sloping ceiling – how to integrate in its decor?

sloping ceiling living room decoration idea attic beams

What the sloping ceiling and how to arrange a room with such a roof in its interior? That is the question we will consider in this text and we will try to answer through a gallery of 24 interiors that inspire us to organize atypical spaces!

Definition sloping ceiling: what are the main features of this architectural element?

bedroom sloping ceiling loft under the roof canopy bed

The sloping ceiling refers to a type of slanted ceiling and built sloping found, mostly in the spaces under the roof and in the stairwells. Because of its shape, this type of cap is often a point of view challenge space decoration and, more particularly, its volumes.

House with sloping ceiling, a type of interior found more often

idee ceiling crawling under slope roof decoration living room attic

Crawling ceilings often have difficulty touch to the decoration of the interior space. Reserved in the past to a small number of interiors, especially the rooms furnished attic, this type of roof is becoming more popular today. We see examples in the apartments that reorganize old maid's rooms in major cities.

Decorating ideas sloping ceiling: our tips for a successful interior in slope

ceiling crawling under beams Cabin Layouts attic installation

It faces a similar difficulty during the renovation of old houses in the villages. To help overcome these difficulties, we offer some tips that affect the way of working with a ceiling of this type.

Mezzanine under rampant ceiling and furnishings idea en original games *

build a sloping ceiling room decoration idea adult games

To succeed the deco space with sloping ceiling, first accept the overall ambiance of the room and accentuate the effect provided by this very particular architectural element.

How showcase its interior under roof

how to ask a sloping ceiling mezzanine lounge idea deco attic

The general idea would be to dare to experiment with volumes instead of looking for ways to hide the peculiarities of the space.

crawling and roof windows roof oriel for small space attic

Layouts idea under slope roof coating roof crawling small space

Lighting plays a key role in the construction of a room under eaves and in an area with rampant roof. Improve the brightness of such a part by providing roof windows and interior lights powerful enough.

Skylights and bookcase idea to optimize space attic

sloping ceiling extension veranda house roof windows Layouts

Roof windows and modern skylights have been devised in the mid 20th century and have since evolved to adapt to ever more original and larger areas.

Lighting ceiling under the roof in parental bedroom: idea of ​​roof windows and paint color

Layouts crawling adult bedroom ceiling lighting small space

Take the opportunity to give your slope in space more light, a lighter atmosphere and a feeling of volume.

Choose the color of the deco furniture for a space under roof

ceiling attic decoration kitchen how to ask crawling roof

The colors of entire room are important to its appearance. Do not just opt ​​for a colored clear paint on the walls of the room.

What paint color for a room with sloping roof under?

sloping ceiling under the roof idea deco veranda bay window

Consider also the nuances of your storage furniture, especially if it is a big part of your walls.

Room Decoration with colored clear paint and exposed beams Brown

poses example sloping ceiling beams idea wood white paint

Feel free to apply this same technique when selecting the crawling ceiling paint color itself.

How to hide beamed with white paint

Layouts idea crawling ceiling inside modern design in slope

If you have a ceiling with exposed beams, decide if you want to put this into value using a different shade or if you prefer to "hide" your beams added a single color for the roof and for beams.

Roof creeping guest room, how to play on his original geometric shapes

deco ceiling in room slope'amis deco petits espaces

The finished rooms under the roof are characterized, almost inevitably, by the existence of angles or similar elements formed by the rampant roof. Decorate them cleverly, by highlighting these features instead of trying to hide them.

Room Decoration with ceiling under the roof: how to paint a rampant roof

color mezzanine bedroom sloping ceiling painting taupe contemporary atmosphere

The easiest way to apply this trick? Dare contrasting colors for different parts of your decor!

Accents roof decoration in wooden slope with beams

idea creeping deco wooden beams under the roof ceiling model

The attic spaces are often small in area but this should not prevent you to create interesting decorative accents.

Red accent walls and interior bricks painted white in attic

ceiling crawling renovated house attic beams idea Layouts

Whether exposed beams, wood sheathing or a brick wall, decorative accents, used in a reasonable manner, will help you to highlight a portion of the space (and to divert attention from another, if necessary).

interior lighting attic with Velux window and LED spots

ceiling in mezzanine kitchen Layouts idea attic

Strengthen the effect of this kind of accents with appropriate lighting, day and night!

How to organize a space under the roof or housed in the attic?

sloping ceiling attic room mezzanine deco idea
Creeping roof also presents another challenge related to how to organize space and to accommodate the lower part of the room. In a bedroom, it is usually the area that is reserved to bed But this solution is far from the only one!

Deco idea workspace with desk attic

Construction sloping ceiling under the roof eaves Layouts

In fact, the roof may well accommodate an office or a small workshop dedicated to a home workspace or your favorite hobby. In this case, take advantage of the lower part of the room by installing your office there.

Idea to create a reading area with sofa

deco ceiling crawling idea attic under the roof little tespace

Why not seize the opportunity to develop a separate corner in a more open area? Think about the various options - reading corner, meditation area, games area - and select the best for your home!

Furniture custom made wall library for sloping roof

roof sloping ceiling in library Layouts slope

And here are some ideas to organize a fitted bathroom attic or roof crawl and make the most of this part of your home:

Bathroom furnishings crawling under roof with Velux window

ceiling crawling Layouts bathroom idea deco roof window

How to decorate a bathroom in contemporary attic

Layouts bathroom ceiling model attic crawl roof

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