Gray and Red Room – a very elegant adult room

contemporary gray and red room

Do you feel your beautiful gray bedroom starts to become a bit too boring and needs a little color? The gray color was neutral trendy color for interiors for years but completely gray adult room seems a bit cold and sterile.

Experts suggest the use of bright colors for decoration balanced and it is high time to also refresh your bedroom. And what is it better that the color red to a vibrant and exciting decoration? In this article we will give you 19 original ideas how to develop a gray and red room.

gray and elegant red room

gray room design red

The gray and red room intelligently combines opposites - yin and yang of the universe of the decor that exude both serenity and passion. A touch of red in the adult room immediately creates a focal point of deco and struggle against the coup morning blues. If your room is decorated in gray, add a little red is very simple. But if you have to start over, start by selecting a gray shade that will not be out of style next season. You can then paint the entire room or just a wall that will accent.

Adult bedroom modern design

gray and red elegant room

Decorate the room with red should be a choice that requires you to not be able to change it if you want later. So choose interchangeable red accents that you can replace when the season changes, for example. All you need are a few bright red cushions or bedding in a beautiful shade with a plush rug or beautiful vase on the bedside table. Over the back of the room is natural, plus red accents will emerge. Just like the pictures, look:

Stylishly decorated room adult in gray and red

gray and red modern bedroom

Bedroom design

gray and red room idea

Contemporary bedroom with fireplace

adult room fireplace

Gray Adult bedroom with accents in red

adult elegant room deco

Luxuriously decorated room

deco adult room luxury

Bedroom chalet style

Original deco adult room

Deco retro bedroom

retro deco adult room

Simple Deco Bedroom

red gray adult room

Gray bedroom with red bedding

adult red bedding room

gray red bed room

Modern gray red room

deco red gray room

interesting deco adult room

modern deco adult room

deco adult room idea

original idea deco room bed

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