Cardboard House Wikkelhouse by Fiction Factory

house under construction design cardboard

This little house, whose name is Wikkelhouse is a cardboard house. It is manufactured by Ficition Factory, a company based in the Netherlands. If you think the cardboard houses are only for children and their toys, this project could make you change your mind.

It will show you a flexible housing adapted to adult living.

The cardboard house, not only for children!

how to make a cardboard house

Wikkelhouse is the result of four years of work and preparation. The first stage of the project consisted in the realization of a small model of the cardboard house that looks more like a dollhouse. Only after the completion of this mini cardboard house that the team Fiction Factory began to realize his large format.

Small house in cardboard model Wikkelhouse

Image small cardboard house

To build Wikkelhouse, the team of the company used rolls of recycled corrugated cardboard. These were introduced in a machine that has coated the ecological glue. Once this is complete, the card was placed around a part of the house made of wood. This process is repeated 24 times, ensuring the solidity of the house.

Cardboard house with wood covering the walls and the floor

cardboard house idea interior decoration

You can see pictures of all the stages of construction of the house at the bottom of the page.

House of wood and cardboard: Interior Photo

cardboard house window interior decoration

After making these critical stages of construction of the house, the team of Fiction Factory has passed the following steps: laying of wooden panels that protect the building and give the house a more pleasant air from inside and installation of a water protection layer.

Cardboard house: interior with vintage fireplace

cardboard decor home interior fireplace vintage style

These last two steps are very similar to what is done for the realization of a house quite ordinary. Inside the Wikkelhouse, covered with wooden panels, is the same as a traditional wooden house and can be decorated according to the taste of its owners.

modular house cardboard and wood with kitchen corner

Photo Layouts house interior deco cardboard timber

The interior of the house can be customized according to the desires of its owners

wood decoration cardboard house

This curious cardboard dwelling belongs to the category of modular houses, which offers customers Fiction Factory two advantages: speed and the ability to customize the building. Indeed, Wikkelhouse can be installed in one day only.

Making home Wikkelhouse by Fiction Factory

to design cardboard house

cardboard house manufacturing process

make a cardboard house picture

In addition, if it is desired to add more coins to the construction, it is free to use by filling the central part of the house via in additional cardboard elements. Fiction Factory would provide the same parts to accommodate a kitchen and a bathroom. Clever, is not it?

Cardboard house by Fiction House respectful of the planet

how to build his house in cardboard idea

Wooden house and recyclable cardboard

ideas cardboard house plan

Last but not the house edge Wikkelhouse: it is made entirely of recyclable materials.

home of natural materials Photo

Photos cardboard house DIY

Image of manufacturing cardboard and wood house

pictures cardboard houses idea map

This small (or large) home is ideal for nature lovers and for those who want to get in a quick construction project and environmentally friendly!

cardboard and wood house Wikkelhouse by Fiction Factory

Photos of the cardboard house Wikkelhouse design by Fiction Factory and Yvonne Witte

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