Idea expansion house: 50 aesthetic extensions

verandas idea enlargement modern house

With this issue, we reveal to you more than 50 aesthetic extensions different styles of homes to help you find an idea enlargement home. Building an extension of your home is an excellent way to earn a little more space.

It is also a good strategy to renovate part of his residence. Without neglecting the fact that it also increases the value of housing. Incidentally, the real estate market experts share some interesting details. They indicate in particular that the expansion house is an option preferred by owners who find their home has become too small, but like the region they inhabit. It is also a good solution for those who want to avoid problems related to the purchase of a new home and removals.

Idea expansion home and small glass extension

modern home design idea enlargement extensions

If you have decided to expand your home, you are probably wondering what are the best looking and most functional solutions for the realization of such projects. As for the aesthetics and appearance of the extension, we advise you to consider two aspects. On one hand, it would be your own ideas and on the other, the appearance of your building and your neighborhood. In addition to your personal ideas and expansion solutions that you might spot in this article, look at the existing extensions in your neighborhood. If possible, locate the work done on similar homes in your building and talk to your neighbors.

Idea expansion house glass extension with flat roof

idea magnification house modern design

All the impressions that you could collect in this way will help you determine what type of extension you want to build. Consider both enlargements you love and the experience of other owners. This is important because the expansion project, when properly designed and implemented, could increase its price by becoming a kind of long-term investment.

Idea expansion house modern design

idea magnification house map modern extensions

functionality side, the architects indicate that most of their customers are looking for simple additions and built in natural materials. In this way, the expansions are not only functional, but also easy to customize. The wood and glass extensions can adapt to different types of houses and facades.

Idea expansion house X Achitekten

idea magnification steel house extension

More and more homeowners are showing a responsible attitude towards the environment in the realization of their expansion plans. They insist particularly on the choice of non-artificial materials. Another important factor is well insulated space.

Idea expansion house: small extension and old house

enlargement old houses

According to the architects and construction specialists, this is a choice that is dictated by the desire of owners to help protect the planet. It is also motivated by the reduction of expenses for air conditioning and heating of the extension.

modern style house extension Photo

modern style house idea

We see that more and more owners are looking for expansion solutions that bring them comfort and functionality. For example, the number of people deciding to build an extension of their home to accommodate a desk has grown much in recent years.

design house and wooden extension

design wooden house extensions

And when you have the opportunity to work from home, we seek the best solutions for his corner work. Among them, there are economical lighting, integrated Wi-Fi system, ergonomic design furniture but also ... In short, anything that could contribute to the effectiveness and well-being at work and the classic desktop does could not necessarily offer everyone.

Idea expansion house and terrace decoration

Deco idea terrace house extension

Other owners decide to build an extension to accommodate a shared space. In this case, it is usually to areas open to all family members, for example, a living room, kitchen or dining room. These areas are often arranged in a part of the house overlooking a garden.

Lighting modern extension with glass terrace

extension of modern houses

Again, we try to create a functional and comfortable space. This can be provided, for example, home theater systems or modern kitchen furniture where food preparation becomes a moment of pure pleasure.

brick house extension

ideas modern enlargements

To make the transition between such inside and outside more natural, it uses windows and sliding glass doors. These systems allow owners to virtually eliminate the barriers between the extension and garden. Thus, they allow their families to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months of the year.

Glass Home Extension

idea map house flat roof

It's a bit the same idea that inspires more and more architects to focus on extensions and enlargements glass house. Sometimes performed entirely in this trend material, these constructions have a very high brightness levels. This is a feature which contributes undoubtedly to the ambiance of the extension.

Glass extension for old house enlargement

ideas extensionverre house extensions

But glass also has another very important benefit. He teamed up successfully with all kinds of fronts. So, this material is naturally preferred in the construction of extensions of historic homes.

Idea of ​​historic house expansion glass

photo exterior design house expansion

You guessed it, a glass extension leaves the old facade open to view. It therefore does not affect negatively the characteristics of the construction already in place. This is why the historic houses are typically completed an enlargement of this kind.

red and glazed extension brick facade

idea magnification glass-facade-brick house

In fact, there are several ways to increase the area of ​​its housing in a harmonious and aesthetically. This is a principle that is applicable regardless of the style are the building, the period of its construction and appearance of its façade. For this it would be enough to choose the most effective strategy for your home. Below, we share with you some examples of approaches that can be adopted.

modern wooden house expansion

idea magnification house facade-wood glazed door

Of course, the simplest and most common way is to take the appearance of the existing facade of the new building. This strategy is generally applied to newer buildings.

Increase the area of ​​his house and harmonize the appearance of the facade

small magnification glass-facade-gray house

It gives very successful results that can melt the extension to the building in place. For this, we use coatings and paint colors identical to those of the main house.

Idea expansion house with flat roof

photo, design house flat roofs

In the case of older homes of expansion, are often used in the recovery of their architectural elements in new construction. These are not always essential in view of the extension structure. However, they greatly facilitate harmonization with the existing building.

Enlargement old house of stone and roofed red tile

Modern extension glass house

The decorative stone walls and brick and roofs covered with tiles identical to those of the main building are examples of this kind of method. They are used by architects and specialists in the construction under unifying elements between the old construction and expansion.

Idea of ​​small glass magnification White House facade

idea magnification house small-space-metal-glass-facade-white

These are some features of the expansion of modern house we may well resume in its own expansion project. And now, find your idea enlargement home, with our suggestions below:

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