Cathedral roof house to enjoy maximized volumes

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What the house cathedral ceiling and how to integrate such a ceiling in the decoration of his home? That is the question on which we will focus in this publication.

Let's start with a short definition of the term not widely known: the cathedral roof house takes its name from the typical appearance of many cathedrals in France and Europe.

Cathedral roof house: what are its features and benefits?

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It is characterized by the existence of a kind of top to the roof of the center and, as we shall see in the gallery below, it is often adorned with beams or wooden planks. The main advantage of home cathedral roof, too, easy to see when the ceiling is observed a typical cathedral roof that maximizes space by creating a high ceiling and thus brings much more volume to the interior space which it belongs.

Cathedral roof house, an architectural element natural and traditional look

cathedral ceiling wooden house roof beams bedroom

To add to this, the house cathedral roof is often supported by wooden beams. It is already present in a house or building on purpose in a recent residence, a beamed ceiling wood gives a lot of personality to the interior space and can even dictate her decorating style.

Enjoy wooden beams in a house or stay cathedral

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The beams can be left in their natural color to enhance the atmosphere of a house of traditional style, an interior inspired by the mountain chalets or a room with natural decoration.

Example stay home with cathedral ceilings painted in neutral tones

cathedral roof wooden house stay beams decosalon idea

Other interiors are characterized by beams painted in a neutral color, such as white or gray, which is a very nice option for indoor contemporary or modern style.

Open kitchen with dining corner and cathedral ceilings with white beams

cathedral ceiling kitchen ceiling paint color house bar with white worktop

On the other hand, the cathedral type roofs offer us the possibility to create an interior with large windows to enjoy more natural light and beautiful panoramic views of the outside.

custom windows and cathedral ceiling with wood siding

wooden house cathedral ceiling living room idea Layouts ceiling room

This is a very good solution for homes outside major urban centers!

What lighting to showcase its cathedral ceiling?

home cooking cathedral ceiling central island ceiling paint color

Good lighting is essential for space with cathedral ceiling. The luminaires suitable for such a ceiling are able to develop forms of ceiling and beautify the room decoration.

Add more volume in a small space with a cathedral ceiling and a painting in bright colors

cathedral ceiling painting white house Layouts room small space

Cathedral ceilings are a preferred option in small spaces because they create the illusion of a more spacious interior thanks to the volume they give the room.

Interior with neutral colors cathedral roof

cathedral ceiling idea deco roof top white wood beams

To enhance this effect, designers are betting on a neutral light color both for painting the ceiling itself as the walls of the room.

Which light for a living cathedral ceiling?

house roof white cathedral ceiling living room decoration idea

Taking advantage of the volume of rooms with cathedral ceilings, designers are often favor spectacular pendant luminaires.

How to combine modern lighting to enjoy optimal lighting

idee roof house cathedral living room decoration living room bay windows

But one luminaire of this type is generally insufficient to ensure adequate room lighting. It is recommended to combine several suspensions and, if possible, to supplement them with smaller light sources such as LED lamps.

Cathedral ceiling supported by wooden beams look natural

room wood beams cathedral ceiling white roof

The homeowners with larger areas have the opportunity to choose between a solid color ceiling and a solution with visible beams.

living room with cathedral ceiling windows modern style

cathedral ceiling kind deco living dining room windows beams

In most cases, the cathedral ceiling is decorated in the main living space of a home, that is to say the living room that becomes a living cathedral.

Choosing the type of heating a home with cathedral ceiling

Cathedral living house roof white beamed cathedral

Very elegant, these spaces have an important defect that is related to the heating of the room. This is particularly the case of large surface stays, for example, those who are open to a dining room or kitchen.

Open kitchen with cathedral ceilings and white decor color

Contemporary kitchen design roof cathedral ceiling color central island

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential to weigh the options for heating a space like this (floor heating, boiler ...) for optimal temperatures throughout the year.

The cathedral ceiling is a nice option for interiors trimmed with natural materials

stay cathedral roof model house ceiling Wood living stone facing

Due to its natural appearance, the cathedral house roof is often associated with a decoration with organic materials such as wood and stone.

Idea deco seafront a cathedral living room contemporary style

cathedral ceiling living room wooden beamed ceiling white paint

Thus, it provides a beautiful setting for the development of a living room or bedroom seafront style in shades of white, beige and blue.

Country house with décor inspired by the English style

Wood Roof-cathedral-house plan lounge-deco ceiling beams

Similarly, if you have a country house with cathedral ceiling, you can bet on furniture and accessories for rustic, traditional or modern.

conservatory design with wood cathedral ceiling

house with cathedral ceiling wood roof veranda glazed contemporary deco

Moreover, the roofs of this type are also a popular architectural solution in the construction of houses or extensions of modern conservatories.

house roof idea for modern extension to maximized volumes

roof wood cathedral ceiling living room modern model cathedral

Finally, also know that decorating a home with cathedral ceilings commonly includes a fireplace in one corner of the interior space. Below are three examples of houses that show us how to associate a fireplace cathedral ceilings.

contemporary decor style with cathedral-type ceiling and fireplace

house ceiling cathedral ceiling living room with wooden roof beams

Idea interior design with large windows and modern fireplace

house roof decoration white cathedral ceiling living room bay window Layouts

Traditional fireplace and cathedral living room in neutral colors

wood cathedral ceiling living roof house design modern idea

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