pillow cases and curtains. Perhaps the most popular reason as to romantic room decoration Shabby Chic style remains the rose. Place the flowers in a basket made of white or small crowns that you can hang on the wall. Bouquets of fresh flowers such as buttercups, peonies and lilacs on the shelf of the window, complete the beautiful set in this style.

Decoration of the romantic room - soft colors and antique chandelier

decoration romantic color palette room
Buy antiques flea market such as chairs, dressers, mirrors and bedside tables. Paint them white and create an artificial antique finish. The worn look is characteristic for Shabby Chic furniture. An antique chandelier will add a touch of elegance to the room and will perfect the design.

Dressing gorgeous white

console decoration romantic room

pastel green walls and furniture in the room Shabby Chic

romantic room decoration deco walls

Decoration romantic room


Patterns and accents shabby chic style


Deco furniture for shabby chic bedroom


room paint color shabby


Romantic shabby chic style room


Chair distressed medallion and after upholstered bed

end bed-room-Shabby-Chic-chair medallion

Decoration of the white romantic bedroom

Deco-room child-Shabby-Chic-girl romantic

wrought iron bed and bedding super romantic


Pillow case bird and butterfly bedspread

Deco-room-romantic reasons bird-butterflies

fur and unique luster Carpet

decoration romantic luster fur room

White furniture in the room Shabby Chic

furniture decoration romantic white room
white bedspread with ruffles and former luster

romantic room decoration Shabby-Chic-White

Typical Shabby Chic Bedroom

romantic room decoration-style Shabby-Chic

Pedestal white wrought iron in the romantic room


canopy and romantic vintage decoration

idea-room-romantic-Shabby-Chic-rise bed

Bedding and floral matching curtains

floral bedding-bed-wrought-iron-white-bedroom-romantic

white bedside table and canopy bed


romantic room decoration vintage-wallpaper

development Deco-room-chic color-sweet

Deco design-bedroom-romantic-Shabby-Chic



white-room-attic-Framework-canopied fireplace




Deco-room-romantic-Shabby-Chic-Vintage accents


Deco-room-romantic Shabby-Chic bed-metal




romantic room decoration white-Shabby-Chic

decoration chic pink accents, romantic room

decoration romantic bedroom wallpaper-floral

decoration romantic bedroom under attic



romantic decoration-room-Shabby-Chic-cream


Deco ideas-bedroom-Shabby-Chic-floral motifs

bedding, white and ivory-cream-room-Shabby-Chic

bed-wrought-iron-white deco-chamber-Shabby-Chic

bed-metal deco-chamber-romantic Shabby-Chic




wallpaper-striped Deco-room-Shabby-Chic

header bed-upholstered bed-romantic-chic

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