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Contemporary painting wall color decoration ideas

With this publication, we immerse ourselves in the universe inspiring wall decoration for Contemporary in 33 images of very design solutions. The space of the bedroom is meant to intimate and, precisely for this reason, he offers us unlimited opportunities to view wall decoration.

Whether adult or child is in the design of this room in the house that can express his creative spirit. In such an atmosphere, the walls can become a blank table, capable of hosting interesting textures, decorative paintings that we take to heart, frames and cabinets for our precious collections, custom headers The 33 beds ... images of our collection are from bedroom whose walls were shaped by professional designers to reflect different aesthetic solutions. Here they are :

Contemporary room with design wall decoration by Penint Design Studio

Contemporary wall deco design

Contemporary-style room has been decorated by Penint Design Studio. His mural inspired industrial design and is distinguished by bold geometric patterns, supplemented copper suspensions. The dominant colors are soft but at the same time, in a male range.

Contemporary room with mural by Elena Sedova

color painting Contemporary

The next room was performed by Elena Sedova. Its decor in monochrome tones is complemented by walls that mimic the texture of wood and are painted white to be part of the color palette of the entire inside. A wall art in black and white and design objects hanging around the bed successfully complete the look of the room.

Deco Original Contemporary wall by Dinh Dung Hoang

Contemporary design headboard

The mural of this room is signed Dinh Dung Hoang. It is characterized by a look that is both contemporary and luxurious. This effect is obtained by using texture accumulation and of different materials and, in particular, a wooden headboard and a large gray lacquered panel just above thereof.

Decorative wall with great design for contemporary headboard by Dinh Dung Hoang

bedroom wall decor

In the next room, the designer showed a similar approach, introducing a disproportionate headboard sharp contrast to the wall color. This is definitely a simple but very effective way to give a personal touch to the wall behind the bed in your bedroom.

Decorative wall with bricks Contemporary Elena Zhulikova

Contemporary wall decoration room

The next two rooms, the one you see above, performed by Elena Zhulikova, and the Sequoia Design Studio, pictured below, mobilizing two classic ways to give a bedroom a contemporary look: the introduction a brick wall and the use of geometric patterns.

Wall contemporary design with decoration by Sequoia Design Studio

deco contemporary design headboard

Finally, admire another mural with geometric patterns and luxurious air: the room on the picture below, made by Vladimir Polouektov, whose design combines elements we've seen before, headboards and geometric patterns large format. You can find the rest of the images of the room here:

Wall decoration of contemporary style room in neutral colors

contemporary deco design object

Deco contemporary bedroom wall wood

contemporary wood veneer walls deco

interior of contemporary design and room decor wall

Contemporary original idea deco wall

Deco idea of ​​contemporary bedroom wall white

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Interior decorating bedroom with contemporary wallpaper
Contemporary wall deco wallpaper

Original Wall Decoration Contemporary Vladimir Polouektov

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Original Wall Deco contemporary design

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