Modern house flat roof: a remarkable collection!

modern flat roof house architectural plan house

The modern house flat roof becomes more and more popular in France. This is what prompted us to explore the benefits of building a residence of this type.

The reasons for such popularity are numerous: the architects and owners love the space saving solutions offered by these buildings. The development of a terrace or a green roof and even a swimming pool, installation of energy-saving solutions such as solar panels are just some of the ways to titrate the benefit of a roof dish. All remarkable houses of our collection mobilize these benefits:

flat roof Modern House Garrison Residence by Patrick Tighe Architecture

modern house design flat roof outside

The house Garrison Residence is a creation by Patrick Tighe Architecture. From a modern air, it has a flat roof that fits perfectly well in the aspect of its urban facade painted light gray. The building contains a house roof garden and several other open spaces which are provided there.

flat roof modern house Earth House by Architects BCHO

Modern original construction flat roof house

Earth House is a house designed by Architects BCHO. Built in Seoul, South Korea, in 2009, she displayed a curious solution redifinit the concept of a flat roof, the latter being located at ground level. Its main structure is underground and acccède there by means of a wooden staircase.

Modern house flat roof Pulkabacken by Streetmonkey Architects

Architect modern house design flat roof building

The house Pulkabacken by Streetmonkey Architects reflects the practical aspects of flat roofs: it fits perfectly into the natural landscape that surrounds it, and as it is located in Sweden, its people are able to use the external structure of the house to go skiing in the winter!

Modern house flat roof Pedervegen 8 by Rever & Drage

Design ideas modern flat roof house

Pedervegen 8 by Rever & Drage illustrates another practical solution: its owners have used this space on the flat roof will provide two additional rooms.

Modern house flat roof Circle House Kichi Architectural Design

modern flat roof house idea blueprint

Circle House is a work of Kichi Architectural Design. The building impresses with its exterior that is reminiscent of the steps of a giant staircase.

flat roof Modern House That House by Austin Maynard in Melbourne

modern house flat roof outside Layouts

That House is a private residence built by Austin Maynard in Melbourne, Australia. It is inspired industrial design and it shows the appearance of the container transport.

Modern house flat roof by Suppose Design Office

Villa modern design flat glass roof house

This structure is achieved by Suppose Design Office concrete and stone. Its flat roof is made of glass, which can transform the entire interior in a large modern garden. It unites all the buildings that make up the body of the house.

modern home roof flat map Casa Burtale OPA

modern home luxury villas flat roof

Casa Brutale attracts attention by its name and architectural solutions it embodies. This is a not yet made a takeover project architects.

Modern house flat roof Planchonella Jesse Bennett

modern home decoration luxury flat roof

Planchonella is a beautiful contemporary home designed by Jesse Bennett whose structure is fully integrated in the outdoor setting with its flat roof and its unconventional shape.

modern flat roof design villa House Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio

Photos houses flat roof modern architecture

The villa Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio is another example of a house with a flat roof that strikes by its architecture.

modern flat roof house by Overlook Guest House by Schwartz and Architecture

idee modern flat roof house contemporary architecture

Overlook Guest House by Schwartz and Architecture provides another testimony of the use of flat roofs: the construction of a round-shaped opening which brings more natural light inside the residence.

flat roof Modern House on the Rock Box by Schwartz and Architecture

Layouts flat roof design house

Box on the Rock is another house with a flat roof by Schwartz and Architecture; it turns into original beach when weather conditions permit.

flat roof modern house with green roof Casa Magayon by SARCO Architects

green roof idea modern house flat roof

Casa Magayon was conducted by SARCO Architects to house a space on vegetated flat roof.

Modern house flat roof and roof garden by FKB Arquitectos

Layouts idea flat roof house green roofs

The house with green space on its flat roof is located in Santa Monica. It is built by FKB Arquitectos and offers a roof vegetated lovely idea and very easy to maintain even in warm climates.

Modern house design flat roof and residence by S + PS Architects

contemporary design house picture flat roof

Collage is a residence created by professionals at S + PS Architects. They wanted to raise a building that amazes with its facade and its roof full of greenery.

Modern house flat roof and luxury villa Savoye by Le Corbusier

contemporary house roof design idea

Modern design house with green roof Photo by Le Corbusier

deco house building roof terrace

The Villa Savoye is an interesting structure because it is an example of the first flat-roofed buildings that have a garden. She was raised by Le Corbusier in 1929, is there are now almost a century!

Modern house and remains flat roof design by Marina Stassinopoulos + Konstantios Daskalakis

Layouts unusual modern house

This house by Marina Stassinopoulos + Konstantios Daskalakis offers an alternative to construction of a garden on the flat roof of your home: dry garden, realized with stones of a color of your choice!

modern flat roof house with terrace on the roof House K by Sou Fujimoto

Photo Layouts house roof terrace

The House K signed Sou Fujimoto, has an original form, so that the terrace on the roof is almost like a fashion catwalk.

flat roof Modern house by house AA MVN Arquitectos

Layouts house flat roof design

AA house by MVN Arquitectos adopt, in turn, as a maze. Located on a hill of the Iberian Peninsula, it almost reminds a detail of the mythical labyrinth of the island of Crete, is not it?

modern flat roof terrace house and idea of ​​development on the London E8 Roof Architecture Scenario

Layouts roof garden modern home

interior house modern design with terrace on the roof London E8

Layouts idea modern houses flat roof

If the idea of ​​the construction of a terrace on the flat roof of your residence you seem attractive, you may refer to the contemporary look of such a space in the house London E8 by Scenario Architecture.

Modern house flat roof: A'tolan House by Think Design Studio Create +

modern houses flat roof planes

Photos and house architectural flat roof by Patrick Tighe Architecture, Patrick Tighe Architecture, Streetmonkey Architects Rever & Drage, Kichi Architectural Design, Austin Maynard Suppose Design Office takeover, Jesse Bennett, Waterstudio, Schwartz and Architecture Schwartz and Architecture, SARCO Architects FKB Arquitectos S + PS Architects, Le Corbusier, Marina Stassinopoulos + Konstantios Daskalakis House K by Sou Fujimoto, MVN Arquitectos Architecture Scenario, Create + Think Design Studio, MW Works

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