Wrought iron guard body for indoor or outdoor steps

railings wrought iron handrail wood INTERIOR staircase

Wrought iron is a type of wrought iron used in the preparation of decorative elements for indoor and outdoor. Obtained in the past, the iron ore heating and then shaped by a blacksmith, he is replaced, since the 18th century by a similar looking material made by puddling technique.

This elegant and refined material is associated in the mind of the modern man, the craftsmanship and decoration handmade. For those who love metal ornaments, we selected 24 models railings, iron railings and balustrades forged interior and exterior stairs.

Staircase guard modern wrought iron body inside

guard wrought iron staircase white body black railing interior design painting

Although wrought iron railings is a decorative object that we tend to look at, in most cases, as part of a bygone era, there are several models of ramps and railings for stairways and interior balconies adopting a contemporary or modern form.

Guardrail modern wrought iron balconies and interior design staircase

railings stairs railing wrought iron interior design

These products are characterized by a more refined appearance as that of the railing typical wrought iron the period from the 18th to early 20th, with, in particular, the absence of a large number of ornamental elements. These are replaced by bars much simplified geometric forms replacing the patterns inspired by nature.

Railings wrought iron staircase and decorated in modern style with geometric elements

balustrades inside wood balustrade wrought iron staircase

Round or square, iron railing bars forged modern design have an almost minimalist design or, in any case, much smaller than typical of past times.

Staircase guard wrought iron body with small interior balcony and wall sconces

indoor balcony railing picture interior staircase wrought iron

In modern interiors, ramps and railings for forged are sometimes accompanied by other decorative elements made using the same material as, for example, ornaments for wall sconces and pendant lights. This solution for a result more graceful and more homogeneous decor.

Railings wrought iron contemporary staircase and decorative tile idea with

contemporary wrought iron staircase model home decoration entry

The body wrought iron guard is a decorative accessory that goes well with many types of modern and contemporary interior stairs: wood, stone, metal ...

Balustrades, banisters and wrought iron wood body for contemporary and modern interior staircase

staircase railing iron forge common contemporary wood staircase interior design hand

In addition to the railings and stairs railings made exclusively in wrought iron, we find, at present, models with wooden handrail.

Handrails wooden stairs and railings bars wrought iron modern design

common staircase balustrade small iron hand

These handrail models have an ornamentation that is characterized, too, by minimalism and simplicity.

Small internal staircase ramp with wrought iron and wooden handrail

ramp'escalier deco interieur fer forge main courante bois

Such handrail is a way to connect more easily wrought iron bars to the rest of the decor, especially if you are already used wooden elements (furniture, stairs, beams, flooring, wall cladding ...) .

How to decorate a staircase with wrought iron railing and handrail neutral color

wrought iron stair railings handrails white design

Similarly, we also see examples of contemporary railing with handrail painted in a color that corresponds to that of the stairs.

Guard rail staircase old wrought iron home renovation or vintage-style decor

railings interior design marble staircase railing wrought iron

All these models ramps, railings and stair guard corps wrought iron are a good option for those who are trying to build a house or who insist on renovating their interiors with typical accessories of the era of today ' hui. But what about those who love decorating look old?

Railings wrought iron vintage design for large interior staircase

railing of'escalier interieur garde corps interieur fer forge

Wrought iron is a material often found in older homes and interior built in the spirit of a scene from the past.

Example railings indoor wrought iron and with decorative stone wall

interior deco staircase colimacon black iron forging

In this context, railings and banisters have a much more opulent ornamentation which should be at the height of the entire interior space.

Interior decoration wooden staircase and wrought iron railing

wrought iron railing decoration Spiral staircase wood

Typical reasons for the fences usually have more rounded shapes, some of which is inspired by nature, flowers and plants.

Ramp wrought iron staircase and antique-style wooden handrail

deco d'escalier interieur fer forge garde corps marches bois

Just as modern stairs, those vintage style also available in version with wooden handrail to better reconcile the iron bars with wooden coverings.

Interior balustrade wrought iron and with wood pattern art deco

railing stairs inside color wrought iron staircase contemporary decoration

Guard rail for stairs and exterior terrace wrought iron
wrought iron railings modern concrete stairs outside home

As for the fences, railings and exterior railings, they have very similar characteristics to those elements for the interior.

Bannister outdoor wrought iron modern style

idee guard wrought iron black body Modern stairs

Thus, the bars stair railings for outdoor modern style are much less rich in decorations than vintage style.

Railing and railing wrought iron patio of modern design

railings modern design house brick staircase outside wrought iron

In addition, railings and modern and contemporary ramps are designed to meet the architectural forms of our time.

Terrace with stairs and wrought iron railing

railings outside staircase railing wrought iron exterior

They are particularly adapted to save space constraints that affect our external, including terraces and contemporary staircases.

Bannister vintage style wrought iron outdoor
guard wrought iron staircase stone deco exterior body color black

The railing models and exterior stair railings inspired by antique décor are, in turn, more richly decorated.

Railings wrought iron staircase with floral pattern
guard wrought iron body contemporary stone staircase railing of'exterieur

Their ornamentation may also impinge partly on their functionality and, in particular, on their ability to get along with small spaces. But this is not necessarily the case for all models, as shown by the two beautiful images down!

outdoor staircase railing old wrought iron
railings wrought iron balustrade staircase outside deco model

Outdoor staircase pattern spiral with vintage ornamentation wrought iron

colimacon iron staircase stone façade outside forge black space saving

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