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Photo modern house exterior design

In this collection of picture contemporary home, we show you examples of design residences in very inhospitable regions. Built in the desert, all these houses charm us by the various interior and exterior building solutions they propose.

Photo modern house in the desert by Imbued Design

Photo modern house architecture and interior design

Deserts are among the least hospitable regions of the planet. Yet there are people who choose to build their homes in these areas specifically. Because of the sometimes harsh weather conditions and difficult terrain, the architects who worked on each project from our collection had to demonstrate a lot of ingenuity and creativity.

contemporary house by Lake Flato Architects Photo

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The solutions they have found are sometimes original and daring but always aesthetic and very successful. All these houses intriguing fits perfectly well in outdoor landscapes.

Photo modern house design by o2 Architecture

Photo Contemporary house architecture design

contemporary house Wendell Burnette Architects Photo by

Photo modern house exterior idea Layouts

And that's not all: each house is made so that its inhabitants can enjoy nature as much as possible.

Photo modern house with designer pool Oller & Pejic Architecture

Photo Contemporary home deco modern style

In this respect, the creative ideas of architects include: beautiful terraces, with or without swimming pools, overlooking the amazing landscapes; glass walls offering magnificent views of the outside rooms with beds oriented towards grabndes windows, or even interiors connected with the space outside the house through a sliding door.

Photo modern house with indoor neutral colors by Kendle Design Collaborative

Photo Contemporary home interior idea

house picture of contemporary design by Michael P. Johnson Design Studio

Layouts contemporary interior house

The desert landscapes are also integrated into the landscaping of all these houses. Some projects have gardens abundant rock in succulent plants and other species that tolerate heat well.

Contemporary home image by Marmol Radziner

Layouts modern desert home pool

House with contemporary décor and dry garden by Kendle Design Collaborative

photo exterior contemporary garden deco house

Other architects decided to build on the strong contrasts, by arranging outdoor areas with swimming pools and water fountains that transform homes into true oasis in the heart of the inhospitable environment.

Idea of ​​modern house with wooden pool deck by Ettore Design

modern deco design house architecture

home interior design and exterior Aidlin Darling Design

Contemporary home decoration architecture

The fact that all these houses are lost in nature does not mean that their inhabitants are deprived of comfort. On the contrary, these beautiful contemporary houses have all the necessary equipment for their owners to conduct a modern and dynamic lifestyle.

Architect house with large windows and pool

Photo modern design house verriere

In pursuing the latest trends in the field of interior design, the creators of these houses have opted for comfortable and stylish furniture. The materials chosen for these, as for coatings and for decorative, are usually organic.

Design Image contemporan with outdoor lamps

modern home terrace pool garden rockery

Thus these houses with their interior design, furniture design and pleasant surfaces are capable of providing more welfare for their citizens.

concrete house decoration by Dunn & Hillam Architec.

architecture contemporary house design flat roof

Photo Contemporary house Chen + Suchart Studio Design

map houses contemporary exterior design

house picture contemporary style by Chen + Suchart Studio

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